The Santa Monica-based Bitcoin startup, PopChest, launched a private beta

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The Santa Monica-based Bitcoin startup, PopChest, launched a private beta

In an announcement, the Santa Monica-based Bitcoin startup, PopChest, says that it has brought up a private beta of their micropayment solution which is expected to generate curiosity and demand among customers. According to the company sources the service will allow people to add a Bitcoin paywall to content posted on YouTube and other video hosting websites.

PopChest claims that in order for viewers to watch the video they will need to pay the required amount of Bitcoin, through a QR code or address. Once the videos are uploaded to a website like YouTube, content providers then go to PopChest and enter the URL. The service will ask for a Bitcoin address, and some other details.

However, the company informs that currently the service is available only for qualified beta users. Once the users have entered the URL, the platform will then produce a PopChest URL that people can give to viewers for watching the video. The four stage procedure for the users is not just user-friendly but quite accommodative as well.

PopChest’s website says that it has created an easy way for people to give back to those making life more enjoyable. According to the firm giving directly to artists makes the world a better place. Whereas the old system sees a vast majority of revenue going to distributors while the actual content creators pick up the scraps. PopChest flips that model upside-down.

Some Vital Features and Benefits Using PopChest

The firm says that it helps in unlocking the value as whereas credit card companies charge minimum fees that make microtransactions impossible, PopChest opens up a whole new world of commerce. Similarly, it helps users escape commercials; for instance, a 30-minute television show generally has 10 minutes of commercials.

However, here users can take back the time and attention by paying to bypass ads. Interestingly, though the service doesn’t say, it seems likely users will have to set the video to private on YouTube. In such a situation viewers will then go to the PopChest website to watch your content, where they will be presented with the Bitcoin paywall.

PopChest claims that Bitcoin micropayments improve the viewer experience by getting rid of ads and having an undistributed viewing experience. The startup is currently working with original content creators that have an established and active audience. It is inviting the original content creators as well for the purpose.

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