Kutee Kitties- The First Kitties NFTs That Will Save The World From Plastics To Be Released Soon

By November 24, 2022NFT
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Kutee Kitties is a collection of non-fungible tokens(NFTs), but one with a rather strong cause– to save the world from plastic. With such an innovative aim to achieve, Kutee Kitties will soon be released in the second week of November.

The Kutee Kitty NFT project came into being with the understanding of how plastic has pervaded the air, the ground, water and vegetation and so much so that it has reached within us too. The project will breathe a new life into plastics polluting the oceans by creating usable items from recycled plastic and make a difference to our planet.

About Kutee Kitties

The Kutee Kitties collection consists of 10,000 NFTs with over 100+ different traits to create a ‘rare’ and uber-cool Kutee Kitty. The unique features of the kitties will be depicted in that particular NFT’s metadata and will be displayed with other NFTs featuring that specific attribute.

Kutee Kitty is something larger and more significant than just being a simple collection of tokens.

Six phases of the Kutee Kitty Project:

  • The first phase includes mining of NFTs at 0.03 ETH and the NFT collection will be launched on the leading secondary market, OpenSea. The project will additionally launch themed t-shirts wholly created from recycled material.
  • The second phase includes launching of a 3D cats collection with added monetary benefits, travel donations for the holders. Additional batches of t-shirts and hoodies (made from eco-friendly materials) will be released, with 50% of the proceeds going to charity for the cause of conserving our oceans and 50% to the holders.
  • The third phase will enable launching of a YouTube channel which will have demonstrations of all the charitable initiatives adopted globally. As the community members take a global trip, they will plant many trees. Also, 50% of the channel’s earnings will be donated to charity, and the remaining 50% will be redistributed to holders within the community.
  • In the fourth phase, a proprietary e-commerce for sustainable products made with recycled material will be launched by the project. Notably, the e-commerce proceeds will be a passive income system. 20% of the revenues from this e-commerce will be returned to NFT holders each month.
  • The fifth phase will fund a project , for instance, Kanesis, which will generate innovative bioplastics from hemp and other agricultural waste.

Perks of Membership:

  • The first 100 members who have their profile pictures of the Kutee Kitty NFT will be whitelisted . Users winning their extraction will be gifted Ethereum(ETH).
  • In addition to this, 5 members of the whitelist will get a trip to a natural place paid for by the team.

A $ 10,000 CONTEST

For winning the prize of $10,000 in ETH, participants will be required to create a video in which they showcase that they have improved the environment in different ways for instance by planting a tree, growing flowers, adopting a needy animal, and creatively reusing plastic. 10 lucky winners will be selected towards the end of the contest, and the top reward is $10,000 in ETH!

Note: The contest will initially be held for NFT holders for the first phase, but will be later open to everyone.


The project will also tap into great investments to create innovative materials. The NFT collection attempts to use trashed plastic from both land and oceans to develop rare and valuable digital collectibles. Every Kutee Kitty’s revenue will be reinvested back into the project to fund contractors to eliminate junk or plastic remains from the land and seas. The used plastic will then be sent to an extending network of recycling facilities. The more Kutee Kitties are sold, the more investment will be generated in plastic cleanup and recycling initiatives.

The USP of the NFT project is that it intends to inspire other projects to come up with such cause-centric long term goals. The project uses self-sustaining strategies with positive and attainable ripple effects that are certain to make significant changes for the planet. Note that NFT holders will earn 20% of investment revenue in funding any programmes involving environmental preservation.

Discord: https://jo.my/discordkk

Instagram: https://jo.my/igkk

Twitter: https://jo.my/twitterkk

web: https://jo.my/sitokk

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