Levine on Wall Street: FX Fallout and the Value of Volatility

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Franc fallout.

So … how’s your foreign-exchange trading going? Yesterday’s pick-a-number-standard-deviation move in the Swiss franc "caught everyone off guard," "sent the markets into a tailspin," is "likely to create more volatility in the short term," and left a lot of people very embarrassed or broke: Anthony Peters, a broker at Swiss Investment Corp., said firms that were selling options tied to the Swiss franc may be among losers. They would have lost money as volatility […]

Crypto 2.0 Roundup: Kickstarting Colored Coins and a Public Policy Push

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At a time when many bitcoin sectors are struggling, 2015 began with an outpouring of interest and show of strength for the crypto 2.0 community.

CoinDesk profiled a number of the promising projects , naming 19 to watch in the year ahead, but as our readers showcased, there remain many more that have garnered enthusiastic communities for their efforts.

However, while development continues on many exciting projects, a few notable names have so far used 2015 to […]

Bitcoin Embassy video tour

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The Bitcoin Embassy is a three-story building located in dedicated entirely to cryptocurrency, decentralized technologies and financial innovation. It acts as an educational centre and collaborative working & meeting space in Montreal for Bitcoin entrepreneurs, professionals, investors. It also acts as a start-up incubator and its experts provide consultancy services at competitive rates.

Our mission is to provide a home from the Bitcoin community, to foster information sharing and to be a catalyst for technological […]

What These 9 Cyber Security Buzzwords And Jargon Terms Really Mean

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By Sue Poremba

Hybrid cloud. BYOD. Big Data. Internet of Things. These are terms that have become part of the daily lexicon, not only within the information technology (IT) and cyber security world but also in the main stream. Jargon is integral to IT. They make complicated terms more accessible to the non-technical person, even if they aren’t easier to understand.

Buzzwords are commonplace in IT security, as well, but are they truly understood? As […]

Bitcoin continues downward spiral, plunges below $200

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A bitcoin. Photograph by Tomohiro Ohsumi — Bloomberg/Getty Images Times just got even tougher for the fledgling cryptocash.

This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published at Entrepreneur.com .

By Kim Lachance Sandrow, Entrepreneur.com Bitcoin continues to kick off the new year on an appalling note. Just two weeks after being named the worst-performing currency of 2014 — and only a day after opening statements took place in […]

UK-Based Firm Becomes First Bitcoin Company to Receive KPMG Accreditation

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Elliptic, a UK-based digital currency services company, announces it had received ISAE 3402 accreditation from "Big Four" Dutch firm, KPMG.

The accreditation from KPMG followed a review and audit of Elliptic ‘s financial controls, regulatory compliance, internal access controls and other areas including code deployment, disaster recovery, segregation of duties and storage techniques. It represents an industry’s first and signified that Elliptic operates on the same standards as a custodian bank.

The accreditation is a significant […]

The Russian Authorities Moving Ahead to Suppress Bitcoin, Block Seven Bitcoin Websites

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Looks like Russia is serious taking head-on against Bitcoin as the latest development shows that the Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked access to Seven Bitcoin-related websites. The authorities in the country believe that the cryptocurrency contributes to the growth of the shadow economy.

Earlier the number of website that were blocked by Roskomnadzor was five that included Bitcoin.org, a primary community resource for the cryptocurrency that’s run by the Bitcoin Foundation, the Bitcoin.it community […]

Russian Authorities Blacklist 5 Bitcoin-Related Websites

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The Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications (Roskomnadzor in Russian) has blacklisted five Bitcoin-related websites.

Roskomnadzor has effectively blocked access to Bitcoin.org – an online community of cryptocurrency users and specialists supported by the Bitcoin Foundation – entering it into a registry of prohibited websites despite the site not having any user-submitted content.

Upon accessing Bitcoin.org, users have been receiving the following: — Access Denied. Access to the requested resource was blocked in […]

Russia’s Media Watchdog Blocks Bitcoin Websites

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Russia’s media watchdog has blocked access to a number of bitcoin-related sites, citing a court order from 30th September.

The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) allows visitors to check whether or not a site is blacklisted . At press time,  Bitcoin.org , Bitcoin.it ,  BTCsec.com  and bitcoin exchange Indacoin were blacklisted.

According to TJournal.ru , Roskomnadzor cited a  ruling of the district court of the city of Nevyansk, Sverdlovsk region, as […]

Perianne Boring Talks Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and the Boot Camp Offered at TNABC

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Perianne Boring Talks Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and the Boot Camp Offered at TNABC Flike


G+1Pin Perianne Boring is the president of the Digital Chamber of Commerce . The chamber will be hosting an Anti-Money Laundering Boot Camp at the North American Bitcoin Conference 2015 in Miami on January 16 and 17. Boring took time from her schedule to speak with CoinTelegraph about the boot camp and the importance of compliance with AML regulations for companies […]

Game time! CT, Ziftr and ziftrCOIN announce contest to win a wallet’s worth of coins

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Ziftr the online price comparison add-on and its altcoin offspring ziftrCOIN have teamed up with CoinTelegraph to offer our readers a chance to win bitcoins!

The winner will also receive the value-guaranteed (in their retailer network) digital currency ZiftrCOIN, which celebrates the end of its pre-sale on January 23.

ZiftrCOIN made a stir in 2014 by bringing a value guarantee to the often unstable altcoin world. When consumers conduct transactions within Ziftr’s retailer network, each […]

Bitcoin ‘Vault’ Elliptic Meets Global Auditing Standard

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KPMG building Digital currency storage service Elliptic has obtained ISAE 3402 accreditation – a global standard for financial reporting – from auditing specialist KPMG.

The ISAE 3402 Type 1 or SOC1/2 review  scrutinises various aspects of a business, including financial controls, regulatory compliance including AML and KYC measures, financial controls, code deployment, disaster recovery, segregation of duties and offline bitcoin storage techniques.

The UK-based storage provider says it is the first bitcoin company to receive the accreditation and that […]

Don’t Forget Bitcoin At Tax Time

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Getting those tax records together for the 2015 filing season? Don’t forget about Bitcoin.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued guidance to taxpayers in 2014 on how to treat Bitcoin – and other virtual currency – for federal income tax purposes. That guidance, IRS Notice 2014-21 , (downloads as a pdf) indicates that Bitcoin and other “convertible” virtual currencies are to be treated as a capital asset. “Convertible” virtual currencies are generally defined as virtual […]

Payments Veterans Seek to Unlock Blockchain’s Power With Align Commerce

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The bitcoin blockchain can be utilized to store transaction records in its public ledger database, but that is far from its only use case.

Novel real-world applications in the fields of  smart contracts and intellectual property rights , have begun to surface, providing a glimpse of the kinds of future technologies many believe cryptocurrencies can help society unlock.

Still, the most immediate use for the technology has been for payments, and with this is mind, startup Align Commerce […]

Leading German Bank Sparkasse is Blocking Cryptocurrency Orders

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Since a few days ago, German bank Sparkasse, has been blocking cryptocurrency orders, returning money to customers, said Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Anycoin Direct.

Several users banking at German bank Sparkasse , reported to Anycoin Direct that they were contacted by their banks with the message that the transactions to buy cryptocurrencies were blocked. Investigating on the matter, Anycoin Direct said that all payment methods available at Sparkasse are affected, including Sofort, online bank transfer and […]

CFTC Commissioner Opens Up about Bitcoin

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ForexMinute.com – While the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) still remains undecided on their proceedings towards Bitcoin regulations, its commissioner – Commissioner Mark Wetien – proved himself to be more open this new commodity-cum-payment-technology.

In his recent Op-Ed for the Wall Street Journal, Wetien wrote lengths about the importance of Bitcoin in transforming the finance industry, especially the derivatives market which is being generally oversaw by his organization. He though referred a number of virtual […]

Benner on Tech: Starboard Cynics and Zuckerberg on Censorship

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People Are Talking About …

This week in hilarious bloviating: Activist investment firm Starboard Value warned Yahoo in a letter that it doesn’t like rumors that Marissa Mayer might want to buy Scripps Networks or Time Warner’s CNN . I don’t like those rumors much either. When’s the last time a tech company successfully transformed into a media company? Facebook and Google are working on it, but they have a long way to go […]

Academic Research on Bitcoin Tripled in 2014

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Bitcoin graduate Academia is increasingly focusing on bitcoin, and hundreds of papers on the subject have now been published, according to research by author and alternative finance commentator Brett Scott.

Notably, more than three times as many papers were published in 2014 as in the previous year.

Scott pieced together a database of published research on the digital currency by combing through 16 online repositories, including Google Scholar and academic publishers’ websites.In addition to peer-reviewed research, he included self-published and independent work, […]

State of Bitcoin 2015: Ecosystem Grows Despite Price Decline

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CoinDesk is pleased to announce the latest quarterly  State of Bitcoin report, featuring a 2014 Year in Review, an in-depth analysis of data and events from the fourth quarter of 2014 and a look ahead to what 2015 might bring. 

Overall, 2014 could be characterized as a ‘Tale of Two Bitcoins’.

On the one hand, significant bitcoin venture investment continued and much progress was made in furthering adoption, particularly in bitcoin payment acceptance by big brand names such as Microsoft […]

CDC to Discuss Banking Service Issues with US Treasury

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ForexMinute.com – In response to US Treasury Department’s invitation for a roundtable discussion on Financial Access for Money Services Businesses (MSB) next week, the Chamber of Digital Commerce recently formed Financial Access Task Force – a team that will highlight the banking accessibility issues faced by Bitcoin businesses in the US.

Just like China, Bitcoin businesses in the US are currently facing hurdles in accessing banking services, thanks to a law that allows banks to […]

Coin Center Launches its Website

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Education and research institution Coin Center has launched its website.  Its focus will be policy issues relating to bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The institution states on its homepage:

“Think of us as a think tank for blockchain technology.  Our mission is to build a better understanding of the technology in order to promote a regulatory climate that preserves maximum freedom of action for digital currency innovation.  We are not a trade association or an industry group.  Our […]

The Truth about Bitcoin and Alternative Currencies

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The Truth about Bitcoin and Alternative Currencies Stefan Molyneux looks at the rise of Bitcoin and discusses its history, mining, fees, altcoins, regulatory hypocrisy, worldwide awareness, comparisons to gol.

Bitcoin has been making headlines for months. With the price fluctuating wildly, is it really a currency, or just a scam? To find out, we have to analyze its.

Follow me on Twitter for real-time trading updates – I was really tired during this video, but I […]

Think Tank Launches To Educate Lawmakers and the Media on Blockchain Technologies

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Coin Center In September, Coin Center announced that they were launching a blockchain-technology think tank with a $1 million budget . Tuesday, they kicked off the website, which includes a number of resources.

The think tank, which they call “ a new voice for Bitcoin ,” is dedicated to spreading knowledge about cryptocurrency technologies. Coin Center runs under the vision of Executive Director Jerry Brito, who left his position as senior research director at Mercatus […]

Coin Center Unveils Bitcoin-Focused Public Policy Website

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Coin Center, a non-profit research and advocacy centre, announced today the launch of its new website that offers educational resources and detailed information about the organisation.

The group focuses on the public policy issues facing cryptocurrency technologies such as bitcoin. It provides updates on advocacy efforts, publishes policy research and serves as a resource for education on digital currencies as well as a repository of policy research from various respected academics and experts.

CoinCenter.org has […]

US Treasury to Consider Bitcoin Industry Concerns Over Banking Access

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The US Treasury Department plans to spell out the government perspective on financial access for money services businesses (MSBs), as well as hear concerns from the MSB community, at a roundtable discussion next week.

In response to the announcement of the meeting, the Chamber of Digital Commerce  (CDC) has created the Financial Access Task Force and applied to make a presentation highlighting the issues that digital currency businesses face when trying to establish banking relationships.

The CDC, a digital currency advocacy […]

Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, engineering and economics by Pedro Franco [Review]

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Understanding Bitcoin (Wiley, 2015) At the core of this scholarly book is a dissection of bitcoin’s biggest achievement. That is the transmission of value over the internet, an inherently insecure channel, without any reliance on a trusted third party. Even the harshest critics of bitcoin the currency (as opposed to Bitcoin the protocol) would agree the technology has legs, and then some.

Pedro Franco, the author of ‘Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, engineering and economics’ begins with […]

California Delays Formal Decision on Bitcoin Regulation

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DBO, California California’s financial services and money transmitters regulator did not rule on whether it would regulate bitcoin at a scheduled December meeting.

The meeting of California’s Department of Business Oversight (DBO) was first revealed in early December by Bloomberg . Though details were scarce, spokesperson Tom Dresslar said at the time that the state was seeking to determine whether regulating bitcoin and digital currencies was in the best interest of consumers.

Dresslar told CoinDesk that […]

LazyCoins Launching LazyPay Mobile Wallet and Merchant App for the Point-of-Sale Bitcoin Market

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UK-based altcoin exchange LazyCoins has announced they are relaunching their online exchange, along with a mobile app for payments and merchant services. Aiming to expand their services to include mobile payments and merchant services, LazyCoins will be moving into direct competition with industry leaders BitPay and CoinBase’s own merchant apps.

LazyCoins is entering the fight to provide merchant services in the digital currency world. This was one of the growing trends at the end of […]

Is Falling Bitcoin Value a Cause for Concern?

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Related Articles

In the short term, the answer is yes. Despite numerous encouraging announcements in the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin faces downward price pressure in the near term. Some of this downward pressure is inherent, as roughly 3600 Bitcoins are mined per day. Taking it a step further, at a price of $300 per Bitcoin, $1,080,000 of new Bitcoin must be purchased every day to maintain the current price. Bitcoin will need to live through […]

SpaceBit To Build Cryptocurrency Bank in Space

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A new start-up company called SpaceBit has announced plans to launch a satellite, carrying a ‘Space Vault’ into orbit around the earth. This vault will form the basis for a new cryptocurrency bank aptly named ‘ Space Bank ‘, which is being described as ‘the world’s first satellite banking platform’.

According to an official press release the futuristic new banking service will cater to users of both Bitcoin and Ven (a digital currency used by […]

Study: How Bitcoin Could Transform Personal Insurance

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A new paper explores how Bitcoin could transform the way we manage personal life insurance. Namely, the blockchain could provide a global, secure and public record of personal health information.

In a 51-page report , the research group Long Finance described a range of potential areas where the blockchain could come in handy in the insurance sector. The London-based initiative “holds hope” that these applications could aid consumers. From August to November, the Z/Yen Group […]

BitOasis Aims to Change how People Transact in the Middle East Using Bitcoin

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Bitcoin can offer many solutions to the Middle East, from fostering youth entrepreneurship to enabling farmers to receive loans in the digital currency, says BitOasis’ Ola Doudin.

BitOasis , a Bitcoin exchange and multi-sig wallet dedicated to the Middle East, is working on bringing Bitcoin to the region. Its founder, Ola Doudin , a former Ernest & Young associate, believes the technology has the potential to address the many challenges encountered in the region […]

How to Avoid Bitcoin Scams in 2015

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2014 has been a monumental year for bitcoin in many respects.

Consumer adoption rose significantly and a host of retailers, including huge global corporations, decided to take the plunge into digital currency. What’s more, regulators have started to reveal increased understanding of the technology and bitcoin’s blockchain is widely being recognised as a truly innovative technology.

But it has not all been good news.The February collapse of Mt Gox , then the largest bitcoin exchange, shone light on the importance of […]

Crypto 2.0 in 2015: Turning Bitcoin Theory Into Big Business

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Chip, computer 2014 may be remembered as the year the bitcoin protocol became unrealistically lauded as a magic cure-all to problems plaguing everything from cancer research to copyright law.

What may have been lost in this stream of sometimes sensational headlines is that, while bitcoin’s distributed ledger technology is empowering a new wave of entrepreneurs to experiment with legal contracts, identity and ownership, the foundations for such solutions are, in reality, still being built.

Looking ahead, though, the […]

Cody Wilson Speaks Out on Campaign to Dismantle Bitcoin Foundation

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Anarchist activist Cody Wilson has officially launched his candidacy for the upcoming Bitcoin Foundation board elections, and reaffirmed his intention to try and disband the organization from within if successful.

Wilson nominated himself with a post on the foundation’s forums on 20th December and has also launched a website  to support his campaign.

A staunch opponent of bitcoin regulation or centralization, Wilson is also best known for co-founding Defense Distributed , a donor-funded nonprofit organization that […]

Why Some Bitcoin Exchanges Might Die in 2015

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Closed sign The recent levelling out of bitcoin’s price volatility might be good news for everyday bitcoin users, but could it send a bunch of exchanges off the cliff?

CoinDesk recently spoke to the CEO of a company whose fortune depends on the health of bitcoin exchanges. In the off-record conversation, the exec had something disturbing to say: bitcoin’s falling volatility is causing problems for exchanges, which rely on volatility for trading volume. Without trading […]

‘Star Trek’ Will Be in ‘Star Wars’ in 2015

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This will not happen next year. Photographer: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images” src=”http://media.gotraffic.net/images/iCMjbI3vm5KU/v3/620×349.jpg”> This will not happen next year. As 2014 draws to a close, I offer my predictions for the new year. Some are serious, some are whimsical, most are heartfelt. They are not listed in order of importance.

* * *

In 2015 …With the help of U.S.-led coalition attacks on Islamic State, the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad will survive another year. To his east, […]

Bitcoin Analysis: Week of Dec 28 (Year in Review)

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Bitcoin Analysis Note from the Author: Please see ( @Tone_LLT ) for more timely updates throughout next week on price developments and latest charts. Last Week’s Review

Last Week we concluded with the following:

Because just 14 months ago the price of a bitcoin was around US$100, the long term chart is still showing tiny signs that a reversal can come any week so we have to remain slightly bullish on that time frame. […]

Bitcoin Wedding Industry Taking Off, iDIAMONDS Taking Bitcoins

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The digital currency wedding industry is taking off with iDIAMONDS offering diamond rings for Bitcoin. Following the first blockchain wedding at Coins in the Kingdom in late 2014, the wedding industry is taking note, as everything from rings to wedding dresses becomes savvy to the spending power of Bitcoin.

Online diamond and jewellery dealer iDIAMONDS is seeking to capture some of the US$ 4 billion value in the Bitcoin world, by pairing with BitPay to […]

Cloud Mining Service Hashie.co Disappears With User Funds, Replaces Site With ARG

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Cloud mining is risky business. Bitcoin mining in general can be risky business, but cloud mining in particular requires a lot of trust. Essentially, you are sending someone money on the promise that they will send you more money back. There is a lot of talk about hardware and cloud mining and state of the art facilities with giant server racks filled with powerful ASICs. At any given service, those things may or may […]

India Soon To Be A Cashless Society, Says Governor

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India has been a little slower than many Western – and indeed Asian – nations in its adoption of digital currency, but it looks as though we are finally seeing some movement in the right direction. In a television interview released earlier today, Raghuram Rajan , Gov of the reserve bank of India, voiced is opinion on bitcoin and its likely future in India.

Seemingly in strong support for bitcoin adoption, the governor responded to […]

Reserve Bank Governor: India “will adopt digital currencies at some point”

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The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India has said he has “no doubt” that digital currencies will play a role in India’s future society. Drawing a comparison between the rise of debit and credit cards in the country, the Governor argues digital currency will help pave the way to a cashless society.

Speaking during a wide-ranging TV interview in New Delhi, Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan made his first comments on Bitcoin and the […]

Gregory Maxwell: How I Went From Bitcoin Skeptic to Core Developer

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Bitcoin holds a lot of promise as a decentralized currency, but there are many technical issues to be tackled as adoption increases.

No one knows this better than core developer Gregory Maxwell, who has been contributing to bitcoin’s software since the early days.

A long time open-source and cryptography advocate, Maxwell was an early contributor to Wikipedia  and worked for the Mozilla Foundation . He is now a co-founder of Blockstream , which has raised $21m with […]

Future Alert: Wealth Sharing May Become the New File Sharing

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File Sharing I’ve been venturing into new subreddits lately (after patronizing /r/Bitcoin almost exclusively for a year). This branching out lead me to /r/cryptocurrency , where I stumbled upon a sort of manifesto for the decentralization of all the things. It’s compelling. Here’s a breakdown of the main points of the full piece , written by redditor aliensyntax . Unconscious Acts of Rebellion

“When file-sharing began on the internet, a process of disruption of […]

Professor Kevin Dowd is Still Skeptical about Bitcoin

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When  Kevin Dowd , a professor of Economics and Finance at Durham University, wrote a piece titled “Bitcoin is bust: Why investors should abandon the doomed cryptocurrency,” a lot of debate took place whether this libertarian and fierce advocate of private money over government-issued and controlled alternatives was right.

However, those who opposed him have not been able to convince him that Bitcoin is a complete private currency. Professor Kevin Dowd had argued that the […]

Xapo: ‘Without Security, Nothing Else Matters’

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CoinTelegraph has been at Money 20/20 speaking to a huge variety of major names in the cryptocurrency market and beyond.

One name on the lips of many at present is Xapo, a secure Bitcoin storage and payment facilitator which has seen much publicity. From initial praise to recent backlash from community commentators, CSO Ted Rogers talks to CoinTelegraph about the challenges of being a standout in the early Bitcoin ecosystem.

Rogers was directly involved in recent […]

Professor Kevin Dowd: “The regulations in NY regarding BitLicense are a kiss of death”

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Kevin Dowd Kevin Dowd is a professor of Economics and Finance at Durham University. A libertarian and fierce advocate of private money over government-issued and controlled alternatives, Dowd has written extensively about Bitcoin, in addition to presenting on the issues surrounding it.

Dowd is no evangelist, however; he recognizes the frailties of Bitcoin in its current form, and considers its continuing evolution to be endangering its innovative principles.

CoinTelegraph reached out to Professor Dowd for a […]

Bitcoin Review 2014 Part I: Price and Commerical Activity

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Bitcoin Review 2014 Part I: Price and Commerical Activity CoinTelegraph has put together a research report on Bitcoin’s journey through 2014. This year has seen many unprecedented events in cryptocurrency, and we’d like to highlight the main ones for readers.

The report contains infographics, summary text and exclusive commentary from our resident expert, Tone Vays.

The report will be published in three sections, with the first available below relating to Price and Commercial activity in Bitcoin […]

GoCoin Gains Strategic Investment from GAW Miners for Software Development Push

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Digital currency payments processor GoCoin has received a new strategic investment from US-based mining company GAW Miners.

The move represents the latest investment for the Singapore-based service, which offers merchants payments options in bitcoin, as well as a number of digital currencies.

GoCoin declined to disclose the amount, but called the investment “meaningful”. GoCoin has received investments from a number of companies in the bitcoin space, including bitcoin mining giant BitFury  and e-commerce platform Bitcoin Shop .According to […]

Bitcoin Is (Still) Not Doomed

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by John Light

Washington Post columnist Henry Farrell has just added himself to the Nakamoto Institute’s running list of skeptics making bold assertions about the certain demise of Bitcoin. In a post entitled “ Bitcoin’s financial network is doomed ,” Mr. Farrell demonstrates his short-sightedness in the face of Bitcoin’s subtlety and allure , perhaps as a cunning-though-not-so-original means of acquiring cheap coins for himself. Regardless of his motivations, I couldn’t resist a full rebuttal, […]

The 10 Most Influential People in Bitcoin This Year

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It’s safe to say that 2014 was an interesting year for bitcoin.

As core development on the bitcoin protocol continued to strengthen the technological foundation of the digital currency, members of the bitcoin community had a significant impact on the ‘front-end’ of the budding industry this year too.

With bitcoin and blockchain technology approaching – but yet to reach – mainstream adoption in society, it’s not enough that Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention stands on its own technological prowess.The […]

The 7 Biggest Crypto Scandals of 2014

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Even though 2015 is right around the corner, some might say that bitcoin was still in its ‘Wild West’ days throughout the course of this year.

While it’s easy to appreciate all of bitcoin’s best qualities – it’s cheap, fast and reliable, to name a few – it’s harder to ignore that bitcoin has also been associated with less desirable parts of life – like crime and scandal.

As the digital currency’s use cases are still […]

Circle’s Wishlist for Bitcoin Regulation in 2015

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John Beccia is general counsel and CCO for Circle, a consumer finance company that uses bitcoin technology to make money transfers and payments instant, secure, global and free.

In this article, he shares his wish list for regulators focused on digital currency. It’s the time of year when everyone is filled with holiday cheer and ambitious goals. As we turn the calendar page, it’s a moment for optimism and hope that not only will digital […]

5 Ways to Explain Bitcoin Over Christmas Dinner

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It’s December 25th. You’re busy heaping cranberry sauce on your plate and stealthily dodging those brussel sprouts when, as you knew it would, the conversation turns to bitcoin.

Statistically speaking, the majority of your family have probably heard of the digital currency by now – no doubt in the context of Gox , Silk Road (both 1 and 2) and pundits declaring that it’s dead, yet again , following the latest price bubble .

They might have also […]

The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) Announces New Speakers, Cyber Monday 2-for-1 Deal

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The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) Announces New Speakers, Cyber Monday 2-for-1 Deal More than 1500 Bitcoin community members will soon be converging on Miami for a direction-setting conference aimed at driving the currency from speculation to mainstream. Building on the recent success of The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) in 2013 and 2014, TNABC Miami will hit Miami Beach on January 16–18, 2015 at the historic Fillmore Theatre in Miami Beach.

This year, TNABC […]

Weekend Roundup: Black Friday, eBay Interested in Bitcoin, and Library Accepts BTC Amid Riots

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Carlo Caraluzzo has been all over Bitcoin Black Friday, having previewed it on Tuesday and reviewed it over the weekend. “Bitcoin Black Friday has been growing more popular each year, and it promises to double its popularity this hear. Last year, the number of participating merchants reached 600 and Bitcoin sales climbed to US$6 million. That number is expected to increase to 1,200 merchants this year. With the addition of such merchants as Overstock.com, […]

Too Many Bitcoins: Making Sense of Exaggerated Inventory Claims

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A year ago, Finnish bitcoin entrepreneur Risto Pietilä attempted to compile a list of the top publicly known bitcoin holders.

Assuming his list is accurate (which it probably isn’t), if you add up the alleged top-20 largest holders of bitcoin, these individuals control roughly 4.44m BTC.

Yet when coupled with self-identification of organizational wallets (like Bitstamp did last year ), plus anecdotal talks at meetups, conferences and parties, it becomes clear that the sum total of […]

Bitcoin Fund Manager Faces HSBC Account Closure

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HSBC office building. Global Advisors, a firm based in Jersey that manages the first regulated bitcoin fund, has been served notice by its bank, HSBC.

The firm said it received a notice from HSBC indicating that the company’s bank account would be closed in 60 days. A meeting with HSBC personnel at the firm’s office in Jersey revealed that the bank feared Global Advisors’ account was at risk of potential money laundering.

"We heard that our risk profile […]

Bitcoin buzz bypasses shoppers

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With more retailers accepting the digital currency, few shoppers are actually using it.

Since it’s inception five years ago, bitcoin hype has spread across the globe. “Bitcoin accepted here” stickers have popped up in restaurants and stores. It’s even made it to Twin Mountain Country Store, a convenience store and deli in a remote corner of New Hampshire. But customers aren’t exactly flocking to pay with the digital currency.

Twin Mountain’s owner Bill Bochynski […]

First Global Credit CEO, Gavin Smith: ‘The Blockchain has the Potential to Take the Stock Exchange to the Next Level’

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First Global Credit CEO, Gavin Smith: ‘The Blockchain has the Potential to Take the Stock Exchange to the Next Level’ CoinTelegraph reached out to First Global Credit CEO, Gavin Smith, who recently contributed his own Op-Ed piece about Anonymity vs. Privacy, to get his thoughts on the advantages of trading with bitcoins, the future of the stock market in the age of the blockchain and the looming BTC regulations.

CoinTelegraph: What do you see […]

HSBC & Goldman Sachs Under Fire Again

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A new attack on the predations of the financial industry was announced by Bloomberg  on Wednesday morning with the revelation of a lawsuit alleging that both HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) and  Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) had jointly engaged in price manipulation of the precious metals market for at least eight years. 

Attorneys for the Plaintiffs, Modern Settings LLC , and a New York jeweler stated that this was the first lawsuit of its kind […]

The Rise and Rise of Lipservice: Viral Western Union Ad Debunked

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Western Union [Note: Tim Swanson is the author of Great Chain of Numbers and The Anatomy of a Money-like Informational Commodity .]

Last week the /r/Bitcoin community thought they came up with a clever ad (see image) that revealed the “true” costs of remittances. But this is an apple’s to orange’s comparison. Because it lacks a “ circular flow of income ” in developing countries, Bitcoin, the network, in this instance is just a […]

The Importance of Keeping Crypto Crowdsales Accountable

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For many entrepreneurs, one of the most compelling use cases of blockchain technology is the potential for it to enable new marketplaces that remove traditional hurdles associated with investing and crowdfunding.

The growing number of public crowdsales has been widely covered as of late. With these crowdsales, companies sell a branded bitcoin fork as a way to finance the early development of cryptocurrency-related projects. The popularity of many of the early crowdsales has sparked a […]

Digital Finance Institute Launched to Spearhead Fintech Regulation

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Digital Finance Institute launched

Will spearhead fintech regulation Related Articles Earlier today, it was reported that a brand-new Digital Finance Institute launched with a mandate to work towards supporting international financial technology innovation with bonds regulation that addresses financial inclusion globally. The Institute has been put in place to serve as a sort of figurehead of global fintech support and regulation – something that has become a necessity as financial technology becomes […]

Derivatives Exchange Nadex Awaiting for CFTC Approval to Launch Bitcoin Binary Options

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The North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) announces its plans on launching a Bitcoin binary options offering in early December, subject to filing with the CFTC.

Chicago-based, regulated online binary-options exchange Nadex is launching Bitcoin binary options contracts next month, according the company’s November 24 announcement. The company is currently going under filing review from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Nadex said the new offering is in response to a strong demand from retail traders. […]

Derivatives Exchange Nadex Seeks CFTC Approval for Bitcoin Binary Options

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Derivatives exchange Nadex plans to offer bitcoin binary options to customers in the US next month, if its filing to register the options with the country’s commodities regulator is accepted.

Nadex will offer daily and weekly bitcoin binary options contracts, taking prices from the bitcoin price index published by TeraExchange , a derivatives trading platform. Both Nadex and TeraExchange are regulated by the US  Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

The exchange is one of three ‘designated contract […]

Chamber of Digital Commerce Hires Matthew Mellon to Help Ease Bitcoin’s Banking Woes

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The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) has named bitcoin entrepreneur and banking family scion Matthew Mellon as its new executive committee chairman.

Mellon has long been involved in the bitcoin industry, having helped found ventures like Coin.co  that focus on compliance solutions for businesses using bitcoin. A former finance committee chairman for the New York State Republican Party , Mellon comes from an American family known for its deep ties in both US banking and […]

Andreas Antonopoulos: Sales Tax on Bitcoin is “Monumentally Stupid”

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Sales tax on bitcoin would be a “monumentally stupid” idea, according to Andreas Antonopoulos, a bitcoin enthusiast, author, and expert — as pointed out today by  Startup Smart .

The words, which many in the community would agree with, come following a guidance related to bitcoin released by the Australian Tax Office earlier this year, which indicates the country’s Goods and Service tax (known as the GST) is effectively applied twice to bitcoin transactions.

“It’s as monumentally […]

Benjamin Lawsky Leaving the New York Department of Financial Services

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Benjamin Lawsky, an increasingly familiar name in the bitcoin space, is once again making the news.

Lawsky, presently serving as the Superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services ( NYDFS ), is reportedly leaving the regulatory body some time next year, according to a report published last week by  Bloomberg .

Under Lawsky’s watch, the NYDFS collected over $3 billion in fines from banks, called for the termination of executives, and overall came down […]

Blockchain Factory Is Creating The Tools For Today And Governance Services For Tomorrow

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Blockchain Factory Facebook


G+5Pinterest1 reddit Upvote Downvote submit inShare 4Art by: Jing Jin Last month we brought you an interview with Nathan Wosnack, David Mondrus and Matt McKibbin, who had left the crowdfunded Bitnation days before the launch of its crowdsale due to concerns over transparency, customer/investor protection and potential regulatory issues. Last week, we caught up with two of the former Bitnation members, Nathan Wosnack and David Mondrus, to talk about what they […]

Decentral Bank Upgrades Citi to Bank 2.0 That Handles Crypto, Circumvents Regulators

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Citi Mobile Challenge The very idea of decentralized Bitcoin and centralized banking seem to be like oil and water: They do not mix. But what if there were such a thing as decentralized banking?

Three university students in south Florida might have the solution to truly decentralized banking. Uwe Cerron, Irvin Steve Cardenas, Juan Daniel Alvarado, and Daniel Doherty, a fourth student from another college, came together to become finalists in the Citi Mobile Challenge […]

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne: ‘My Commitment Isn’t to Bitcoin, It Is to the Crypto Revolution’

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Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne discusses the vulnerabilities of our current financial system, and explains how "blockchain trading" could solve these flaws, at CATO Institute conference.

On November 6, Patrick Byrne gave a keynote at the Cato Institute ’s 32nd Annual Monetary Conference , where he discussed Wall Street’s organized crimes and explained how blockchain technology could solve our financial system’s weaknesses.

In reference to an article written by Wired, entitled " Meet Patrick Byrne: Bitcoin Messiah, […]

Bitcoin May be Weak But Many Still Optimistic

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Bitcoin May be Weak But Many Still Optimistic Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne recently gave a keynote at the Cato Institute’s 32 nd Annual Monetary Conference, where he discussed Wall Street’s systematized financial crimes and explained how blockchain technology could ultimately solve the U.S.’s financial weakness.

He believes that only when there is a full blown crypto-revolution, transparency would become an integral part of the financial space. Byrne referred to recent allegations regarding Wall Street rigging […]

Netagio to Exit Gold Market, Enter Euro and USD

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British bitcoin exchange Netagio is exiting the gold market next month due to weak demand.

The exchange will remove its three order books for gold trading by the end of the year, according to Netagio CEO Simon Hamblin.

Netagio will instead enter the dollar and euro markets, with new order books for trading bitcoin for those currencies to be launched in mid-December. The company declined to specify a date.Hamblin said the firm is repositioning itself to tackle […]

Crypto 2.0 Roundup: Ethereum’s Counterparty Fork and a Vote for Colored Coins

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Moving into the holiday season, the crypto 2.0 segment of the bitcoin industry continues to garner increasing attention for its efforts to expand the potential use cases for blockchain technology.

However, after months of heightened activity and exciting launches that saw the community come into sharper focus, the last few weeks have shown that the sector may now be focusing on refining its message for a wider audience. Ethereum fires back at Counterparty

Arguably the most […]

Boost VC Goes ‘Full Bitcoin’ For Next Startup Mentor Round

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Adam Draper Boost VC Boost VC, the startup accelerator and immersive mentorship program co-founded by Adam Draper, will accept only bitcoin companies for its next round, known as ‘Tribe 5’.

Boost VC will include 20-30 bitcoin companies for its next three-month entrepreneurship course starting early 2015. The startups enrolled live in shared housing while they work on growing their companies and meet regularly with key Silicon Valley figures and investors.

According to a message posted on […]

Australian Senate Hearings into Digital Currencies to Start Wednesday

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Australian Senate The Australian Senate will hold its first hearing into digital currencies this Wednesday morning (local time) from 8:30am–12:30pm, part of the Digital Currency Inquiry (DCI).

Representing the international community at the hearing will be Perianne Boring of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC), the trade association which has made a name for itself lobbying to educate and promote digital currency issues among US policy makers.

A live audio/video feed of proceedings will be […]

Why Bitcoin Needs an Aggressive Legal Defense

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Justice statue Across the board, bitcoin requires forceful and aggressive legal defense, not complicity with governments in crafting policy and regulations. It’s going to get a lot rougher for bitcoin in the months and years ahead. We have to be prepared.

As Rick Falkvinge, author of Swarmwise , states , "The copyright monopoly war wasn’t the war, it was the tutorial mission. The Internet generation is using technology to assert its values and its place […]

CFTC: ‘We Have the Authority over Bitcoin Price Manipulation’

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The struggle between US regulatory agencies about who can act in cases involving Bitcoin continues as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, an independent United States Federal agency determined that it has enforcement powers against price manipulation in Bitcoin markets.

This agency was established in 1974 by the Commodity Futures Trading Act to promote “competitive and efficient futures markets and protect investors against manipulation, abusive trade practices and fraud.”

In remarks at the Bitcoin conference held at […]

UK Shadow Minister Woos Bitcoin Community Ahead of Elections

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UK Shadow Minister Woos Bitcoin Community Ahead of Elections ForexMinute.com – Chi Onwurah, one of the shadow ministers for the UK’s cabinet office, recently appreciated Bitcoin to reduce consumers’ dependency on financial institutions. Her comments were the part of a Digital Government review – Digital Britain 2015 – launched recently by the center-leftist political party Labour.

The aforementioned report is intended towards discussing the importance of digital currency technology in improving people’s powered public services. […]

You’ve Been Lied to About Net ‘Neutrality’ (Op-Ed)

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There are three problems that surround this debate, and each problem comes from a different group:

1 – First is a problem for us, the consumers. Near-monopolies like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T did not become near monopolies by accident. During the early days of the Internet, regulations (i.e. barriers to entry) were created that effectively prevent other, smaller ISPs from being able to compete with the behemoths. This allows these mega ISPs to provide their […]

Finland Classifies Bitcoin as VAT-Exempt Financial Service

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Finland flag shutterstock Finnish regulators have classified bitcoin as a financial service, thus granting it VAT-exempt status.

The Finnish Central Board of Taxes (CBT) judged bitcoin to be a financial service in ruling 034/2014, which states that bitcoin purchases qualify as “banking services” under the EU Value Added Tax (VAT) Directive.

The ruling was issued after a court classified bitcoin as a payment instrument and sets Finland’s approach to the cryptocurrency apart from most European jurisdictions, which generally treat bitcoin […]

UK Shadow Minister Outlines Bitcoin’s Potential for Disruption

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Nov-20-Transferwise-Chi-Onwura 3 Bitcoin has the potential to reduce consumers’ reliance on giant banks and other entrenched financial institutions, according to Chi Onwurah, the UK’s shadow cabinet minister for digital government.

Onwurah is leading a sweeping review of how technology is used by UK public services for the opposition party, Labour. The review includes examining institutions dealing with financial services, she said.

Speaking exclusively to CoinDesk, Onwurah said: "It’s about dispersing power away from the classic, traditional […]

Commissioner Claims CFTC Can Intervene in Bitcoin Markets

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A commissioner at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has asserted the agency has the authority to take enforcement actions against price manipulation in bitcoin markets.

Commissioner Mark Wetjen made the remarks at a bitcoin conference held at Bloomberg in New York on Monday.

When asked if the CFTC has the authority to become intervene in such an event, he said: “It has not been tested, but I do believe we have the authority because bitcoin, by I think a very […]

Levine on Wall Street: Massive Mergers and Mass Hysteria

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News Roundup

More merger Monday.

Bloomberg’s MA function tells me that 98 mergers and acquisitions were announced yesterday, including the acquisitions of five malls by Macerich and eight farms by Farmland Partners . But the headline is the $100 billion or so in two deals , Actavis/Allergan and Halliburton/Baker Hughes, which between them will probably bring in over $300 million in fees for their advisers, and that’s not even counting the fees that […]

Finland at Odds with EU on VAT Exempts Status of Bitcoin Services

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The nation of Finland has ruled that Bitcoin services will be exempt of Value Added Tax. 

While many in the Bitcoin community dread the thought of regulation and taxes, the fact is that if Bitcoin is ever going to become mainstream, both might become a necessary evil in some countries. But of outmost importance is the question of how those regulations and taxes are or will be applied.

Countries around the world have been struggling with […]

Uniting Separated Families with ‘Rebittances’: Interview with Filipino Company, Satoshi Citadel Industries

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Satoshi Citadel Industries John Bailon is Co-Founder and CEO/CTO at Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), a Filipino Bitcoin startup aiming to improve the lives of Filipinos with smart and innovative products related to Bitcoin.

As of today, the ventures company offers as much as 7 Bitcoin centered products, including the country’s first Bitcoin bills payment system Bills Ninja , the Philippines’ premier ‘rebittance’ service Rebit.ph , and recently launched the country’s first order book exchange , […]

Regulation Takes Center Stage at Bloomberg Bitcoin Event

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The importance of regulation was the topic of the day as industry heavyweights joined current and former regulators at Bloomberg’s bitcoin conference yesterday.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Currency , held at the organization’s global headquarters in New York, drew an audience of roughly 200, many of whom were investors and other denizens of Wall Street.

Former SEC chairman and recently appointed advisor to BitPay and Vaurum Arthur Levitt told the audience that there is a lot of work still […]

Wedbush Securities Funds Buttercoin in First Bitcoin Investment

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Noted investment services provider and research firm Wedbush Securities has announced its first investment in the bitcoin ecosystem, contributing an undisclosed sum to newly launched US bitcoin marketplace Buttercoin.

One of the more vocal research institutions on the subject of bitcoin globally, Wedbush has long been bullish on digital currency while largely refraining from issuing any direct financial support to the ecosystem.

Buttercoin CEO Cedric Dahl framed the funding as proof that institutional players on Wall […]

LAST CALL! Inside Bitcoins to Launch in Paris This Week – Get 10% OFF!

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Inside Bitcoins is kicking off their inaugural Paris event on November 20-21, and we’re offering our readers 10% OFF with the discount code BMAG14!

The conference, which will take place at Espaces Cap 15, will explore the growth of crypto currencies, FinTech, business trends, investment strategies, tools and much more. Don’t miss your opportunity to explore where the industry is today and what business opportunities and threats are in the horizon, with keynotes from Nicolas […]

How Kraken is Seeking to Solve Bitcoin’s Banking Dilemma

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Jesse Powell, Kraken When Fidor Bank’s Michael Maier spoke to CoinDesk in June, the Internet bank COO framed his industry as one that bitcoin would grow to challenge directly, suggesting at the time that its partnership with Kraken demonstrated its intent to accept this future and even cooperate with it.

However passive these statements may have seemed at the time, they came into sharper focus on 31st October, when Fidor announced it would team with […]

‘Instead of Using KYC, We Prefer to Use Our Own Model: TYC (Trust Your Customer)’ – Bitcoin-Wave CCO, G. Heni

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G+Pinterest reddit Upvote Downvote submit inShare G. Heni is Chief Communication Officer at the newly launched French Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin-Wave . In an interview with CoinTelegraph, the executive shares his company incentives and motivations, and discusses its future plans, as building the largest Bitcoin e-commerce platform in the world, while offering a full package for traders, made of in-house applications only. CoinTelegraph: Bitcoin-Wave is new Bitcoin exchange 100% made in France. What […]

Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Redeemer (Op-Ed)

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In a November 6 interview in Dublin, Ireland, recorded at this year’s Web Summit , Gavin Andresen called Bitcoin “shady.”

He was speaking of Bitcoin in the past, and said, “We’re quickly evolving to something that is much more mainstream, much more accepted, much easier to use.” Speaking with the Wall Street Journal’s Lisa Fleisher , he talked about the future — of Bitcoin, mining, money, regulation and the world. “The biggest misconception is still […]

What Ban? Russia’s VK.com is Mining Bitcoin

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This year, at Riga’s International Economic Forum , CoinTelegraph had the chance to catch up with Yuri Ivanov , Head of Partner Relations at Russia’s largest and most popular social network, Vkontakte (VK.com).

As of January 2014, VK.com had at least 239 million accounts. VK is ranked 8th (as of August 1, 2014) in Alexa’s global Top 500 sites and is the 2nd most visited website in Russia, after Yandex .

Yuri has more than 10 […]

CIO of Western Union John David Thompson Says Bitcoin is No Solution for Today’s Market

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CIO of Western Union John David Thompson Says Bitcoin is No Solution for Today’s Market Earlier this year Western Union CEO Hikmet Ersek had said that it was open to Bitcoin provided it was regulated; however, now it looks the organization is skeptical about its role in current market. The statement from Western Union chief information officer John “David” Thompson, that Bitcoin is not a solution for today’s market says it all.

Thompson, however, admits […]

Western Union CIO: Bitcoin No Solution for Today’s Market

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For Western Union chief information officer John “David” Thompson, bitcoin represents an innovative technology that, if successful, could significantly impact the way people transact and exchange information.

Yet the path he sees to that future is fogged by regulatory and cultural challenges that are yet to be resolved.

In conversation with CoinDesk, Thompson detailed how he invested in bitcoin mining in order to learn more about nuts and bolts of the technology – a process that […]

Bank of Canada Keeping ‘Close Eye’ on Digital Currencies

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Bank of Canada Shutterstock The Bank of Canada is "keeping a close eye" on risks posed by new forms of electronic money, according to a new statement released Thursday.

The statement is based on remarks made by the bank’s senior deputy governor Carolyn Wilkins at a university event in Waterloo, Ontario.

During the event Wilkins discussed two different types of electronic money: those denominated in national currencies and backed by their issuer and cryptocurrencies with no issuer, […]

How Koinify and Melotic Plan to Bring Order to Crypto Crowdsales

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Though the crypto 2.0 segment of the bitcoin community is maturing, the part of the industry principally concerned with non-financial or advanced blockchain applications has struggled to develop a stable marketplace for its projects.

In the absence of strong VC interest, or perhaps in the spirit of pushing the boundaries of innovation, many decentralized applications ( DApps ) are seeking to fund themselves through what may arguably be the blockchain’s most compelling use beyond currency, […]

Coinbase Reportedly Seeking up to $60M in Funding

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Coinbase funding Coinbase is rumoured to be in the midst of another funding round, attempting to raise up to $60m with a company valuation of $400m.

The US-based company, which provides bitcoin wallets and merchant services, is expected to take on investment from venture capital firm DFJ and is looking to raise $40-60m, according to Re/Code . CoinDesk has contacted Coinbase, but is yet to receive a response. DFJ has declined to comment.

Back in December, Coinbase […]