Dogeliens Is Taking NFTs To The Next Level. Will It Make The Same Impact On The NFT Market As Ethereum and BNB?

By November 18, 2022NFT
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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become a mammoth part of the crypto market. NFT adoption has increased each year since the release of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection. Ethereum (ETH) and BNB (BNB) have dominated the NFT sector thus far, hosting each collection in the top 90 by sales volume.

However, Dogeliens (DOGET) is a new meme token looking to change this statistic. The platform has included a list of benefits and incentives from holding a Dogeliens NFT, which could see it rival Ethereum and BNB collections upon launch. This editorial piece will examine each platform, looking at the impact each has had or will have on the NFT market. Let’s begin with Dogeliens!

Has Dogeliens Got What It Takes?

Dogeliens is creating quite a buzz in the NFT sector with its highly anticipated 10,000-strong NFT collection. While most NFTs are just something to hold that could increase in value, Dogeliens will include a list of incentives and benefits for holding a Dogeliens NFT, including a reservation on a special wing of the Dogeliens spaceship.

So, what else does the Dogeliens platform contain? Those who hold the DOGET token are eligible to make decisions concerning the future of the Dogeliens platform. Additionally, Dogeliens offers the opportunity to earn while you learn. ‘The University of Barkington’ will include many educational resources allowing users to expand their knowledge of blockchain technology.

Those who wish to own Dogeliens merchandise can! Dogeliens will host a Pup Store on its platform, allowing users to purchase exclusive merchandise and express their admiration for Dogeliens wherever they are!

Ethereum’s CryptoPunks

It is no surprise that Ethereum has had a colossal impact on the NFT sector. The blockchain giant is host to nearly all of the collections in the top 100 by sales volume. The BAYC NFT collection by Yuga Labs took NFTs to the mainstream, and Ethereum was the host blockchain.

Additionally, Ethereum hosts the CryptoPunks collection, which is currently the NFT collection with the highest market capitalisation. CryptoPunks is worth an estimated 664,535.25 ETH at the time of writing, held on the most recognised NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Ethereum has also improved its performance, making its NFT marketplace easier to access for users. Ethereum switched to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus in September 2022, reducing its carbon footprint by 99.95% and increasing its peak transaction processing amount to 100,000 per second.

BNB Readies For Ronaldo NFT Collection Launch

Like Ethereum, BNB has made a colossal impact on the NFT sector. The platform provides an NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The NFT marketplace is considered part of Binance Services, hosting collections like SUPER APE and Bird World Mystery Box 3.

After Cristiano Ronaldo’s explosive interview with talk show host Piers Morgan, the football superstar has once again found himself in the spotlight. The Manchester United player made several references to his time at Manchester United thus far, claiming that the head coach, Erik Ten Hag, showed little respect to him. So, what does this mean for BNB’s upcoming NFT collection with Ronaldo?

The NFT release on the 18th of November could see millions of users flock to the BNB NFT marketplace since Ronaldo’s explosive interview has gone viral. BNB has also released a buying guide for those who want to get their hands on Ronaldo’s first-ever NFT collection.

To Summarise

Ethereum and BNB have undoubtedly had a massive impact on the NFT market, hosting each collection in the top 90 by sales volume. They continue to release new collections that climb up the NFT ladder, showcasing their commitment to remaining as the face of the NFT sector.

However, Dogeliens could make the same impact on the NFT market as the two crypto giants. Dogeliens has included benefits and incentives to holding its NFTs, with a vibrant ecosystem behind it to retain users. The future looks bright for Dogeliens as it continues to gain momentum through its presale.

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