Leverage Holdings, LLC Brings the First Bitcoin ATM in Iowa

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Leverage Holdings, LLC Brings the First Bitcoin ATM in Iowa

Leverage Holdings, LLC, the parent company of Leverage Consulting, Leverage Metals, Leverage Cloud Brokerage and Fungicoin, says that it has brought in the first Bitcoin ATM in Iowa. The announcement came in the form of a press release wherein the company says that that is moving into the Gravitate Entrepreneurial space in the Midland Building.

The press release issued by the company says that it is moving to Midland Building with big plans for the region as they expand the use of virtual currency, including the first Bitcoin ATM, in Iowa. Nonetheless, the company is moving fast in Bitcoin turf ever since it discovered Bitcoin mining in 2011 and then starting the consultancy services.

Now, the company says that in 2013, Leverage LLC expanded to ASIC mining, derivatives and hashing contracts and in the last year i.e. 2014 it entered seed funding phase. Nonetheless, a new company offering technology solutions in the areas of crypto-currencies, Forex, precious metals and cloud computing, the announcement is a major event.

According to the press release with the announcement the company wants to set up vending machines – known as Bitcoin ATMS – in the region which will dispense cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin, a type of digital currency in which encryption technology is used to regulate the generation and verify the transfer of funds, is becoming popular infrastructure is needed a lot.

Bitcoin is emerging as a Popular Choice among Locals in Iowa

Bitcoin which is a revolutionary concept unlike the fiat that have been available worldwide for a long time has attracted a lot of people with unconventional thoughts. Operating independently of a central bank, Bitcoin is easy to use and the best payment method for international payments as there is no processing fees.

Lots of Bitcoin-friendly stores, merchants or restaurants that accept Bitcoin in place of traditional payment methods such as cash, check, debit or credit cards, etc. have made it easier for users to use their digital currency. David Miller the CEO of Leverage Holdings, LLC said that while Leverage is bringing the first Bitcoin ATMs to Iowa that is not their primary focus.

He also admitted that his organization felt Iowa was a prime market since one listing of Bitcoin ATMs shows more of them in nearby Kansas City than in New York, Los Angeles and nearly all other metro markets. He believes that Bitcoin can incite some discussion since backers see it as an alternative, and government free, way to pay for goods and services.

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