The Russian Authorities Moving Ahead to Suppress Bitcoin, Block Seven Bitcoin Websites

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The Russian Authorities Moving Ahead to Suppress Bitcoin, Block Seven Bitcoin Websites

Looks like Russia is serious taking head-on against Bitcoin as the latest development shows that the Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked access to Seven Bitcoin-related websites. The authorities in the country believe that the cryptocurrency contributes to the growth of the shadow economy.

Earlier the number of website that were blocked by Roskomnadzor was five that included, a primary community resource for the cryptocurrency that’s run by the Bitcoin Foundation, the community wiki, the Russian-language security site, the London-incorporated Indacoin exchange, and Russian Bitcoin community site

Interestingly, Roskomnadzor did not decide to block the Bitcoin websites all of sudden. Earlier the last year on September 30th a court order gave some order to do so. However, it is not clear what did the court had to say about the issue and whether it did actually wanted the websites to be blocked altogether.

A lot of local Bitcoin supporters are complaining that as the authorities have not cited any reason so far behind their decision to block the Bitcoin websites it is unwarranted. Some websites that provide ordinary information about Bitcoin like have been blocked as well by Roskomnadzor. that provides information on the benefits of Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies as a whole and methods for using the cryptocurrency by both individuals and companies, including links to the other related online communities, in no way could be damaging either the national security or the economy of Russia, yet has been blocked.

The Action on the Expected Line as Russian Government Has been Against Bitcoin

Though it is true that Russian government has always been hostile to Bitcoin, blocking the websites that are merely spreading information about the digital currency is not unexpected for some. For instance, ForexMinute has reported earlier as well on how the Russian government was planning to clamp down and restrict access to information sources about Bitcoin.

The confirmation regarding the blocking of some Bitcoin websites came from Roskomnadzor press secretary Vadim Ampelonskyi who told the media that the action has been taken in accordance with the ruling of the Neviyanskyi Municipal Court of Sverdlovsk Oblast.

A major issue Bitcoin faces is its anonymity; this may be a reason that government officials in Russia believe it could facilitate illegal activities like online drug peddling or money laundering – this is not entirely wrong as well because Silk Road is one fine example of the same.

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