New Pilot Project Lets Investors Buy Stakes with Bitcoin

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New Pilot Project Lets Investors Buy Stakes with Bitcoin

Swedish Crowdfunding Company FundedByMe recently launched a Bitcoin pilot program that allows investors to buy stakes using the virtual currency.

The project was commenced yesterday as a part of analysis to check investors’ interest in paying with the internet currency; while, at the same time, to generate funds for the Bitcoin trading platform Saffelo. According to the representatives of FundedByMe, the results of the aforesaid crowdfunding campaign will give them a perspective towards utilizing Bitcoin currency for fundraising purposes, upon which they would incorporate the new stake-buying method across the Saffelo platform.

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“We see that among our investors, a great many of them are early-adopters. We also know that bitcoin users are familiar with new inventions at an early stage,” the CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe, Daniel Daboczy said. “That’s why we thought that we may offer both groups something interesting.”

FundedByMe, which is and has been involved in a series of innovative crowdfunding projects, has collected around 100,000,000 SEK for entrepreneurs across Europe and some parts Asia as well. Before Saffelo, the crowdfunding platform has been actively raising funds for another Bitcoin based startup Flexvee. However, it is accepting funds in virtual currency for Saffelo only.

This would meanwhile benefit Bitcoin users across Europe to come and purchase stakes in a well-backed virtual currency venture. As Saffelo co-founder and CEO Frank Schuil further stated, it is a “very attractive” campaign and there will be “many investors wanting to allocate their money”. The involvement of the leading digital currency investor like Digital Currency Group further adds attractions to this whole 45-day campaign, thinks Schuil.

As Saffelo is already half-funded through traditional Euro payments, it would be interesting to see how much, and fast, its campaign grows while resting on the Bitcoin’s shoulders.