Budblockz Set For Bullish Winter, Can Saudi Shiba Inu Compete

By November 19, 2022NFT
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BudBlockz (BLUNT)
BudBlockz (BLUNT)

Meme tokens have emerged as a popular investment instrument. These cryptocurrencies are supported by loyal communities who help in the marketing efforts of the blockchain network. However, meme tokens without great utilities often die out and are soon forgotten. Good Utility tokens however often fare a very different fate, BudBlockz is an example of a good new utility token entering the market. Budblockz will not only empower its communities but is also good unique use cases. It could provide stiff competition and even outshine other meme tokens such as Saudi Shiba Inu in the long run. Let;’s finds out the major utilities of BudBlockz and its $BLUNT Token that is currently available on presale.

Spend Crypto and Buy Cannabis Products

BudBlockz has been developed for the cannabis industry. It will help in connecting cannabis marketplaces directly to their customers. Users will be able to pay seamlessly through the $BLUNT Token.

The peer-to-peer marketplace model of BudBlockz’s ecosystem could soon prove to be a game changer for the cannabis industry. It will provide more transparency and better deals for both customers as well as sellers. The $BLUNT Token runs on the Ethereum network but will also be interoperable with other networks in the future so users will enjoy greater flexibility and will also be able to save on gas fees in times of congestion.

Decentralized Finance and Fractional Ownership for Passive Income Generation

BudBlockz will unleash decentralized finance solutions for its users through a decentralized exchange known as BudSwap. Users will be able to engage in liquidity mining and earn passive income. A wallet app will also be released in the future for storing tokens and for making payments at the click of a button.

In addition, the BudBlockz network has also released Ganja Guruz NFT collection that will provide a percentage of ownership in cannabis farms and dispensaries. Users who hold these NFTs will also be eligible for discounts while making a purchase. Saudi Shiba Inu is a meme token that also provides support for NFTs but BudBlockz has quickly captured the imagination of the cryptoverse and is supported by a loyal community of more than 30k followers.

Many analysts have voiced support for the $BLUNT Token since it has come up with many interesting use cases and is promoting a new innovative model of fractional ownership through NFTs.

Play-to-Earn Gaming Support

The BudBlockz ecosystem will also develop gaming solutions based on cannabis themes. An arcade style model is being developed currently and users will be able to earn rewards airdropped in the form of $BLUNT Tokens.

Then BudBlockz team is currently offering the tokens through a fair-priced presale and you can purchase the $BLUNT cryptocurrencies easily by paying through many different tokens. At a price of $0.039 and a minimum purchase of $50, it is a very attractive deal. The $BLUNT Token could quickly rise in value once it gets listed on major exchanges. If you are currently looking for a promising new cryptocurrency to invest in during this crypto winter, check out the $BLUNT presale. It could soon witness a bullish rally and provide potentially handsome returns in the long term.

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Presale Registration: https://app.budblockz.io/sign-up

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