TRON Finishes 2019 With a Bang, and Steals the Dapp Spotlight

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TRON Finishes 2019 With a Bang, and Steals the Dapp Spotlight

If there’s one thing that can be said about TRON, it’s that its CEO Justin Sun certainly knows how to build hype.

However, it appears that in 2019, the blockchain platform proved to be far more than just hype, after making some serious acquisitions and exploding as a Dapp ecosystem.

TRON Surpasses EOS in Dapp Development

When it comes to determining the popularity and success of a Decentralized application (Dapp) development platform, two of the most commonly used metrics are the total number of active Dapps, and the total number of active Dapp users.

As it stands, Ethereum is by far the biggest frontrunner in this race, since the platform has almost as many Dapps as the next five largest Dapp platforms combined. With that said, despite its headstart, according to DappReview both TRON and EOS are rapidly approaching Ethereum in terms of the number of new Dapps produced, with TRON and EOS seeing 579 and 408 new Dapps released in 2019, compared to 668 on Ethereum.

In particular, TRON appears to have gained serious momentum in the last year, managing to eclipse EOS in terms of active users—achieving almost 1 billion active users throughout 2019, compared to 730,000 for EOS. This is particularly impressive when you consider the fact that the TRON mainnet launched later than EOS and almost three years after Ethereum launched.

With that said, EOS still has the edge in terms of the amount of value conducted through Dapps, after achieving $6.1 billion in on-chain transaction value last year, versus just over $4.4 billion for TRON.

Part of this can be attributed to the fact that EOS is one of the most popular platforms used for gambling Dapps, with a large proportion of its highest volume Dapps falling into this category. Nonetheless, TRON also demonstrated sudden bursts of Dapp activity throughout 2019, with its daily transaction volume at times approaching that of Ethereum.

Overall, Ethereum continues to dominate the Dapp landscape due in no small part to the recent uptick in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) interest. However, as TRON continues to pick up steam, its developer-friendly toolset could see it gradually close the DeFi gap in 2020.

TRON Acquires DLive

As one of the first decentralized video streaming platforms, DLive has been making headlines since its formation back in 2017. It was founded as an alternative to the existing mainstream streaming platforms such and Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook Live, but with a creator-friendly approach to operations.

DLive is known for treating its content creators more like partners, rather than cash-cows, since the platform itself doesn’t take any cuts from the revenue generated by its streamers.

The platform was recently acquired by TRON as part of a major push to both increase awareness of TRON and expand its userbase. As such, DLive will soon migrate from its current blockchain known as Lino, to the TRON mainnet where it will be integrated with the BitTorrent File-Sharing System (BTFS) and TRON’s smaller streaming service known as BLive.

It appears this acquisition couldn’t have come at a better time either. Recently, reports that Youtube has been cracking down on crypto-centric content has been making the rounds. This move received significant backlash from the wider viewership community and major content producers have started to look for alternative options, with censorship-resistant decentralized platforms receiving much of this attention.

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