Annepan FUD spray: the first women themed NFTs on TRON fights FUD by using humor

By December 4, 2022NFT
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<strong>Annepan FUD spray: the first women themed NFTs on TRON fights FUD by using humor </strong> 1

Using humor to find solutions of life problems. An NFT series dedicated to Women of Crypto.

Inspiration: Women; who are considered as the core of creation, are the inspiration of this series. An original creation dedicated to the women of crypto who bring in balance, emotions, sense of responsibility, and creativity in this wild world of crypto. Women with their emotional strength and objectivity are great at managing the ups and downs of life. This series is dedicated to them using their creativity and humor to fight the FUD life throws at us.

AFS (Annepan FUD Spray) is dedicated to one such women in our team! Annepan hails from Europe. A loving mother of 2 fantastic children. She has been part of TRON Family since early 2018. She is very creative; we feel a lot of community members have already seen her artwork on social media as well as on portal. She and her spouse have also supported many philanthropic causes on TRON Blockchain.

Annepan is a firm believer in facing challenges head-on. Further she is not the one who will sit down and worry about problems; rather she thinks out of the box and always works on figuring out solutions. This positive mindset of her, lead to the creation of Annepan FUD Spray (AFS).

What it does: Humor is one of the best antidotes of Stress! So why not chase out the stress out of your life with some humorous Annepan FUD Spray ! NFTs with fun usecase and utilities as well!

Worried about issues created by Spouse, Boss, Colleagues, Community, Society etc? Turn their anger into laughter with AFS!

Simplicity sometimes is healing in this complex tech world of blockchain!

AFS is among few of the rare breedable NFTs on TRON!

  • Owners of 2 DWP (Deba’s Wulf Pack ) + 1 AFS ( Annepan FUD Spray) will get a free mint of MBW ( Michael Baby Wulf)
  • MBW will also come with embedded next ebook of DWP series: ‘THE SPRITUAL CRYPTO WHALE’ (as unlockable content) written by Debasish Das (
  • The quantity of AFS will be limited to ONLY 400 on TRON thus making it exclusive and easier for users to trade.
  • The count of MBW will also be limited to max 400 on TRON

What’s unique about AFS:

  • Rare breedable NFT on TRON.
  • The first NFT collection dedicated to Women of Crypto on TRON.
  • Original and fun PFP NFT.
  • Breeding leads to users getting additional MBP NFT Free Mint (Unique PFP + limited to 400)+ the new e-book ‘THE SPRITUAL CRYPTO WHALE’.
  • IPRights sharing of the ebook.
  • The ebook can be traded after reading in NFT Marketplace.

AFS Mint Link:

AFS is extension of the first NFT series team launched (DWP)! They are proud of it as DWP is the FIRST ever DECNTRALISED E-BOOK ON TRON BLOCKCHAIN ! It is hosted on decentralized storage BTFS (BitTorrent File System)! The ownership of this e-book is shared by the use of an UNIQUE and ORIGINAL NFT! The endeavour of this product is to decentralize the e-book market which currently is controlled by centralized players.

DWP participated in Season 2 of the Grand Hackathon and won 2nd position in the community voting. This has also sown the seeds among other authors who want to now explore Web3 for publishing their books. This in our mind is the BIGGEST WIN!

Focus on higher ideal of serving a larger purpose is always better than being self centered! Through AFS the team wants to drive home the point of recognizing the contribution of women in crypto and also help in expanding TRON ecosystem:

  • Contribute towards visibility and usage of BTFS and BTT
  • Contribute towards usage of TRON Blockchain and thus increase energy consumption / burn.
  • Being the sequel of first WEB3 e-book on TRON (DWP) it can potentially bring new eyes towards the fast and effective TRON blockchain.
  • Create awareness about TRON blockchain so that people use things based on technology rather than hearsay.

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