Gavin Wood Steps from Parity CEO to Chief Architect & Polkadot is B*llish – SER, Have ya’ Heard?

By October 22, 2022Polkadot
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Polkadot News

Considering applying to #PolkadotAcademy to learn how to develop on Polkadot? On Thursday 20 Oct at 14.00 UTC, hear from previous Academy students and ask your own questions on this Twitter Space.

With one day left before the Ending Period begins, Crust is in the lead in the current parachain lease auction.

Referendum 77, proposing to approve a grant for development of Gossamer, a Polkadot Host written in Go, is passing by a wide margin with 16 days left to vote.

Referendum 78, proposing to set up nomination pools on Polkadot along with the specific parameters, is currently passing by a wide margin with 14 days left to vote.

Referendum 79, proposing to upgrade the Polkadot relay chain to runtime v9291 and the Statemint runtime to v9290, is currently passing by a wide margin with one day left to vote.

Referendum 80, proposing sufficiency for the USDT asset on Statemint, is currently passing with 99% in favor with 26 days left to vote.

There is a discussion on the Polkadot Forum for an alternative UI for exploring node storage and extrinsics.

There is a discussion on Polkadot Forum for bringing the Kusama Governance rewards project entirely on-chain.

Robert Habermeier, one of the founders of Polkadot, has released an article “Polkadot: Blockspace over Blockchains”.

Kusama News

Referendum 238, proposing to increase the minimum validator commission to 8.5%, is currently failing with 75% in favor with six days left to vote.

Referendum 237, proposing to move funds related to the Mangata X sovereign account, has failed.

To understand why it is failing despite a majority being in favor, see

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