The 6 Best Crypto Projects for Long-Term Returns

By November 23, 2022The Sandbox
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The cryptocurrency market has been going through the wringer recently, with another tough bear market over the last year. One criticism we could perhaps level at crypto investors is the desire to “get rich quick” and chase too many questionable projects.

But with patience and sound analysis, it is still definitely possible to uncover future gems in the digital asset world. It is also important to have some diversification in different sectors. Read on to find out the 6 best crypto projects for long-term gains.

1. Metacade – Best Prospects for Long-Term Gains

Metacade is a new community-driven Web3 project for gamers and developers. The project is tapping into the red-hot play-to-earn gaming sector with its ultimate goal – to build an all-inclusive, metaverse virtual arcade. Metacade will add to their platform’s experience with Metagrants to reward the best developers through a create-to-earn model.

Gamers will also have the chance to test and review games before they are added to the arcade’s library. This will all be backed up by the MCADE token, presenting possibilities for both governance and passive returns through staking – whereby investors can earn a share of the project revenues. The coin will also give access to prizes and tournaments.

We’ve placed Metacade at the top of this list of best long-term crypto because it will greatly reward those with patience. The first stage in the roadmap is to attract a vibrant community of skilled developers and gamers. As they collaborate to build a multi-game arcade, it will open the door to a full play-to-earn and create-2-earn ecosystem with exposure to the metaverse. The virtual world will be about interaction and an arcade theme will appeal to casual and serious gamers alike. The chance to earn and be part of the development only adds to the experience. The MCADE token is currently in presale and investors should get on board before they list on large exchanges.

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2. Cardano – Facilitating Peer to Peer transactions

Cardano (ADA) has been around for a while after being founded in 2015 and released in 2017. The project was a brainchild of early Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, and his presence remains a key factor in why this project will do well. Both platforms allow developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) and create smart contracts. The project’s founder that it is “100 times more scalable” than Ethereum. Cardano is open-source and can be used for building decentralized applications (dApps). Cardano had some bad luck with the last bull market because the project had started redesigning its architecture from the ground up. When that process was done, the project then targeted the decentralized finance world and was starting to see traction in deposits and institutional investment. A few months later, the bottom fell out of the DeFi sector and problems at projects like Terra scared investors away.

But as mentioned, one of the key reasons why Cardano will bounce back is its founder. Mr. Hoskinson is always outspoken, and he has long urged patience in the development of his project while others, like Solana, make mistakes and get hacked. On the recent Ethereum upgrade, Hoskinson was as scathing as ever, saying he did not expect the upgrade to be “as rough as it is.” He added that it is now more centralized: “About 42% of the blocks after the Merge are held by two actors [Lido and Coinbase] and they’re indefinitely locked in proof of stake.

Ethereum has become the Hotel California of cryptocurrency. You can check-in, but you can’t check out and that’s just nuts because Cardano doesn’t have that”. Cardano has survived the ups and downs of the crypto market and has a strong network ready for the next wave of adoption.

3. Polygon – Reducing Fees and Fixing Ethereum’s Flaws

Polygon (MATIC) has been touted as an alternative to Ethereum because it solved the problem of high ETH gas fees. Polygon is a “Layer 2” scaling solution (or sidechain) that provides faster transactions and lower costs. The project is like a parallel blockchain running next to Ethereum. Polygon also utilises bridge technology where you can bring ETH assets across to the network from Ethereum. Investors also have the benefit that MATIC trades at a huge discount to ETH. Polygon has a larger coin supply but still offers value on a relative basis.

Polygon began to enter the mainstream in 2020 and 2021 because the flaws of Ethereum were exposed by the rise of decentralized finance projects. Ethereum was the go-to blockchain for the DeFi startups and that led to eye-watering gas fees and the Ethereum blockchain being clogged up. The Polygon network also got accepted to the popular OpenSea NFT marketplace and again it looked like it was becoming a real challenger to Ethereum.

More recently, Polygon was accepted to the Disney Accelerator Program. Disney CEO Bob Chapek described the metaverse “as the next great storytelling frontier,” and Polygon can capitalize on its huge community. Disney has said before that they will embrace AR and VR technology and that could revolutionize the company’s parks model. Disney’s characters and the likes of Star Wars could soon be in the homes of everyone and Polygon could have a part to play.

4. The Sandbox – Building With Blocks on The Blockchain

The Sandbox (SAND) is another metaverse project and this one holds the record for a virtual land sale at $4.3 million. When Facebook announced it was rebranding its entire business model to the metaverse, prices for native tokens and digital land in the metaverse soared. The market has cooled again with the bear market, but this project has an early mover advantage to host different virtual businesses and applications.

The brains behind The Sandbox is Animoca Brands and the team has managed to secure a total of 169 partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands. The project teamed up with the UK’s ITV network to host a virtual restaurant experience, complete with a Gordon Ramsay avatar. The German sportswear giant Adidas was an early entrant to the metaverse with avatars kitted out in the brand’s apparel.

Music is also set up to be a big metaverse draw and rapper Snoop Dogg released an NFT collection that allowed holders to enter his metaverse experience and meet him in avatar form. Once Meta Platforms bring hundreds of millions of users to the metaverse then The Sandbox will likely benefit and that makes it part of the best long-term crypto investments. If large corporations keep moving to the metaverse then land sales could rival bricks and mortar prices.

5. Ripple XRP – Offering an Alternative For Transactions

Ripple’s XRP coin has been weighed by a court case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The charge brought against the project was that the sale of coins by executives was similar to a stock market placement and should be regulated in a similar fashion. The case started in December 2020 and cost XRP a place in the 2021 bull market which saw Bitcoin hit $64,000. If the SEC anchor is lifted, XRP can rally and the project can also breathe more easily without the threat of a large fine or bans for its key developers.

In late 2022 there have been positive comments from Ripple executives and its legal team regarding the outcome but there has been no end yet. The case has been a headwind for the project, and they have been unable to focus on planning and development. If the SEC case gets settled favorably for Ripple then they could announce some new initiatives and start to attract investors again. XRP has somewhat of a cult following and it would have the potential to reach meme coin status.

6. Ton – Telegram Users Get a Payment Platform

Ton is the Telegram Open Network (TON) and was designed by the founders of the Telegram app to provide a payment option and wallet for the platform. TON is a decentralized layer-1 blockchain that can be used to onboard its 500 million users. The network has ultra-fast transactions, very small fees, app support, and is environmentally friendly. Ton even outperforms version 2.0 Ethereum with a 5-second transaction fee versus 12 seconds. Ton is a proof-of-stake (PoS) which was the goal of the recent ETH Merge upgrade.

Ton investors can stake their tokens to support the network and earn up to 60% in profit share. Ton supports cross-chain transfers between TON, Ethereum, and BNB Chain. There is also a selection of custodial and non-custodial wallets which are suitable for Telegram service providers and passive investors. The TON DNS feature wants to simplify transactions by providing short name addresses and this would be used to send money in the Telegram messaging app.

Conclusion – Metacade Is the Winner in the Long-term

After digesting this list and considering the outlook for the sector, it should be clear that Metacade is the clear winner. Cryptocurrency and digital assets are here to stay and investors should be picky about the projects that they get involved with. Projects need a strong team, a secure blockchain, a good roadmap, and most importantly – scalability and community. Metacade has all of that in abundance.

Ton will be constrained by the Telegram platform and its user base. Cardano and Polygon will likely see growth and challenge the likes of Ethereum. Ripple has a strong community that could provide some upside but the project has been held back by the court case. And finally, The Sandbox is targeting a big market with the metaverse. These six projects will be up there as the best long-term crypto investments but Metacade has the most potential for outsized gains.

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