Darkcoin Taking Baby Steps towards Merchant Adoption

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Darkcoin Taking Baby Steps towards Merchant Adoption

ForexMinute.com – After getting integrated into a number of major trading platforms, Darkcoin is gradually getting recognized as one of the mainstream cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. The recognition however is not limited among traders only, but even merchants are beginning to understand the wonderful features Darkcoin brings to the table.

Over the last few months, Darkcoin has earned quite a reputation while being touted as the currency for dark markets. A couple of new underground marketplaces, that sells illegal drugs like cocaine, LSD, MSMA and marijuana, openly announced to support Darkcoin transactions. Even though this is the tiniest-of-the-tiny development in the Darkcoin market, but yet it signals towards a larger adoption if it goes smooth over the next couple of months.

In the meantime, this new privacy-centric cryptocurrency is also attracting the white merchants, proves the announcement of BolehVPN, a virtual private network service provider which recently began accepting Darkcoin as one of its payment methods. The company’s press release openly mentioned Darkcoin as a better alternative to Bitcoin when it comes to offering fast and more-anonymous transactions.

“Darkcoin’s main advantage is that it is private (anonymous) and fast (almost instant),” it reads. “Bitcoin although reasonably anonymous if carefully used can still be traced back to you with various new techniques developed.”

The Future is Bright
The growing landscape of cryptocurrency markets is further opening opportunities for talented and trustworthy coins. In times when most of the altcoins are either a carbon copy of Bitcoin, or simply a scam, Darkcoin emerges to be among the only cryptocurrencies which has made an instant trust with its community, in terms of both development and security. The coin currently ranks 5th on CoinGecko in the list of most potential coins.

The current development of Darkcoin somewhat reminds us of Litecoin and Dogecoin, which started off slowly under the shadow of Bitcoin and emerged to become the most trustworthy altcoins, thanks to wonderful community support. Seeing at the momentum at which Darkcoin is developing, complimented by a gradual adoption rate, the coin deserves to be on the 2nd position someday.

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