What are different ways and sites where people can trade bitcoin How soon can they start

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In this video I ask Rodrigo about how people trade bitcoins, and what are the different ways to trade Bitcoin. I also ask about different websites where people trade bitcoin, and how people can get started trading.

Rodrigo says that in United States, the trading environment is very regulated, and because of that it is also one of the most secure places to buy or invest in Bitcoin. To buy bitcoins in United States, since it is more regulated, less businesses are able to let you buy bitcoins.

One business that Rodrigo recommends to buy bitcoins (not store them) is http://www.coinbase.com

In United States, there was a court ruling that in order to have a Bitcoin business, you need some licenses. You can't trade in CoinBase, but you can buy Bitcoins. They validate your account, check your bank account, and run a background check on you. It is a pretty extensive process to get started with CoinBase. Once your account gets approved, you can buy and sell Bitcoins.

Another exchange Rodrigo mentions is CoinX which is based in NYC. You can also go to localbitcoins.com and exchange bitcoins face to face with people. You can meet people, give them dollars, and get bitcoins.

You can also open an account in a European Bitcoin exchange by wiring money there. Although some people can get audited by having their actions look suspicious because there is less transparency and tracking when trading bitcoins on a European exchange.