An Overview on The MIT Bitcoin Live Expo 2015

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An Overview on The MIT Bitcoin Live Expo 2015

This weekend the MIT Bitcoin Live Expo is taking place. The event began this Saturday and is already finishing today. The MIT Bitcoin Live Expo counted with the presence of many known personalities in the cryptocurrency sphere such as Andreas Antonopolous, Gavin Andresen, Charlie Lee and several others.

The first day of this event went along pretty well having about 300 participants in the house and another 200 on live stream. A lot of people have also participated on an amazing chat on the live stream on the first conference day.

Debates and discussions have been pretty informative so far. Charlie Lee started the conference yesterday with a Key Note presentation and thanked the audience for their incredible participation while launching the first comment for debate. Andreas Antonopoulos has talked about decentralization through game theory, and Gavin Andresen will be talking about the Blockchain, its feasibility and the need to have a bigger Blockchain to cope with the exponential network growth and transactions demand.

Besides decentralization, many were the topics discussed in the first day of the conference; Debates were set for topics such as, Security and usability, Bitcoin finance, and trading; some of the most intense discussions were made upon regulation and the evolving landscape, while the topic of developing an infrastructure for the Bitcoin ecosystem was very interesting to hear. The first day ended with a final reception and some participants joined together for a more intimate chat.

Today, the Conference is still going on and a lot of activities are prepared.

Discussions are going to be centered on important topics like sidechains, multisig, smart contracts, Threshold signatures, Zerocash and scalability. Probably the most expected debate will be Gavin’s topic concerning scalability and the problem of the Blockchain growth. To finalize the MIT Bitcoin Expo 2015, some students will be also able to show some presentations about their work within the Industry.

NewsBTC will be following this conference throughout the day and we will be updating more information as soon as the curtains come down upon the MIT Bitcoin conference.