My Wallet LTD Announces A Limited Time Offer To Purchase Bitcoin At 10% Higher Than Market Rates

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From their UK-based offices, My Wallet LTD serves clients from all around the globe. Their customer base is made up of forward-thinking investment professionals looking for new financial sectors ripe for development.

"Our clients know traditional investment avenues promise predictably limited returns; the most exciting opportunities for financial growth today exist in emerging technologies and new financial tools, with Bitcoin being far and away the most exciting instrument currently available," said a company spokesman. "When you sell Bitcoin instant, secure cash hits your account. When you invest in Bitcoin, you count on even greater returns down the road."

My Wallet LTD has purchased Bitcoin valued at an excess of £2.3 million (or approximately $3.43 million USD) in the past six months alone, and they predict that their limited-time offer of a ten percent premium paid on every Bitcoin purchased (or a negotiated rate for customers offering an excess of 50 Bitcoins in a single sale) should see that number soar. The opportunity for those invested in the popular cryptocurrency to sell Bitcoin at an immediate gain is already causing ripples in both the technology and finance arenas.

My Wallet LTD prides itself on its extremely user-friendly business model: not only does the company charge its customers no service or transaction fees, but all sales are conducted using a refreshingly simple, straightforward online platform. When customers sell Bitcoin instant cash transfers are made to the account of their choosing via the payment service of their preference, such as PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, or direct bank transfers. My Wallet LTD also offers round-the-clock Live Chat online customer service and quick responses to emails and phone calls. My Wallet LTD customers know they are in good hands with the company, and they can rest assured that their transactions will be unfettered by restrictions based on location or preferred internationally-recognized currency.

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My Wallet LTD is based in the United Kingdom and boasts clients spread all around the globe. The company is one of the trend-setting leaders in the emerging cryptocurrency sale, investment, and exchange marketplace. My Wallet LTD sees cryptocurrency as a viable financial instrument both for short- to medium-term trading and for long-term investment. Their rapid growth and ever-expanding customer base attest to their forward-thinking business model, which seamlessly blends technology and finance. To learn more please visit

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