Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Elrond, The Sandbox and Big Eyes Coin

By November 19, 2022The Sandbox
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Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Elrond, The Sandbox and Big Eyes Coin

The cryptocurrency market is a diverse financial market. There are thousands of alternatives to choose from. Many times, users are overwhelmed about which crypto token to purchase. However, it’s essential to understand that only tokens with a clear use case and super infrastructure should ever be purchased. You see, the developers of a project may promise that a coin can do numerous things. But you have to be sure that its utility is relevant, and the coin has a road map of success.

If you’re not a stranger to the coin market, you’ve probably heard about Elrond, The Sandbox and Big Eyes Coin. But what are these cryptocurrencies all about? What would anyone stand to gain from buying these coins? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more.


Elrond is a cryptocurrency project that exists as a decentralized protocol and digital asset. In many ways, Elrond is similar to Algorand. Elrond is a cryptocurrency that’s designed to be able to handle multiple transactions at once. It can process thousands of individual transactions one after the other. EGLD is the crypto token for this project. EGLD is the crypto token for this platform. It’s used to settle transaction fees.

Elrond also can support decentralized applications with the use of smart contracts. Over time, the number of projects hosted on Elrond will reduce. This cryptocurrency was named after one of the popular characters in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This cryptocurrency project was designed in 2018. It’s designed with secure proof of stake consensus. This consensus will process transactions quickly by relying on its users to provide the digital assets to support these transfers. According to early reports, Elrond can process up to 15,000 transactions per second.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based protocol allowing users to share unique experiences through the metaverse. This decentralized virtual world will allow users to create memorable experiences for others. What’s more? The Sandbox will allow users to monetize their in-world assets; the platform is designed to go beyond regular gaming. The policy on this cryptocurrency project will help users and content creators get the best value for money.

There are three main parts of The Sandbox’s decentralized protocol: VoxEdit, The Sandbox Marketplace and Game Maker. The VoxEdit allows users to create unique objects and experiences for others in the Metaverse. Furthermore, The Sandbox marketplace enables users to publish their projects. Finally, the game makers allows developers to create 3D games.

Big Eyes Coin

Before buying Big Eyes Coin, you’ll most likely be tempted to research cryptocurrency. When you research Big Eyes, the first thing you’ll read about this token is that it’s a meme coin that hopes to transfer wealth from the DeFi space to cryptocurrency users. The developers of this cryptocurrency are interested in building a token that gives back to the company. This time adopts a community-driven approach that puts the power back into the hands of the users. If you’re a cat lover, Big Eyes will thrill you. This cat-themed coin has gradually built a reputation in the meme sector.

This cat-themed meme coin will be used to mint NFTs. Gradually, Big Eyes will penetrate the NFT industry and have some of the most valuable non-fungible tokens. By 2030, this may be one of the most significant crypto tokens worldwide. This decentralized protocol will also host a decentralized marketplace for trading NFTs and cryptocurrencies. There are 200 billion tokens in this cryptocurrency project. Users will retain ownership of 90% of this total supply. Big Eyes is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, its transactions are processed quickly.

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