DatSyn News - SpaceBIT Introduces First Ever Space Banking Program For Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

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The company is set to launch a constellation of nano-satellites that will act not only as depositories for digital cash, but also as a platform to provide global and universal access to remote areas around the globe where payment infrastructures are non-existent.

“Our goal is to establish a secure decentralized banking system with common banking services for current and future crypto-currency users around the world”, said Pavlo Tanasyuk, one of the SpaceBIT founders.

Furthermore he added that the company will support the expansion of crypto-currency markets and establish their ongoing presence in the world economy.

In the short term, SpaceBIT will focus on building a transparent, secured and affordable blockchain based payment system to ‘un-banked’ populations. Different currencies are suited for different applications. For example bitcoin can be used as a universal ledger and other reliable financial instruments to be used for different services depending on use case and jurisdiction.

The program is currently forming a committee of high profile specialists from various industries, including finance, space, law and technology. In addition, SpaceBIT is in the process of partnering with land-based banks and exchanges to comply with local regulations and jurisdictions, while simultaneously creating borderless transaction systems.

“We believe that is important to stay fully compliant and transparent, while providing global access to our future users. Partnerships with banks will give us the possibility of providing traditional financial services with convenient and simple crypto payments on a global scale”, said Pavlo Tanasyuk.

“Crypto currency in itself is a science fiction becoming a reality” Brock Pierce, Member of The Bitcoin Foundation - See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/1...