Uber Drivers can now Accept Bitcoin Tip Without Company’s Permission

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Uber Drivers can now Accept Bitcoin Tip Without Company’s Permission

It appears the major issue that Uber drivers were facing that they were not able to get tips from customers through its app; however, Vugo, an in-car advertising company, has got a solution for them. Reports say that Vugo has launched a new feature on Friday that lets Uber passengers leave drivers a tip with the tap of a button.

Nonetheless, with the feature more than 3,000 Uber drivers who use Vugo by displaying its app on a tablet mounted in the backseat of their car can get Bitcoin tip. Apart from ads, news and weather, passengers will also see a “tip your driver” button on the lower left corner of the Vugo app. Thus, any passenger if happy about the service may now give tip to Uber driver.

Talking about the new feature added in the app, Vugo co-founder James Bellefeuille said that creating a way for Uber drivers to accept tips electronically seemed like a natural expansion. Nonetheless, for Uber drivers, this Vugo feature could be a welcome change as any passenger happy with their service could tip with Bitcoin.

Uber’s service, which connects passengers with drivers via a Smartphone app, is completely cashless and the company touts itself as being hassle-free and hyper-convenient and says one of the hallmarks of such convenience is letting customers have tip-free rides. However, this does not go well with the drivers as they expect something more for their services.

The Long Demand from Uber Drivers Met Finally

At times when the Uber drivers are quite helpful and go out of their routine service to help the customers or passengers a tip is natural. However, up until now, if a passenger wanted to tip an Uber driver, they had to do it with cash. Vugo has now solved the problem to great extent and now Uber drivers can get Bitcoin in their wallet as tip.

Earlier in February, nearly 15,000 Uber drivers signed a petition to get the company to update its app with a tipping option and within a year their issue has been solved now. Their argument that a few extra dollars not only helped with wages, but also showed they were appreciated for a job well done has now been heard.

Interestingly, though there is tension with Uber, Vugo has moved ahead with its tipping feature and enables the passengers click on the “tip your driver” button, they’re asked for their email and the amount they’d like to tip.

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