Anycoin Direct, the Bitcoin Company now Looking Eastwards, to Focus Eastern Europe Customers

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Anycoin Direct, the Bitcoin Company now Looking Eastwards, to Focus Eastern Europe Customers

After receiving pretty great success in Western Europe, the leading Bitcoin company, Anycoin Direct is now focusing to Eastern Europe. However, as ForexMinute has reported earlier, the governments of the Eastern Europe are not quite open with the concept of virtual currency that undermines their sovereignty and many of them have even issued warning against their use.

The company says that as it offers easy buying and selling experience for the customers, the expansion is just going to help the ordinary users in the Eastern Europe. In a statement issued to the users, it says, “We aim to make the buying and selling process as fast and easy as possible for our clients, without compromising safety.”

It further says, “The coins are sent as soon as the payment has been finalized. When selling cryptocurrencies, the money is transferred to the bank account number specified by you, typically within 12 hours (2 business days at most).” Thus, Anycoin Direct is quite clear about what it is going to do while reaching out to the customers in Eastern Europe.

Earlier, Anycoin reached out to the customers in Canada wherein it is fast becoming a popular place for Bitcoin users. The decision to accommodate customers in Eastern Europe came after the company realized that there is huge demand for Bitcoin exchanges in this part. Anycoin Direct is expanding their services to these countries by launching a new service called Trustpay.

The success story of Anycoin Direct in Western Europe begin when it offered Bitcoin services; once that part of the mission had been accomplished, it was time for the company to take the next step towards conquering the European continent in its entirety. Nonetheless, the company is also trying to become a household name in the Eastern European Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin to Reach to the New Segment of Users in Eastern Europe

Moreover, as Bitcoin exchanges and wire transfers are becoming risky these days, as several banks are actively blocking any money transfer that is related to Bitcoin and digital currency, the company says that with Trustpay it will be circumventing the risk by processing wire transfers through the same bank as the customer.

Nonetheless, with Anycoin Direct’s Trustpay system at the place, the customers in 16 additional countries, not all of which are located in Eastern Europe will benefit. Here Trustpay will support ten additional local currencies provide an easy-to-use platform for all of their potential new customers.

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