Should NFTs Be Valued As Proper Property? How Caged Beasts, Shiba Inu, And The Sandbox Are Shaping The Future?

By June 9, 2023The Sandbox
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Caged Beasts
Caged Beasts

One of the first questions people asked when cryptocurrency appeared in the world of finance was: what can you buy with it? And it was a legitimate question at a time when DeFi and digital commerce were unexplored frontiers. In 2023 though, most transactions are now done online, and in some parts of the world, physical money has become a rare sight. So, as currency has migrated into the digital world, some think that property can follow in the form of NFTs. In this article, we’ll discuss three projects contributing to this move, Caged Beasts (BEASTS) , The Sandbox (SAND), and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Caged Beasts: Uniqueness And Innovation

Caged Beasts (BEASTS) is a new meme coin emphasizing community, innovation, and decentralization, with its style heavily inspired by science fiction in terms of character design and general theme. And even though it has not launched its first round of presale yet, Caged Beasts is already drawing attention to itself thanks to its eye-catching NFT collection and its unique referral system.

The Caged Beasts themselves are mutated lab animals led by Rabbit 4001, a super-strong and super-intelligent on a mission of vengeance. Each Caged Beast has several unique designs depicting them in various levels of growth and mutation, and all of them will be available as collectible NFTs in the future.

Another innovative feature is Caged Beasts’ referral system, which incentivizes community members to aid in growing the community by granting them lucrative rewards when they do so. Users can share their customized referral codes with friends to invite them to the platform, and when the referred person makes a deposit during purchase, the referrer receives 20% of said deposit, with the referred receiving an extra 20% of their purchased amount. If you want to meet Rabbit 4001’s fellow beasts or if you like the concept of this one-of-a-kind referral system, please visit the project’s website and register today.


The Sandbox: Pioneering Digital Property

Sebastien Borget, the co-founder of The Sandbox, envisions a future where cryptocurrencies and NFTs are recognized as legal property. With more than half of the world's population being digital natives, Borget believes that governments should acknowledge the value of digital assets and the emerging digital economy. The Sandbox is a platform that allows people to express their talents and skills in the virtual world, fostering new experiences and ideas.

Virtual spaces could potentially revolutionize the way digital natives connect and interact. Furthermore, lowering the barriers to creating digital content opens up new opportunities. Cryptocurrencies are a prime example of that as they are able to offer financial services in underbanked countries.

Shiba Inu: Gone To The Dogs?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has witnessed remarkable growth, with a surge in new addresses and a loyal community of long-term holders. Despite price fluctuations, SHIB holders demonstrate their unwavering faith in the token. Shiba Inu also has a collection of NFTs called "Shiboshis" on the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange. The NFTs have unique features and will be used in a future gaming platform, and some experts believe that they embody Shiba Inu’s best opportunity for success. But other experts say that while Shiba Inu's growth is promising, its lack of use cases and reliance on speculation remains a concern for its long-term viability.

Caged Beasts
Caged Beasts

With the entire world moving towards the digital, cryptocurrency and NFTs are definitely here to stay, and the more people invest in them, the more they will be treated as proper properties. And like proper properties, it’s best to invest as early as possible before their value increases exponentially. So, visit Caged Beasts’ website and register today to reserve your spot in the Caged Beasts community and to be informed when the presale goes live.

Caged Beasts

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