Blockchain-focused investment firm Coinsilium to go for Public Listing

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Blockchain-focused investment firm Coinsilium to go for Public Listing

A Fintech company focusing on blockchain technology, harnessing growth through investment, acceleration and development, Coinsilium has made clear that it aims to go for public listing. The company says that it will list on London’s AIM market, which would make it the first such company to publicly list.

Once the company is listed on London AIM market, investors would be able to invest in the stocks and get exposure to the new technology via a basket of early-stage innovators like Factom, SatoshiPay, bitSIM, etc. Coinsilium calls itself as a hybrid venture capital and business growth consultancy that offers husbandry both financial and professional to ten start-ups.

Currently, the company holds ownership in the range of 5% and 20%; however, the common theme is blockchain. The company believes that blockchain, the mechanics used to verify Bitcoin transactions, not to mention a hoard of other possible applications is a revolutionary technology that can have huge implications for various industries.

Hopes to start trading around the end of the first week of August

All preparations are going on for Coinsilium before listing on London AIM market. The company will do another week of presentations before closing its book early next week, and following its admission by AIM, hopes to start trading around the end of the first week of August. It has come to notice that the company will trade using the ticker symbol “coin”.

Talking about the plan, Coinsilium executive chairman Cameron Parry says:

Normally for different propositions you get one or two guys from a broking house giving you half an hour, but with these ones we are getting meetings filled up with six or eight people – you are into the second hour, you have gone past an hour and they are still asking questions. It’s quite captivating. It’s hard to grasp in one sitting what the technology may mean. But what they can grasp is the financial opportunity that it represents.”

According to some estimates, the range Coinsilium is looking at is between a minimum of £3m ($4.7m) and a cap of £20m and so on this occasion it is not targeting large institutions. Even Parry admits that he is expecting there will be a couple of funds that will take cornerstone positions and that may be for half a million pounds.

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