The Sandbox: Deltatime Studio Announces Shattered Time NFT Collection

By May 29, 2023The Sandbox
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In an exciting announcement from Deltatime Studio, they’re set to take their audience on a journey through time with their latest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, aptly titled “Shattered Time”. The collection will go live on May 29th, 3 pm UTC, on The Sandbox Marketplace.

“Shattered Time” promises an engaging experience, starting from prehistoric times, moving onto ancient Egypt, and potentially beyond. Within this immersive environment, participants can expect to navigate a world filled with dinosaurs, assist villagers with their various missions, and unveil the mysteries of the past.

The NFT collection comprises diverse digital assets, each with their unique attributes. Key among them are charismatic villagers, a mystical shaman stick, a majestic bird known as the Argentavis, a mysterious monument linked to time travel, a suit for time navigation, the prehistoric boss’s throne, and the adorable prehistoric mascot of the “Shattered Time” collection.

In the landscape of this virtual prehistoric world, individuals owning any of these NFTs stand a chance to win prizes through giveaways and contests, with Deltatime Studio facilitating these events.

In the catalog of this digital collection, users can discover an array of items, including the ‘Prehistoric Boss Throne‘, suggesting power and authority. The ‘Village Monument‘, a construction shrouded in mystery, is believed to be at the core of time travel. ‘Red Argentavis‘ symbolizes a sky master that has dominated for centuries. Characters like the ‘Prehistoric Shaman‘, ‘Hunter‘, ‘Breeder‘ and ‘Scholar Villager‘ provide depth to the community, each with their unique traits and backstories. Other notable assets include the ‘Old Energy Chestplate‘ and the ‘Shaman Stick‘, crucial for the shaman’s power, and the ‘Shattered Time Mammoth‘, a lovable prehistoric mascot. See all the NFTs here.

So, gear up for an adventure that lets you experience the thrill of time travel while unveiling the enigmas of history with the launch of ‘Shattered Time’. For those ready to participate, remember May 29th at 3 pm UTC, on The Sandbox Marketplace, is your moment.

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