Braintree to Enable its Merchant Clients Accept Bitcoin from Customers

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Braintree to Enable its Merchant Clients Accept Bitcoin from Customers

Though Braintree allows participating merchants to support payments from credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, etc. the company is willing to help out them accept Bitcoin payment from their customers. Towards this the company has even partnered with Bitcoin storage provider Coinbase.

Now, according to the company the US merchants can join a private beta to accept Bitcoin. Thus, it will now be possible to pay in Bitcoin from any merchant that uses Braintree. The step seems to have been taken after the company realized that there is immense scope for Bitcoin payment, particularly, among the hip crowd.

Braintree says that in order to join the private beta, merchants must opt in to the program by inserting a few lines of code to its latest payments platform, the SDK. Though a representative from the company did not announce any participating merchants, it is clear merchants can start using the program now.

Interestingly enough, though the value of Bitcoin has fallen significantly over the months and it has been considered one of the worst investments for 2014, a lot of new businesses are open to it. A lot of small and big ecommerce websites have started accepting Bitcoin payments from their customers. The decision by Braintree is an addition to the list.

As the company claims that it provides the tools people need to build businesses, it makes it possible for clients all over the world to accept payments online and let customers make a purchase with one touch, Bitcoin is definitely the right option. Bitcoin is an innovation that is going to help the company help its clients make it meaningful with their ideas and innovations.

Though the Value of Bitcoin Fell, its Acceptance Increased in One Year

Though Bitcoin is trading below $300 users are spending, trading, and investing the cryptocurrency at an increased pace. The company believes that as it enables its clients to accept Bitcoin they would be able to cater the requirements from their customers well. They could not accept payments in Bitcoin.

Some major merchants, including Uber, Open Table and Hotel Tonight are known for their huge customer base, this measure will help Bitcoin further reach to the people. Nonetheless, Ankur Arya the General Manager of Braintree said that Bitcoin is growing in popularity for consumer and merchants alike.

He concludes that his company partnered with Coinbase to make it easy and secure for merchants to accept Bitcoin and for consumers to pay via Bitcoin.

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