Why Bitgert Will Still Be Hotter Than Ethereum and Ripple Next Month

By September 28, 2022Ethereum
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Crypto analysts have been reviewing Bitgert (BRISE) for many months now, and one thing about this coin is that it has surpassed most of the predictions made. The BRISE price performance has been impressive, and one thing that has stood out is that Bitgert has made its holders good returns so far.

Bitgert has also outperformed most of the big coins in terms of rewarding holders. In terms of profits, Bitgert is top among coins that have posted impressive growth in the market. In fact, BRISE has performed better than Ethereum, Ripple, and a lot of other coins in the market.

Looking at the Bitgert price performance this year, it is still green, while Ethereum and Ripple are deep in the red. The Bitgert price had grown by 95% in 2022, according to Coinmarketcap. During the same period, Ethereum and Ripple posted a massive decline.

Therefore, Bitgert has been hotter than Ethereum and Ripple in the last few months. However, crypto experts believe that BRISE will still remain hotter than Ethereum and Ripple in the next few months. The projected bullish BRISE than Ethereum and Ripple is based on the massive developments that the Brise team is working on.

The crypto community has been commenting on the Bitgert upcoming roadmap V2 and, more so, the products in this roadmap. There are so many revolutionary products the Brise team will be dropping, including the decentralized marketplaces, decentralized operating systems, and so many other products.

There will also be tens of Bitgert-backed projects that are coming into the Bitgert ecosystem in terms of partnerships. The Brise team has announced that 1000+ products will be launched in the next 12 months. The adoption of the Bitgert zero gas fee BRC20 blockchain will also be an important factor to consider.

All these are developments that will make Bitgert coin do better than Ethereum and Ripple in the next few weeks. In fact, both Ethereum and Ripple do not have massive developments coming up. Therefore, we are likely to see the number of Ethereum and Ripple holders joining the Brise project rise in the next few weeks.

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