Third Key Solutions – The Turn Key Security Management Solution

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Third Key Solutions – The Turn Key Security Management Solution

Third Key Solutions – Founding and Core Focus

Third Key Solutions is a new company founded by the prominent Andreas Antonopoulos. The company specialises in consulting and cryptographic key management solutions for companies using decentralised digital currencies. Third Key solutions was launched today and is led by the CEO, Pamela Morgan and Andreas M. Antonopoulos as the CTO. Third Key Solutions is advised by the seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Richad Kagan.

Third Key Solutions aims to provide the best practices in key generation, storage, and management.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos convincingly quoted:

“Bitcoin’s multi-signature feature is an incredibly powerful technology for digital currency security. However, technology [by itself] is not enough. Security depends on technology, process, and people. Third Key Solutions offers consulting and key management services that provide the process and people to complement the technology.”

The company works with other companies in the digital currency space to develop customised multi-signature governance strategies. Third Key Solutions also helps design management plans that are backed by highly secure, audit-able and consistent key generation, storage, and recovery services.

Pamela Morgan, Third Key Solutions CEO stated that:

“Governance and key recovery are not a top priority for anyone – until something goes wrong. At Third Key Solutions, they are our only priority and we’re here to make it easy. We can generate and store keys with a carefully designed and audited process”.

Plans for the Immediate Future

The company is developing a series of partnerships with other key storage and recovery specialised companies to establish the Key Recovery Network and implement quality standards in the sector. The Key Recovery Network is to be launched later this year.

The company offers a Basic Corporate Governance and Recovery Package along with optional customisable services. As expected, Third Key Solutions will only accept Bitcoin.

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