This Presale Coin Might Explode 10x After Raising $6 Million

By November 21, 2022The Sandbox
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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

The cryptocurrency market has suffered several backlashes because of an overdue bearish trend. Though the bearish trend persists, there are five tokens predicted to explode 10x after raising $6 million. These coins are Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, IMPT, and Calvaria Investors have been plagued with thoughts of reinventing the present state of the market, but it has been far-fetched. With the successes recorded in the presale of these coins, there are predictions that they might explode 10x, and the market’s value will get a different feel because of this.

Let us find out more details about these coins and why they might explode 10x going into the future.

  • Dash 2 Trade

  • RobotEra

  • IMPT

  • Calvaria

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a brand new crypto project in the cryptocurrency space. It serves as a signal trading platform that offers a range of essential trading tools to traders. Placing itself as the "Bloomberg terminal of crypto," Dash 2 Trade provides a free mode for its space. Its native token is regarded as D2T. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, D2T powers the operation of Dash 2 Trade. The platform intends to help reduce the number of losses accumulated by traders. Thus, it seeks to curb this by offering improved crypto trading tools. Some of these tools are technical charting, on-chain analytics, strategy backtesting, and social sentiment analysis. Dash 2 Trade provides an indispensable solution to a problem very common in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Dash 2 Trade had a fantastic presale run. Crypto experts and analysts predict that it might explode 10x after raising $6 million. As an investor, this is a coin you should get involved with.


RobotEra is a new crypto project centered on the metaverse, with users given the utmost priority. Users can hold a parcel of land inside the game and do whatever they like. There are no restrictions for users. There are diverse sorts of services updated daily in the metaverse that you can't find anywhere. This places RobotEra as a crypto project miles apart from its peers. The TARO token is the native token of RobotEra. In the game, players turn into robots, then manage their own parcel of land within the RobotEra metaverse, amassing resources via farming and collaborating with other robots in the metaverse. TARO is deployed as the currency within the sandbox-style metaverse and is regarded as a core element of the ecosystem. Also, the TARO token operates as a regulating token. It helps to develop the future of the RobotEra DAO by exploring the passionate ambience of the community to ensure that the project is built and developed appropriately. TARO appears on this list because it is expected to explode 10x after raising $6 million. Investors should jump on this coin now. This is the right time to invest in TARO.


In the post published on the company's official website, the IMPT token is listed as one of the best new crypto projects available in the crypto space. It is a blockchain-centered crypto space that seeks to assist businesses and individuals generate advantageous change in the environment. The IMPT token intends to assist buyers and brands to intelligently explore carbon credits utilizing a blockchain-based model. The purpose of IMPT is to minimize carbon emissions and ensure that the environment is kept in good condition. It is for sure the greenest cryptocurrency that is available in the market now, and impressively, it assures you of amazing profits since it has begun to generate a lot of attention since it launched. It is an eco-friendly project looking to revolutionize the energy consumed by leading cryptocurrencies in the past. It is regarded as the token for the future because it seeks to save our planet from any form of disaster. It seeks to nurture the elegance of our environment by reducing the energy consumed for transactions. Users are allowed to store IMPT tokens until they reach the needed figure for their project. Based on the success of its presale, IMPT could explode tenfold. As an investor, this is a token you should buy.


Calvaria ranks as one of the most innovative new crypto projects around now. It is another thing to look out for considering the gradual shift that is being perpetuated by new, promising tokens. Many may not be aware of it yet, but astute investors are aware of a promising twist in the works. Calvaria is one of the few play-to-earn games that provides a regulatory token and a reward coin. These two became a thing because of Calvaria's plan to secure a stable economy and reward players for playing and emerging as winners. The RIA token is the regulatory token that can be deployed for in-game bargains, voting, and all sorts. It ensures that holders are able to vote on crucial matters concerning the platform's future. RIA stands out as one of the best tokens available on the market now. This is particularly true because its presale was a success, and there are predictions it might explode 10x in the coming years.


The presale of the above-mentioned coins was a success, and in a few years to come, these coins might explode by 10x. Investors need to be on the lookout for these coins. They promise huge profits in return for investing in them.

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