Arrival Of Care Bear NFTs In The Sandbox Metaverse

By November 19, 2022The Sandbox
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Arrival Of Care Bear NFTs In The Sandbox Metaverse

The Care Bears are going to the metaverse, and they will bring their cute, small point of view with them. The “Care Bear Avatars” NFT collection is now available in The Sandbox metaverse. It can be used in-game to complete quests, play games, and earn the metaverse’s native currency, $SAND.

The public sale of The Care Bears Avatars started on November 15, 2022, the day after the allowlist mint. The mint ran out of NFTs, so you can only buy them now on secondary markets like OpenSea.

Care Bears Avatars

There are 3,060 distinct NFTs with varied levels of rarity, including Classic, Multicolor, Mixed, Unique Skins, and Web3. On the Polygon blockchain, the NFTs were minted for 100 $SAND apiece. Per person, no more than four Care Bears could be created.

Each avatar acquires unique capabilities and perks within The Sandbox. Each NFT is comprised of 100 handcrafted characteristics and patterns.

It is the first NFT collection to utilize a scaled-down paradigm, allowing users to explore the metaverse on a different scale. The collection comprises 10 unique 1/1 Care Bear avatars.

The Care Bears are a famous character from the 1980s and 1990s who appeared in television shows, novels, films, and video games. They were painted by Elena Kucharik in 1981 and were used to create cards.

This is not the franchise’s first effort into Web3 content. Care Bears announced its association with The Sandbox in September 2022 and shortly thereafter released its first NFT collection. The minimum price for a Care Bears Avatar on OpenSea is currently.04 ETH.

NFT Collections from Brands Continue to Arrive

The new NFT collection from Care Bears should cause fans of the adorable characters to celebrate. But Care Bears is not the only brand attempting to increase its Web3 presence. Several NFT collections have been released over the past few months despite the bear market.

For instance, the American stuffed bear retailer Build-A-Bear celebrated its 25th anniversary by releasing its first NFT collectible. The winner of the unique NFT and real teddy bear also won a trip to the brand’s 25th Anniversary party in its hometown of St. Louis.

In addition, the enormously successful HBO series “Game of Thrones” announced that its first NFT collection would be released before the end of the year. The “Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm” non-fungible tokens will let holders to engage in themed activities and challenges and collect a variety of packs to develop their characters.

Adidas has also unveiled its first NFT series of digital wearables. The “Virtual Gear” NFTs will be interoperable with a variety of PFP avatars and metaverses. They were airdropped to Phase 2 “Capsule” Adidas NFT holders.

Even as the crypto and NFT markets endure difficult times, companies continue to invest in Web3 technologies such as NFTs and the metaverse. It remains to be seen what fans think of the new Care Bear Avatar NFTs, but this indicates that the cooperation between Care Bears and The Sandbox is evolving.

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