DigitalTangible, Inc Brings in Silver Marketplace by Offering Fine Silver Bitcoin and Coins

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DigitalTangible, Inc Brings in Silver Marketplace by Offering Fine Silver Bitcoin and Coins
DigitalTangible, Inc Brings in Silver Marketplace by Offering Fine Silver Bitcoin and Coins

In a media release, DigitalTangible, Inc, a leader in the Gold-Bitcoin marketplace, has announced that it has entered the silver marketplace by offering fine silver bullion and coins on its catalog at the lowest premiums available anywhere online. The company is known for software engineering, cryptofinance, financial custody, etc.

However, it is Blockchain technology to traditional custodian finance that has been making it a renowned firm in the industry. The company says that its goal is digitize precious assets including gold to make them easily tradeable for Bitcoin and other digital currencies as our customers seek to profit from the growing digital money space.

Elaborating the feature, the company says that customers purchase directly through DigitalTangible’s platform that connects its global network of precious metal dealers that accept payment in cash or Bitcoin. The company says that all purchased silver may be delivered directly or stored in DigitalTangible’s vault-depository network.

The amount is then linked to the Bitcoin Blockchain as a tradeable digital token. The company says that it is going to allow customers fast, transparent, and secure control of their valuable hard assets, anywhere in the world. This will be done lowering investment and portfolio management costs via its patent-pending Proof of Custody.

In the announcement DigitalTangible says that investors can now convert all their precious metal investments into digital money for global transmission and redemption anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. Talking to media Founder and CEO Taariq Lewis said that his motivation in launching silver is the clients keen to participate in silver investing in 2014.

Three Reasons behind the Decision

He added that this stems from three reasons; first, the integrity of the paper silver market is currently unclear and the real amount of physical silver backing the paper is under dispute. Second reason for him is that his customers currently trade in and out of gold and Bitcoin, and silver’s higher inter-day volatility provides more opportunities to make easy trading wins.

Thirdly, according to him his investors seeing the recent Bitcoin really want to enter Bitcoin trading through precious metals. Thus, offering silver provides an additional avenue at a lower price point, making Bitcoin investing even more accessible, the company is catering to the specific requirements from them.

In his statement Joseph Castillo, CEO of Agora Commodities, said that his company feels that for the bullion stacker, it’s about more than just having one precious metal in traders’ portfolio. He says that the avid stacker likes to look at all the precious metals, adjusting their holdings to reflect current market outlooks as well having that safety net when markets are in turmoil.

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