McGill Bitcoin Airdrop

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Bitcoin Airdop at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) by Bitcoin Embassy, McGill Crypto Club and Bitcoin Canada
This video was taken on April 24th during the McGill Bitcoin Airdrop, a joint project between the Bitcoin Embassy and the McGill Cryptocurrency club. Another great Bitcoin education and promotion campaign out of Montreal, Canada!

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Over 1000$ worth of bitcoins were distributed to McGill students in an informative and educational package containing Bitcoin wallet security best practices, a "What is Bitcoin?" document and more.

About the Bitcoin Embassy:

Founded in July 2013, the Bitcoin Embassy is the first physical space in the world dedicated to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology. We act both as an entrepreneurial cryptocurrency hub and an influential non-profit organization. Our vision is to bring together participants of the cryptocurrency community with different backgrounds and expertise to foster the creation of professional, mutually-beneficial relationships. We are strongly committed to our non-profit mission of informing, educating and assisting the public’s use of Bitcoin and related crypto- technologies while advancing the global development and adoption of this disruptive technology.

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Sponsors: Bitcoin Embassy and Bitcoin Canada (a non-profit, learn more here:

Music: Busty and the Bass - Models
Produced by: Olivier Jobin
Video financed by: Bitcoin Embassy


What is the Bitcoin Airdrop?

The concept of the Bitcoin Airdrop was first introduced at MIT in 2014. The goal was simple: create a Bitcoin micro-economy on campus by giving out free bitcoins to students. While our project is similar, we opted for a strategy that the Bitcoin Embassy had already tested out at the Montreal Grand Prix in 2014.

We prepared "Bitcoin Educational Packages" in which the recipient would find a paper wallet loaded with 17 000 bits (approximately 5$). Other contents of the package included:

- What is Bitcoin 4 page primer (taken from
- Bitcoin Wallet Guide (security and tips)

Funding and operation

Thanks to generous donations from the Bitcoin Embassy and Bitcoin Canada, we managed to raise around 4 bitcoins to fund the paper wallets. We generated 200 private keys via the bitaddress software, which we funded in two operations with Electrum. We kept a copy of all the private keys so that unclaimed bitcoins would not go to waste (this was explicitely stated on the paper wallet). Students have 2 weeks to redeem the bitcoins - remaining bitcoins will be used in a Bitcoin raffle for McGill students and for Bitcoin promotion (flyers, stickers, etc.)