#81 Polkadot Collectives Common Good Parachain Proposal

By November 7, 2022Polkadot
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As outlined in a recent blog post, this discussion is about a proposal to add a new common good parachain to Polkadot focused on collectives. The first collective to form will likely be the Polkadot Alliance, but this parachain will also support other collectives that are in service of the Polkadot network.

There are no plans for a Kusama counterpart to the Polkadot Collectives parachain. In fact, the Kusama network itself may join several collectives to exercise its voice within the Polkadot ecosystem. For example, the Kusama network could join the Polkadot Alliance to set the standards for Polkadot brand use.

Other collectives do not warrant two distinct groups, like the Technical Fellowship. This group of technical experts who have made core protocol contributions to the network, would have nearly identical member sets, as the developers most intimatly familiar with Polkadot's inner workings deploy most of their code on Kusama as a step toward Polkadot.

I intend to submit this proposal to the Council to register and onboard the Collectives parachain with a four-year lease, and posting here first to open discussion.

The full launch will include a series of referenda on Polkadot for approval by the entire stakeholder body. These will be roughly as follows:

  1. This proposal, to register the parachain and set the lease period. Once on board, it should start producing blocks. However, since it is not a trusted teleporter from the Relay Chain's point of view, nobody will be able to transact on it as there won't be any DOT with which to pay fees.
  2. Runtime upgrade to the Relay Chain to include Collectives as a trusted teleporter.

Finally, I would expect a referendum to initiate the Alliance, which could come before or after the Relay Chain's recognition of the parachain as a teleporter. However, this is outside the scope of this discussion; I expect the Alliance founders to propose how they would like to launch.

The call details will be finalized when Parity publishes the Collectives genesis release and the Technical Committee indicates a rough enactment timeframe, which is needed to set the first period of the lease. The call will be a batch with registrar.force_register and slots.force_lease and the appropriate parameters.

EDIT: Including call info.

Call hash: 0x9ef867bcaaee9750487738c6e6537eb52a3047c7bb2f06eb30dc05073dae90d5

For some reason Polkassembly won't allow me to add the entire Polkadot JS link for the call (guessing it is too large), but it is as follows:

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