Interfinex offers a powerful DeFI DApp which Promote Profitability and Sustainability.

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General Presentation

Decentralized Finance popularly known as DeFi is more or less an experimental financial system which goes contrary with the existing centralized system , this means it does not reply on any centralized system or intermediaries unlike in Centralized Financial setup i.e Banks , Stock Exchange , Brokerages , insurance and more where intermediaries services are required. DeFi leverages blockchain technology and advance smart contracts to discharges Financial services is a more secured, effective and transparent manner . There are several products on DeFi which users can chose to maximize their profits. These includes Lending , Borrowing of funds , derivative trading that has to do with prediction of price movement , Staking , farming and many others. DeFi farming system allows users to earn interest on their deposited funds just like operating Savings account in Banks. In this article , i will be focusing my discussion on Interfinex DeFi Platform . Interfinex platform has been designed to offer users varieties of DeFi products ranging from Swap trade for various ERC20 tokens with a subsidized charges of 0.1% on all trades. Interfinex offers bundles of opportunities which has never existed in any DeFi ecosystem


About Interfinex

Interfinex is a DeFi protocol which offers varieties of DeFi features ranging from staking , lending , Swap trade , liquidity pool and many more . It offers a DeFi solution which aims towards revolutionizing the entire DeFi system and makes investment in DeFi worthwhile for every one . Swap trades to varieties of ERC20 token is a solution offered by InterFinex . In this scenario, users will be able to pay only 0.1% fee on all trades conducted . Users can as well become an (LP) Liquidity Provider through depositing some ERC20 Tokens into the pools and getting some returns for Providing Liquidity.
Interfinex offers a powerful DApp which enable users access varieties of DeFi services offered in the platform without the involvement of any middlemen . The entire system is designed in an autonomous manner in which users dont have business with anyone but the Platform DApps .The platform offers users means to interact with the DeFi DApps seamlessly and conducting all forms of investment . InterFinex Smart Contract is a very safe and audited one . It is a well written Smart contracts developed by the team of expert and guarantees the safety of users funds and investment . Users will be able to conduct decentralized trading on ERC20 tokens on InterFinex platform with a charges of 0.1% on all trades. Liquidity Providers can provide Liquidity and earn good returns for their participation. Services such as Lending , Staking , borrowing is also available on the platform . Interfinex offers a broad Spectrum DeFi ecosystem . I will discuss extensively some of the outstanding features of Interfinex platform which i do believe my readers will find very interesting .

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(i) Interfinex Bills : The Profit earned in the liquidity Pools will be used for the buy back of Interfinex Bills in which the Interfinex bill (IB) will be distributed to the token holders based on their holdings . As we all known the primary aims for business or investment is profit ,the buy back strategy adopted will help in increasing the platform users profitability .

(ii) Swap Trade: The Swap trade system enables users exchange their ethereum based tokens (erc20) with a trading fee of 0.1% on all traders . Discount of 51% are granted in a case where referral are provided.

(iii) Liquidity Pool : This aspect allows users to conduct yield farming whenever they provide liquidity by depositing their crypto assets in the Pool.The system gives return to the LP for providing liquidity . This can be compared to Savings account in Banks where banks offer some certain amount of interest for the depositor . Users who deposit some certain amount of ERC20 tokens into the Pool will earn interest which depends on the amount of fees paid and deposited liquidity. In this case , LP are eligible to earn ERC20 tokens and InterFinex Bill token in the liquidity Pool. A sum of 10% trading fees will converted to Interfinex Bill token and paid to the LP . Furthermore , 80% of the trading fees will go to the erc20 token that was traded during trades.
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Interfinex (IFEX) Distribution info

21,000,000,000 - Fixed Supply
30% - Exchanges ,
10% - Marketing
30% - Community incentives
20% - Team Members
10% - Founders

Official Resources

Interfinex Bills: 0xA891CF72AEDa692570928eFe1A832342e9783CDC
Factory: 0xc317d9398520b85141f2DaFD2F48B070bD7a5047
Exchange Template: 0xDc7E9e31506D3910000a3c67132A0caf7Ad6f503

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