Polkadot Current Things #9 – November 14th 2022

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�⛓ Highlight

Have you heard about Kusamarian's call with Sota Watanabe the founder of Astar Network?

Twitter avatar for @TheKusamarianThe Kusamarian @TheKusamarian� S P A C E M O N K E Y S � Blasting off w/ @WatanabeSota to catch up on his mission to first Onboard #Japan and then the World onto @AstarNetwork w/ #WASM, #SmartContracts, & #CrossChain calls. *New Episode* Premiers in 1h!� youtu.be/r0wa8ogA6jo
7:09 PM ∙ Nov 13, 2022102Likes28Retweets

In this video, he shared his vision toward Web 3.0 in Japan, and discuss how will Astar approach it on a global scale through the Japanese Market because sometimes to have a big picture, we might have to focus on one thing first. I did cover some interesting topicห from Sota, check out below.

Twitter avatar for @xpnp404xcPNP.lens ��(�,�) @xpnp404Interesting topics from @WatanabeSota on a call with @TheKusamarian A lot of Alpha, and Sota's in talking with big tech to push Web 3 � Toyota �️ Sony � Japanese Government But what more important is here. The future of @AstarNetwork $ASTR and my take�
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�⛓ Overall TVL according to DeFillama

Everything is red, might be because we still in the weekend period.

�⛓ Polkadot’s Things

Parallel Finance Founder response to Alameda’s investment:

Twitter avatar for @yuboruanYubo Ruan @yuboruanAlameda invested $500k in @ParallelFi 's Series A round. It represents less than 2% of the total funding we have raised. Alameda's tokens have a lock-up period of 4 years in total.5:51 PM ∙ Nov 11, 2022

Sota with Scytale Ventures:

Twitter avatar for @AstarNetworkAstar, the Future of Smart Contract for Multichain @AstarNetworkWe are very fortunate over @AstarNetwork to have such a strong leader @WatanabeSota to guide our team through the future of Web3 and blockchain as a whole!� He has gone great lengths across the world to build partnerships day and night!� 2023 is the year for @AstarNetwork!� Twitter avatar for @ScytaleVenturesScytale Ventures @ScytaleVenturesThank you @WatanabeSota for taking the time to meet us. Great to learn more about your plans for 2023 and beyond. https://t.co/nlSx86vhOx5:52 PM ∙ Nov 12, 2022198Likes40Retweets
Twitter avatar for @mark_cachia_Mark Cachia @mark_cachia_Very happy to spend some time w @WatanabeSota. He will make @AstarNetwork is the go-to network for Japan and beyond. https://t.co/Ui63UMR5iZTwitter avatar for @ScytaleVenturesScytale Ventures @ScytaleVenturesThank you @WatanabeSota for taking the time to meet us. Great to learn more about your plans for 2023 and beyond. https://t.co/nlSx86vhOx10:51 PM ∙ Nov 11, 202229Likes1Retweet

Gamma Strategies will integrate into StellaSwap:

Twitter avatar for @RiddlerDeFiDΞFI RIDDLΞR (�,�) @RiddlerDeFi@GammaStrategies @Uniswap @0xPolygon @arbitrum @CeloOrg @ArrakisFinance 16/ Roadmap �️ What's been planned already then? The main 2 points revolve around pursuing more liquidity and lending partners and integrating more #DEX for the pools On the upcoming list are @QuickswapDEX, @StellaSwap, and Algebra Finance
9:01 PM ∙ Nov 12, 2022

Nansen supports Top Parachains:

Twitter avatar for @ASvanevikAlex Svanevik � @ASvanevikWe support more chains than any other portfolio tracker. Convenient: portfolio.nansen.ai
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alexsmn, Subsocial founder, mentioned Dot domain might live next week.

Squid partners with StellSwap might be gud to learn:

Twitter avatar for @FlowslikeosmoEmperor Osmo� @Flowslikeosmo1/18 Native Cross Chain swaps will be a crucial component for the ability of the #Cosmos to scale. @0xsquid_ is building a cross chain liquidity layer for the next 1000 interoperable chains. Find out how Squid is enabling the next wave of innovation into the Cosmos. ��
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aUSD withdrawal is still suspended on Kucoin:

Twitter avatar for @mattunchiMAD Cripto ( :D , :D ) ��.og @mattunchi¿ Hey @kucoincom can you let me withraw my aUSD or it’s the case that you don’t have the back up and it’s only paper aUSD ?5:33 PM ∙ Nov 13, 2022221Likes30Retweets

PhalaWorld with Ref Link:

Twitter avatar for @PhalaWorldPhalaWorld @PhalaWorld1/2�There is a mysterious gap that is releasing energy… Survivors! Here is an opportunity to gain energy pts early: share your referral links with others. Every time a new Shell is minted through your referral link, 10 energy pts will be injected into your account!�
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Talisman AMA with Kilt Protocol on Discord:

Twitter avatar for @wearetalismanTalisman @wearetalismanJoin us this week on Talisman's �Explore the Paraverse, where we will have the team from @Kiltprotocol talk to us about how digital identity in web3 works. Signup for reminders here � discord.gg/ZcFVZHCV4u?eve…
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Ziga Drev on FTX

Twitter avatar for @DrevZigaŽiga Drev @DrevZiga#FTX saga troubling the CT, has yet again shown trust has two enemies - bad character & bad data. Bad news is we can't eliminate bad character. Good news? We can reduce bad data. And we might want to look for inspiration in global supply chains. A� Image source: @JGKeogh
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Manta about ZKP Tech:

Twitter avatar for @MantaNetworkManta Network (Hiring!) @MantaNetworkZKP Tech time: Poseidon Hash � Manta has leveraged a hash function that makes generating ZKPs faster from a protocol level.12:17 PM ∙ Nov 14, 202234Likes6Retweets

Might worth keep an eye on Qoda Finance on Moonbeam:

Twitter avatar for @QodaFinanceQoda Finance @QodaFinanceWhat is Qoda? Want to get up to speed on the latest on what its all about? Check out our latest blog post detailed some of the key innovations for money markets at Qoda! blog.qoda.fi/how-qoda-solve…
4:45 AM ∙ Nov 5, 202225Likes7Retweets
Twitter avatar for @QodaFinanceQoda Finance @QodaFinanceWe're excited to have @LongHashVC, a Web3 Venture Fund & Accelerator, as one of our key investors
7:47 AM ∙ Nov 14, 202212Likes7Retweets


Twitter avatar for @ProphetDotsamaProphet @ProphetDotsama" @subwalletapp - the web3 multiverse gateway for #dotsama " [THREAD] 1⃣Subwallet overview 2⃣ Key features 3⃣ User interface 101 4⃣ Integrations 5⃣ Roadmap 6⃣ Closing thoughts (1/14)
6:48 PM ∙ Nov 12, 2022

Exosama with NFT 2.0:

Twitter avatar for @jimmy_gonzmjimmø � | Moonsama @jimmy_gonzm1/ NFT 2.0 technology is now live for @ExosamaNFT in Moonsama Multiverse Portal! These $ETH (@opensea) NFTs are multi-chain & composable, equipp NFTs such as weapons and brand clothes into the original NFT. Also live the staked/wallet EXOs & $POOP - $SAMA Migration pages.
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Halaster Moonsama ecosystem recap:

Twitter avatar for @Trobriand15Halaster @Trobriand151/ Welcome to Halaster's weekly @MoonsamaNFT @ExosamaNFT @PondsamaNFT @RaresamaNFT ecosystem recap Nov 5th - 12th. Exosama Network is getting ready 1. News 2. Spotlight 3. Fact & Figures 4. Events Last recap link: Artwork by @numberswetrust
Twitter avatar for @Trobriand15Halaster @Trobriand151/ Welcome to Halaster's weekly @MoonsamaNFT @ExosamaNFT @PondsamaNFT @RaresamaNFT ecosystem recap Oct 28th - Nov 4th. @WebSummit week! 1. News 2. Spotlight 3. Fact & Figures 4. Events Last recap link: https://t.co/RP4nM5A2q5 Artwork by @numberswetrust https://t.co/v3GrmfoMwP
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Twitter avatar for @Trobriand15Halaster @Trobriand1510/ Objective 3 - Build a real ecosystem: First of all - Super Gromlin Kart is in the making & it will be HOT shit! Leaks by @Undergraphics @mr__candyman @DonnieBigBags! @SupraVoxelle is creating a top notch fun multiplayer game with lots of tracks, karts & leaderboards
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Alexel, Interlay Founder, about the safety:

Twitter avatar for @alexeiZamyatinAlexei Zamyatin @alexeiZamyatinWe spoke to so, so many VCs over the last 3 years. I got the "who cares about decentralization" lecture 8/10 times (we didn't align with those, naturally). UX is very important, but so is safety. Twitter avatar for @QwQiaoQiao Wang (�, �) @QwQiaoIn 2014 I lost BTC on MtGox and became a decentralization maxi since then. Folks who showed up years later told me users care about convenience not decentralization. Hope they’ve change their mind. Don’t push the “nobody cares about decentralization” narrative ever again.12:46 PM ∙ Nov 12, 202233Likes4Retweets

PHA will in halving soon:

Twitter avatar for @PhalaNetwork₱hala Network @PhalaNetwork⏰ T-10 days until the 1st halving period! ⚠️ the exact time is based on Khala block height
12:51 PM ∙ Nov 11, 2022109Likes29Retweets

Tapio received 2nd grant from W3F

Twitter avatar for @TapioProtocolTapio ���‍♂️ @TapioProtocolWe're excited to announce that Tapio has received it's second grant from Web3 Foundation! � This enables XCM functionality on multiple levels for our Stable Asset pallet, allowing complete cross-chain integrations! Check out our announcement below � medium.com/tapio-protocol…medium.comTapio Protocol receives Second Web3 Foundation Grant for “Stable Asset” PalletTapio’s LP token mechanism grant follows the team’s previously delivered grant for the initial Stable Asset module, and enables XCM…1:47 AM ∙ Nov 14, 202292Likes18Retweets

Remember NoMad? Recovery wallet:

Twitter avatar for @nomadxyz_Nomad (⤭⛓�) @nomadxyz_1/ In preparation for relaunch, we will soon begin the process of moving funds from the recovery wallet. In the interest of transparency, we have prepared a blog post detailing how these wallet operations will occur, which you can find here: medium.comRecovery Wallet OperationsAs the team gets closer to relaunching the Nomad token bridge and allowing users to bridge back, one of the critical steps we’d like to…7:05 PM ∙ Nov 11, 202249Likes9Retweets

�⛓ General Things

Twitter avatar for @alpha_plsAylo @alpha_plscrypto.com: hello is that Gate? We accidentally just sent you 320k ETH, oops. Please can you gib back? gate.io: hello Kris, sure fren. We just gonna use for proof reserves audit first then will send 285k ETH back.
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Twitter avatar for @HsakaTradesHsaka @HsakaTradesCZ: Your questions are very hypothetical situations. You can ask me the same about USDC. What happens if the govt bans USDC tomorrow? We don't know. There's a risk in everything. The moon could disappear tomorrow. What are you going to do?
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Twitter avatar for @TraderWizeWIZΞ @TraderWize�: � @cryptocom SENT 1B+ to @SBF_FTX � 1 / After some TXID digging FTX has received around 1B+ $USDC from @cryptocom. They likely fell victim to @SBF_FTX incredibly great APR deception. And they figured, "Why not make some decent money from the deposits from the users?"
1B+ being sent to FTX
9:34 PM ∙ Nov 13, 20221,160Likes310Retweets
Twitter avatar for @ASvanevikAlex Svanevik � @ASvanevikwake up sam it was just a dream
3:42 AM ∙ Nov 14, 2022115Likes10Retweets
Twitter avatar for @crypto_linn� Crypto Linn @crypto_linnIt’s been 6 hours…additional update to where we are:
Twitter avatar for @crypto_linn� Crypto Linn @crypto_linnQuick update on where we are: https://t.co/6KfmgW9W47
8:26 PM ∙ Nov 12, 202223Likes2Retweets

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