Vimeo’s Stripteasers Need Bitcoin QR Codes ASAP (NSFW)

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You watch a striptease like “Hyena” by Sweet Lips on Vimeo, and you can’t help but want to tip her. The video takes amateur erotica to a whole new level in production quality. The lighting, the music, the video editing, the camera work and—obviously Sweet’s well-honed art of seduction—all cry out for appreciation.

But there’s just one problem: it’s true that Vimeo supports tipping, but only PayPal or credit cards are accepted. I have an inkling that many a person stops himself from tipping a Vimeo stripteaser to keep Sweet Lips’ name off his credit card statement.

“Hyena” by Sweet Lips on Vimeo

This is a huge problem for Vimeo’s content creators, especially for the adult-oriented variety. Though Vimeo doesn’t host “hardcore” pornography, it does feature scads and scads of stripteasers just like Sweet Lips. As one of the more popular seductresses on Vimeo, how much money is she potentially missing out on?

Drugs, Sex, and Gambling: Bitcoin to the Rescue

It’s only natural that digital currency got its roots in industries where consumers most desire financial privacy. Those who gamble, trade drugs, and purchase sexual services usually (and understandably) prefer not to broadcast their purchases. 

And QR codes make it so insanely easy to send money to someone without identity strings attached.

Vimeo’s content producers don’t need to wait around hoping that Vimeo incorporates ChangeTip (though that would be cool). They can begin accepting Bitcoin tips right now (or tips in any digital currency, for that matter) by simply placing a QR code on their videos. 

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Here’s the message I sent to Sweet Lips:

To further digital currency adoption—and to keep those sultry ladies in the black—consider sending similar messages or leaving comments for your favorite creators. And because getting started with digital currency usually requires a little coaching, you might even luck out and get a chat session with a smoking’ lady in need of a wallet.

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