Partnering Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay, 3D Hubs Advances Further

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Partnering Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay, 3D Hubs Advances Further

Bitcoin technology that is transforming the way international payments are done is also attracting some companies that are involved in radical technologies like 3D printing. Some even advocate that as Bitcoin and 3D printing are two technologies that are based on similar ideologies, cooperation is necessary for the larger interest.

For instance, similar to Bitcoin that allows for the removal of the middle man and the added fees associated with monetary transactions, 3D printing also removes the middle man by allowing individuals and businesses to manufacture and prototype within their own homes or offices. Looks like there are several other similarities as well that may strike the mind of people.

Over the years, 3D Hubs has carved a niche for its services wherein it facilitates transactions between 3D printer owners (Hubs) and people that want to make 3D prints. Needless to say printer owners can join the Hubs listing in their city to offer 3D printing services in their neighborhood, and customers can locate printer owners to get stuff printed nearby.

The owners of 3D Hubs say that as both technologies could be regarded as symbols of freedom and self-reliance, while also acting as enablers of innovation and transformation, the collaboration was around the corner for quite some time. Also, as both technologies continue to develop, there seems to be an ever increasing convergence between the two.

Nonetheless, when 3D printing companies are using the crypto-currency to seek funding, have decided to accept the currency as a method of payment, this decision was pending for quite some time. The company says that there is no doubt that the future of commerce and manufacturing will be linked to 3D printing and Bitcoin.

Convergence of Bitcoin and 3D Printing Technologies for Greater Results

The decision by the world’s largest network of 3D printers to partner with Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay, is an example of the fact that the two technologies continue to converse. Via Adyen, a global provider of online, mobile, and point-of-sale payment solutions, 3D Hubs will now be able to integrate Bitcoin payments into their platform.

Thus, it will be enabling any one of 3D Hubs’ more than 13,000 networked printers to be used in exchange for the crypto-currency. Not long ago Adyen partnered with BitPay to help spread the acceptance of Bitcoin to some of the largest companies on the planet.

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