Contour Action Cameras Embraces Bitcoin, Announces to Accept the Digital Currency

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Contour Action Cameras Embraces Bitcoin, Announces to Accept the Digital Currency

All Bitcoin users who are also enthusiastic about filming their or others’ sports activities have excellent news from the Utah-based Contour Action Cameras. The company has announced that it would become one of the latest companies to embrace the Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency that is catching the eyes of people worldwide.

In the announcement the company says that Bitcoin will be accepted for all cameras and accessories. This decision according to the company is aimed to embrace the new technology and remain ahead. Contour chief executive James Harrison in a press statement said that his company is all about looking into the future.

According to Mr. Harrison his company is also about seeing where technology will allow it to go. He admitted that he loves Bitcoin, as they are doing the same in the field of online payments and has proven to be a major part in the current and future of online transactions. The decision coming just before the Black Friday shopping holiday was a strategic one.

Harrison admitted that for almost a decade, Contour has innovated in action cameras on features, design, and usability. Thus, according to him Bitcoin is an obvious choice for companies to stay relevant in the future. He is not alone who thinks that Bitcoin is a futuristic solution and misunderstood a lot as several other CEOs and experts have similar opinions.

Contour Action Cameras Have Always been Pro-Innovation

Nonetheless, known for low-profile cameras designed to be rugged that are often found attached to individuals participating in extreme sports, Contour products are well known among its customers. The company has indicated that they have teamed up with Atlanta-based BitPay to handle the transactions; thus, customers won’t have issue transferring Bitcoin.

Contour cameras which were among the very first in the Point of View or POV Camera market, have since embodied the style and innovation camera owners. The company says that it is proud to manufacture a camera that enables modern day explorers, sportsmen and women, adventurers, professionals and amateurs to tell their video story of action, adventure and travel.

The company aims to create world-class products to recover its position in the market and to continue the long tradition of being at the forefront of product innovation. Embracing Bitcoin is definitely the bold step that company has taken towards its aim to become a progressive organization that is pro-innovation.

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