SA-FSD to Launch Digital Currency Science Centre Exhibit Project

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SA-FSD to Launch Digital Currency Science Centre Exhibit Project

Cryptocurrency is still an emerging technology that has caught most of the grownups by surprise. Many people still do not know what Bitcoin or digital currencies are. It has been predicted that bitcoin or similar cryptocurrency will be the future of economy. If the prediction were to come true, we can’t just leave the future generation clueless about digital currency.

In order to make sure that the future generation, as in today’s children know and understand the concept and technology behind cryptocurrency, we have to start teaching them young. There are multiple open courses available online in different languages. These introductory courses provide the basic understanding of digital currencies and its role in the global economy. Anyone interested to learn about digital currency can join these courses. However, none of these courses are designed specifically for children.

The South African Foundation for Space Development has developed a project called “The Digital Currency Science Centre Exhibit Project” aimed at encouraging children to learn about digital currency. This project is developed in collaboration with the Digital Community and it includes a series of working Science Centre exhibits. The first exhibit – A visual and mining rig, currently under development will be set up at the Cape Town Science Centre in South Africa.

The Digital Currency Science Centre Exhibit Project follows the principle of Hour of Code initiative that believes in providing children with an opportunity to understand computer science and learn coding. Using the same principle the project strives to create an understanding of the process and technology behind digital currency so that these children are prepared to have a successful career in the digital currency space.

Cape Town Science Centre is an educational facility that provides children with interactive learning tools to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It will house a fully functional mining rig with display for children, teachers and parents to see the thing in action as it makes money. Similar installations will be set up in other Science Centres soon. The Foundation for Space Development is aiming to unveil the exhibit on June 1, 2015 to coincide with the Africa Code Week Pilot Event and World Economic Forum Event.

The Foundation for Space Development is accepting donations for the Digital Currency Science Centre Exhibit Project. You can contribute to the project on their website.