Dogecoin Eying Increase Despite Resistance

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Dogecoin Eying Increase Despite Resistance

In the world of digital currency, dogecoin is practically bitcoin’s right hand man.  Dogecoin guards the gates to bitcoin’s kingdom.  It drives the carriage when bitcoin has a meeting in town, and it makes sure that all of bitcoin’s meals are served on time.  When it comes to duties, dogecoin has quite a few, but it never fails to perform.

Right now, the cryptocurrency is eyeing a specific price spot, and while it is encountering some resistance, dogecoin is known not only for being strong and even-tempered, but it’s also known for being persistent.

Recently, the coin celebrated its first birthday back in December of 2014.  After turning a year old, many critics couldn’t help but point out the fact that its value had significantly dropped in those 12 months since it first came to fruition, but I say value and price have little meaning compared to what dogecoin has done with itself, and despite the excessive price fluctuations and other similar issues, dogecoin has managed to sponsor athletes, donate to charities, give to schools and devote itself to a number of wide-ranging causes all over the globe, and for that dogecoin certainly deserves some respect.

In the last 24 hours or so, dogecoin has dropped by about one percent (to about 56 satoshis), and right now, evidence is not favoring the idea that the cryptocurrency will experience a massive increase in price anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that stability has dropped, or that the currency’s power has dropped.  It was recently mentioned that 52 satoshis were necessary to give the digital currency its necessary support, and while dogecoin is still fluctuating, those fluctuations happen to fall within the 56-62 satoshi range, so for now, while a price decrease has occurred, we can take comfort in the idea that dogecoin still boasts a sturdy base, and it probably won’t be long before dogecoin begins to grow again.