Was Mt. Gox CEO The Dread Pirate Roberts? The DHS Once Believed It

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Illustrations and additional reporting by Susie Cagle.

Day 3 of the Silk Road trial took a turn for the surreal when defense attorney Joshua Dratel began his cross-examination of Homeland Security Investigations agent Jared Der-Yeghiayan. The witness admitted that he had actively pursued Mark Karpeles, the erstwhile CEO of the notorious failed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, as a possible match for the Dread Pirate Roberts, the operator of Silk Road. In August 2013, less […]

Bitcoin Is A Currency. When Will It Become Money? — Opinion

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A lot has been said and written about how Bitcoin in 2014 , is similar to the  Internet of 1994 . Internet, when it started, was usable only by the few early adopters. They used ridiculously priced computers to access the Internet, inspite of not being entirely clear of what it was going to become. Bitcoin is in a similar infancy at present.

There are two ways in which this article can proceed from here…one […]

Investors: Miss the first BitBoom? Here’s your second chance, Newbs.

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Whats that thing about history? Its hard to remember with so many bit-rivals talking about why your coins are worth dirt right now. Alot of you reading are in the red big time, and others only the few dollars they scraped together in a wallet or exchange . Don’t panic, stay calm, and buy if you can.

Why Bitcoin won’t bottom out..

It was 2014, the year of the Bitcoins, but not because it […]

Premium-class mining equipment manufacturer “HashCoins” offers hosted mining

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HashCoins provides hosted mining services since 2014 and is known for high level of the provided service. Like all successful companies, HashCoins is commited to continually improving its products and services, making it more accessible to consumers.

By optimizing production and reducing the cost of equipment the company is now able to offer its customers the best price for services without losing quality.

The company offers contracts for the purchase of equipment into ownership with the […]

LakeBTC Exclusive Interview!

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We sat down with LakeBTC recently to find out what it was they were working on – here’s what we spoke about…

First of all, tells little bit about what LakeBTC is all about. LakeBTC: LakeBTC was started in March 2013 as a bitcoin exchange . The founding team came from financial industries and most of our early users were seasoned traders and other financial professionals from prop and flow desks […]

Top 10 Quotes from Andreas Antonopoulos’s AMA

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Andreas Antonopoulos is a Bitcoin expert, host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin and author of Mastering Bitcoin . The charismatic thought leader is known for his testimony at the Canadian Senate Hearing and for delivering a phenomenal introduction to Bitcoin .

Many people look to him for comments on current events in the Bitcoin space, so it’s no surprise that Redditors flocked to his AMA on Thursday. Within, Antonopoulos described why Bitcoin is here to stay, […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: Karpeles denies Silk Road involvement and darkcoin turns one

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The price of bitcoin remains relatively stable, while other cryptocurrencies experience more losses (IBTimes UK) Cryptocurrencies have experienced more mixed fortunes over the last 24 hours following a turbulent week for the markets.

Bitcoin has remained relatively stable with just a 1% shift in value since 15 January, currently hovering just below $210.

Among the other big players, litecoin saw gains of around 5%, while dogecoin, peercoin and namecoin all fell by between 2% and 8%. […]

Levine on Wall Street: FX Fallout and the Value of Volatility

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Franc fallout.

So … how’s your foreign-exchange trading going? Yesterday’s pick-a-number-standard-deviation move in the Swiss franc "caught everyone off guard," "sent the markets into a tailspin," is "likely to create more volatility in the short term," and left a lot of people very embarrassed or broke: Anthony Peters, a broker at Swiss Investment Corp., said firms that were selling options tied to the Swiss franc may be among losers. They would have lost money as volatility […]

Blur Group CEO Philip Letts talks CES 2015, Bitcoin and tech firm milestones

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video Blur Group has revealed the company now has a $350m project value to date after racking up 50,000 services providers, including PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, Oracle and Ogilvy, on its e-commerce platform.

The company, which bridges upstart or incumbent businesses looking for services online, has also just announced its new $17m four-year project to raise sponsorship and investment for an independent cycling team, who is planning to compete in […]

Could the ‘C’ Word be Responsible for Bitcoin’s Price Decline? (Op-Ed)

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Oftentimes in sports, the competition is so fierce that the tiniest advantage decides who’s victorious.

This is why competitive swimmers shave their bodies, cyclists wear aerodynamic helmets, and jockeys max out at around 118 pounds. When you’re playing in the big leagues, you can’t afford to bring less than 100 % of your abilities. Playing at 95 % may very well lose you the game.

This fact about competition has me thinking about the price decline […]

A Ponzi Company which Calls Itself a “Ponzi” Company

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We don’t know what the creators of ‘ PonziCloud ’ were thinking at the time of branding, but the newly launched cloud mining company is surely making a name among the social media circuits – at least for being honest.

According to the information available on their website, PonziCloud seems to be offering some of the most mouth-watering features in the Bitcoin cloud mining sector, in times when the leading Bitcoin mining operations are taking a late-Christmas […]

And the Winners of CoinTelegraph’s 2014 Bitcoin Industry Awards Are …

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We have counted the votes and you, our readers, have spoken. The winners of CoinTelegraph’s 2014 Bitcoin Industry Awards are:

Person of the Year: Andreas Antonopoulos Andreas Antonopoulos Startup of the Year: ChangeTip ChangeTip logo Most Sucessful Company: BitPay BitPay logo Biggest News Story: Microsoft Microsoft logo Most Innovative Product: ChangeTip

Bitcoin Capital: San Francisco From all of us at CoinTelegraph, thank you to all of you who participated in choosing and recognizing […]

Bitcoin tycoon Mark Karpeles: ‘I am not Dread Pirate Roberts’

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Mt Gox’s former CEO Mark Karpeles (Reuters) Mark Karpeles, former CEO of bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, denied claims that he had been running the notorious online black market Silk Road, which was seized by the US authorities.

During the trial of Ross Ulbricht, who was accused by the federal authorities of running the website that sold drugs and weapons illegally under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts, the defence alleged that Karpeles was the real […]

Alleged Silk Road Mastermind Claims Head Of Mt. Gox Was The Real Dread Pirate Roberts

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If you read the headline above and said “Huh?” then you are not alone. It seems Ross Ulbricht, the alleged head of Silk Road, was not the real owner of the site. According to Ulbricht’s attorney, the creator was one Mark Karpeles, the disgraced head of Mt. Gox, an exchange that imploded theatrically in February. Motherboard has a reporter at the trail who noted that Ulbricht smiled when he finally made the admission.

”We have […]

Crypto 2.0 Roundup: Kickstarting Colored Coins and a Public Policy Push

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At a time when many bitcoin sectors are struggling, 2015 began with an outpouring of interest and show of strength for the crypto 2.0 community.

CoinDesk profiled a number of the promising projects , naming 19 to watch in the year ahead, but as our readers showcased, there remain many more that have garnered enthusiastic communities for their efforts.

However, while development continues on many exciting projects, a few notable names have so far used 2015 to […]

As Customers Worry for Security, Xapo Promising for Super Secure Bitcoin Storage Vault

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It’s not just the customers who are worried about the security of their Bitcoin but even big Bitcoin exchanges as well. After Mt. Gox collapsed the last year, a lot of concerns have been shown by the people investing in Bitcoin. Understanding the requirement Bitcoin startup Xapo has announced that it is bringing up super secure Bitcoin storage vault .

The decision also seems to have been brought in swiftly because BitStamp, the world’s third-largest […]

How Prosecutors Might Nail Ross Ulbricht Using The Supposedly Anonymous Bitcoin

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Post written by Nicholas Weaver

Nicholas Weaver is computer security researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley

Many have quipped that the cryptocurrency known as bitcoin are really “prosecution futures,” because rather than being anonymous, bitcoins can be remarkably easy to trace since every transaction between pseudonymous addresses is publicly recorded. With the ongoing trial of Ross Ulbricht  over allegations that he was the kingpin known as the Dread Pirate Roberts behind the Silk Road online drug marketplace, this […]

This Media Startup Found Success Covering Bitcoin’s Rise. Now it Must Survive the Fall

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One day last summer, a man claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, barged into CoinDesk’s London office and started ranting to the staff about the power of his creation. Incidents like this come with the territory for the reporters and editors at CoinDesk. The online publication launched in May 2013 to cover all things Bitcoin just as the cryptocurrency’s price was starting to spike and receive mainstream media attention. Last […]

Coinplug Unveils its Big Bitcoin Plans

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South Korean bitcoin exchange Coinplug has some big plans ahead.  The company is distributing pre-paid bitcoin gift cards to about 24,000 convenience stores across the country.  Thus far, about 8,000 of those stores are part of the 7-11 franchise, and other major chains are slated to be selling the cards by the end of the month.

The company confirmed in a Reddit post:

“We are in the process of distributing the cards to convenient stores.”Coinplug’s Richard […]

Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Implicated in Silk Road Trial

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Mt. Gox bitcoin protest Mark Karpeles The trial of alleged Silk Road ringleader Ross Ulbricht heated up today during the questioning of a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by the defense team, led by Ulbricht’s lawyer Joshua Dratel.

The DHS witness, agent Jared DerYeghiayan, apparently claimed that Mark Karpeles, former CEO of the embattled bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, was once suspected to be the online black market’s mastermind, Dread Pirate Roberts.

Reporters from the courtroom took to Twitter […]

US-based startup BlockCypher Raises a seed Round of More than $3.1 million

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BlockCypher, a US-based startup has announced that it raised a seed round of more than $3.1 million. The company says that the collected amount will be used bolstering its efforts to support the Bitcoin ecosystem in Asia , a continent that has huge potential as the local economies are growing at exponential pace.

The company informs that the funding round included investment from a variety of firms such as Foundation Capital, New Enterprise Associates, AME […]

Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin Rebounds as Buying Pressure Intensifies

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ForexMinute.com – After staying in a depressive bearish bias for weeks, Bitcoin made a sharp recovery as buying pressure intensified. Traders however rubbished the spike, thinking it as yet another bull run.

BTC/USD 4H BitFinex Chart The market is not optimistic, but yet looks much better than what we encountered in last few days. In over the last 24 hours, the BTC/USD has surged around 20% thanks to the sudden arrival of bulls that […]

New European Legislation Ties Taxes in Online Orders to the Country of Purchase

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The European Union introduced legislation in November 2014 that implemented a new Value Added Tax (VAT) to virtual purchases. The legislation took effect on January 1, 2015. It is designed to reduce the  ability of companies to avoid taxes, especially large companies such as Amazon.com.

Instead of taxing an item based on the country where it was manufactured, or to the location of corporate headquarters, the item is taxed based on the country where the […]

Paul Koster Calls for Immediate Ban on Bitcoin

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ForexMinute.com – Netherlands Stockholder Association’s Director Paul Koster recently requested the central bankers to immediately ban the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

According to a report published on Dutch news service BNR , Koster deliberately chose the Bitcoin’s worst trading phase to throw tantrums over it. “These volatile Bitcoin price fluctuations prove that this market is not supervised and/or regulated by any government or institution,” he said. “As a result, it is impossible for banks, consumers, investors and […]

New York Stock Trader Kills Roommate, Press Connects the Murder to Bitcoin

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The website DNAinfo ran a story on January 13 about a murder in NYC with the headline “Bitcoin Trader Accused of Murder.” The headline made it sound as if Bitcoin was somehow connected to the act.

The facts of the case are different. The only apparent link to Bitcoin is that the accused, Quentin Capobianco , an 18-year-old “teen” investor, had traded Bitcoin at some point. Capobianco is accused of bludgeoning his roommate, a 29-year-old […]

Ritholtz’s Reads: Most Despised Company and Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

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Futures are all over the place this morning. I’ll let you know what they mean around 4 p.m. today. Oh, and my morning train reads: Passive is Massive ( FT )

Why you should buy the most despised company in America ( Marketwatch )  see also  Buy What You Hate ( TBP )

Nine Reasons Why Bond Yields Are Falling ( Yardeni ) Forget Emerging Markets. Hot Topic at Davos 2015 Is the U.S.  […]

Benner on Tech: Bitcoin’s Blues and Facebook’s Free-Speech Tight Rope

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People are Talking About…

Bitcoin was supposed to be a substitute for gold , but now it’s behaving more like oil. Not the oil of 2013 and 2014 when the price spiked above $100, but the oil of today with prices below $50. Bitcoin prices have also fallen over the past year from about $1,000 to just above $200 . In both cases, the price is so low that it no longer makes economic […]

What These 9 Cyber Security Buzzwords And Jargon Terms Really Mean

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By Sue Poremba

Hybrid cloud. BYOD. Big Data. Internet of Things. These are terms that have become part of the daily lexicon, not only within the information technology (IT) and cyber security world but also in the main stream. Jargon is integral to IT. They make complicated terms more accessible to the non-technical person, even if they aren’t easier to understand.

Buzzwords are commonplace in IT security, as well, but are they truly understood? As […]

Jan 15 Bitcoin Price Review with clip from Zapchain

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Prices seem to have found a bottom and now creating a new consolidation – perhaps prices will bounce up to the 230 level in US funds before going back down on the long term down trend.

Butterflylabs still has 90,000 bitcoins to sell and this is expected to push the prices still lower over the next while.

Trading volume has really expanded on the China bitcoin market.Shout out to +logans runHere are a few extra details […]

South Koreans Can Now Buy Bitcoin from 7–Eleven

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South Korean exchange Coinplug is set to drive a rollout of Bitcoin gift cards, which anyone will be able to purchase from convenience stores imminently.

OkBitcard , a scheme which will allow customers to purchase US$50 worth of bitcoin, is already operational in a range of merchants in South Korea, including 7-Eleven, in the form of a printed receipt. Soon, Coinplug stated, physical cards will also be widely available.

The company confirmed in a Reddit […]

ChangeTip Integrates Slack, a New Use Case for Micropayments?

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At the start of the New Year, we reported that ChangeTip was adding Facebook and Slack integration.  The Facebook integration was already there for some users, but Slack had not yet been rolled out to the public.

Now, it is. Slack is a collaborative work platform with social elements that takes itself less seriously than other work productivity apps. It functions a bit like a message board with healthy doses of Google Drive, Facebook and […]

Blockchain Factory’s Mining Slicer Lets You Customize How Your Mining Power is Distributed

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Blockchain Factory Mining is going through some changes, that much is clear.  The increasing difficulty, along with the low price of Bitcoin, is causing all sorts of interesting news events . The next step might not simply be more hashing power, but using that power more effectively. Tools, rather than brute strength, may be where we see the next big growth.

Of course, the difficulty will continue to increase and so will the hashing power […]

Bitcoin continues downward spiral, plunges below $200

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A bitcoin. Photograph by Tomohiro Ohsumi — Bloomberg/Getty Images Times just got even tougher for the fledgling cryptocash.

This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published at Entrepreneur.com .

By Kim Lachance Sandrow, Entrepreneur.com Bitcoin continues to kick off the new year on an appalling note. Just two weeks after being named the worst-performing currency of 2014 — and only a day after opening statements took place in […]

Tim Draper, Nas Back Bitcoin API Maker BlockCypher in $3 Million Round

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BlockCypher has raised more than $3m in a seed-funding round that will allow it to expand its operations in Europe and Asia.

Tim Draper and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures are among the many that invested in the round. Other participants included  Boost VC , 500 Startups , Crypto Currency Partners , New Enterprise Associates (NEA), hip-hop artist and VC  Nasir Jones , Jesse Draper and Shawn Byers.

With this latest round of […]

CoinTerra CEO: Company ‘Frozen’ Amid Lawsuits and Default

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Following a lengthy silence in the media, CoinTerra CEO Ravi Iyengar has emerged on the offensive, seeking to clarify the current state of his bitcoin mining firm, one that has recently been rocked by questions about its solvency.

Speaking to CoinDesk as part of a new interview, Iyengar confirmed that the Austin-based bitcoin mining company is in default, and it is currently awaiting a decision from its secured note holders.

CoinTerra is in default on roughly $4.25m-worth of […]

NewsBTC Speaks with ChangeTip about CES in Vegas, Facebook, and the Bitcoin Bowl

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Brandon Chase from NewsBTC got a chance to chat with Victoria van Eyk, a community developer on board with ChangeTip . It became apparent that ChangeTip intends to keep most of their major developments under wrap for now, although a few suggestive hints about the near future were shared. NewsBTC is excited to follow the growth and expansion of ChangeTip as they evolve within the bitcoin economy.

Chase: How was your time at The […]

Bitcoin Company Elliptic Earns “Bank-Level” Accreditation

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Bitcoin storage firm Elliptic has received accreditation from “Big Four” accounting firm KPMG , and is now considered to be operating on the same level as a custodian bank.

As Elliptic CEO James Smith explains:

“KPMG’s accreditation is an important milestone, as it demonstrates our commitment to delivering both best-in-class technology and deep operational expertise… This report demonstrates to our customers that we have the rigorous internal processes and controls expected of any traditional financial services […]

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 14/1/2015

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After testing the $200 critical support point, the price of bitcoin dropped today to around $170, before rising up again to $191 at the time of writing of this article.

By drawing a trend line between the high reached on the 3 rd of December, 2013 ($1177) and the low reached on the 10 th of February, 2014 ($102) and plotting the Fib Speed Resistance Fan on the daily BTC /USD charts, we can see […]

Interview with CEX.io’s Jeffrey Smith on Why They Paused Mining and the Future of the Industry

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In a less than graceful tweet, Jeffrey Smith , the CIO of CEX.io , announced that the company would be  pausing mining for its users. Taking into account the Bitcoin price drop, and the increase of difficulty, we will pause cloud mining after the next difficulty increase — Jeffrey Smith (@jeff_smith01) January 12, 2015 Instantly, the internet erupted. Accusations were thrown around, of course, and many wondered out loud if this was the beginning […]

Bitcoin’s Price Falls Further Amid Record Transaction Volume

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You can purchase a bitcoin for just over $185 at the moment, a price that is down nearly 8 percent in the last hour, and 46.7 percent in the last month. Of course, you can pick any price timeframe you want, but it’s fair to say that bitcoin’s dollar value has had a rough time of it in recent days. For reference, here’s a one-year price chart ( via Blockchain.info ): What is interesting […]

Brookings Institution: ‘Innovations in the Blockchain Will Outpace Policy, Let’s Not Slow it Down’

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Brookings Institution: ‘Innovations in the Blockchain Will Outpace Policy, Let’s Not Slow it Down’ Tuesday, the Brookings Institution slipped in a blog post that compared Bitcoin to the Internet.

Mohit Kaushal, partner at Aberdare Ventures, and entrepreneur Sheel Tyle explained what the blockchain is and why it could important in a post for the TechTank blog. We’ve seen plenty of experts describing why the protocol underpinning the Bitcoin network could have many uses, but this […]

Bitcoin’s Twitterati Reacts to Price Decline

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The bitcoin price crashed below $200 on the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index earlier today, dropping to $179.13 before rebounding.

Unsurprisingly, the price collapse has set off a whirlwind of conversation about the future of the bitcoin network, both within and outside the community.

Regular bitcoiners have been reeling at what the news means for their digital currency holdings, while traders have welcomed the return to volatility and exchange volumes have surged to their highest levels since November […]

Altcoin Market: There is Blood Everywhere

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The Bitcoin price has broken below the $200-mark, currently settle around $180. With almost analytical eyes settled on this prevailing downward momentum, one may also look at the way with which altcoin market has reacted to this entire bearish episode. Have a look of these top coins:


On January 1st, the Litecoin was valued around $2.73 and later fell massively under the influence of Bitcoin. Charlie Lee earlier recognized how Litecoin price movements […]

Global Bitcoin Trade Volume Surges on 15% Price Decline

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Daily exchange trading volume in BTC terms recorded by Bitcoinity. As the bitcoin price plunged below the $200 mark, hitting a low of $170.08, holders of the cryptocurrency sold the asset in a surge of millions of orders across bitcoin exchanges globally.

With the price teetering on the brink of the $200 level around 07:20 (GMT), global exchange trading volume began to pick up. The number of trades per minute executed on exchanges tripled, from […]

BlockCypher Raises Seed Funding To Be The Web Services For Cryptocurrency

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With an eye toward making blockchain technology easy to integrate into any application, BlockCypher has raised $3 million in its first round of financing. The financing comes amid a steep slide in Bitcoin pricing  over the past year, which has stymied some of the enthusiasm in the market.

Bitcoin’s collapse will have little impact on BlockCypher, since, according to co-founder Catheryne Nicholson, the company’s technology works for any cryptocurrency.

“We basically do web services for blockchains,” says […]

Bitcoin Price Drops Below $200: Have We Reached the Bottom?

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Bitcoin Price It appears the article that was written over the weekend was quite timely. 

A few days ago bitcoin reached the Denial phase of the famous cycle, now it appears to be at a point of Fear and Desperation going into Panic. Volumes are picking up to an appropriate level and price has followed surging lower as of this writing it reached a low of US$166 and is now near US$190. See chart below: Below […]

DatSyn News – SilentVault’s Anonymous Bitcoin Multi-Asset Wallet & Exchange Welcomes Seamus O’Pearse

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SilentVault’s anonymous peer-to-peer, multi-asset Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform uses sophisticated technology to enable anonymous communication and secure off-blockchain transactions for Bitcoin and Litecoin. The company is now announcing a change in personnel with the the transition of SilentVault founder Sean Daley who is leaving his position as Operations Lead to take the role of the company’s general counsel (non-practising). Law and business expert Seamus O’Pearse will take over the Operations role as of […]

IBM’s Blockchain-Inspired Project Moves Forward Without Leader

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Internet of Things The man leading a blockchain-based Internet of Things project at IBM is now leaving his position at the company, according to Gigaom . But don’t panic, the compelling project will live on without him.

To back up a bit, the Internet of Things is connecting everyday items to the Internet, from cars to toasters. Smartphones are not the end-all for the Internet, as the argument goes. Paul Brody, VP and North American […]

UK-Based Firm Becomes First Bitcoin Company to Receive KPMG Accreditation

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Elliptic, a UK-based digital currency services company, announces it had received ISAE 3402 accreditation from "Big Four" Dutch firm, KPMG.

The accreditation from KPMG followed a review and audit of Elliptic ‘s financial controls, regulatory compliance, internal access controls and other areas including code deployment, disaster recovery, segregation of duties and storage techniques. It represents an industry’s first and signified that Elliptic operates on the same standards as a custodian bank.

The accreditation is a significant […]

Moonbit Faucets Offers 50% Extra For Xapo Wallet Users

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Every Bitcoin user at one point or another tries out the faucets. Some love the faucets, while others move on. No matter which category you are in, choosing the right faucet makes a lot of difference. May I recommend — moonbit.co.in . Why? There is a good reason for it, read on. Bitcoin Faucets Moonbit Also, please do create an online wallet with Xapo.com , while you are at it. As the title suggests, if you want to […]

Defense Attorney: Ross Ulbricht Created the Silk Road, But a Different Dread Pirate Roberts Committed the Crimes

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Inside U.S. v. Ulbricht. Illustration by Susie Cagle. On October 2, 2013, Ross Ulbricht was arrested at the Glen Park branch of the San Francisco Public Library, his laptop open and connected to the library wi-fi. The government claims he is the Dread Pirate Roberts, the infamous kingpin of the Silk Road, an online black market for drugs and other illicit goods. Ulbricht’s trial began today, after many delays over the last few months.

The […]

Citizenship Renunciation Fee Up 422%–With No Return–Just Ask Bitcoin Jesus

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Tax rules for U.S. citizens are notoriously unforgiving and notoriously expansive, even for those living abroad. They are one reason the uptick in American expatriations is continuing. In fact, given the demand, the State Department raised the fee for renunciation of U.S. citizenship from $450 to $2,350. That is more than twenty times the average level  in other high-income countries. The State Department says it’s about demand on their services and all the extra workload they […]

The Russian Authorities Moving Ahead to Suppress Bitcoin, Block Seven Bitcoin Websites

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Looks like Russia is serious taking head-on against Bitcoin as the latest development shows that the Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked access to Seven Bitcoin-related websites. The authorities in the country believe that the cryptocurrency contributes to the growth of the shadow economy.

Earlier the number of website that were blocked by Roskomnadzor was five that included Bitcoin.org, a primary community resource for the cryptocurrency that’s run by the Bitcoin Foundation, the Bitcoin.it community […]

Silk Road Reloaded Ditches Tor and Accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies

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Silk Road The Silk Road saga lives on, and this time, the code has been forked.

The newest Silk Road player, called Silk Road Reloaded (SRR), is distinctly different in at least two ways from previous Silk Road iterations.

First, the SRR is not run on the Tor network, as almost all other drug markets are. It is instead run on a lesser-known anonymizing network called the Invisible Internet Project , or “I2P” for short. I2P […]

New Bitcoin Embassies in Asia Bring World Total to 17

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Bitcoin Embassy Seoul Two new Asian ‘bitcoin embassies’ opened last week in Seoul and Tokyo, with a shared mission to bring bitcoin’s message to a more general audience.

There are now 17 such advocacy centres worldwide, in all major regions except Africa. However, the organization behind the movement is currently in negotiations to set up embassies both there and in the Middle East. Gangnam style

The Seoul centre is based at the Startup Alliance co-working space in trendy […]

Bit2Me Allows Users Convert Bitcoin into Euros at More than One Thousand ATMs in Spain

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In an announcement, Bit2Me says that it has launched an app that enables its users to convert Bitcoin into Euros at more than 10,000 ATMs across Spain . At the occasion Leif Ferreira, Bit2Me founder said his company is an easy way for new users to probe cryptocurrencies by converting Bitcoin into Euros anywhere in Spain, without registration and from a mobile device.

Nonetheless, it is being considered a wise step on behalf of the […]

UK May Attempt to End Anonymity in Bitcoin Transactions, May Cause a Rise in the Use of DarkWallet

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A proposed UK bill could end anonymity in Bitcoin transactions by logging of all content accessed via UK ISPs. This will leave only services such as DarkWallet as truly anonymous options, placing them firmly in the sights of UK lawmakers seeking “the legal power to break into the encrypted communications of suspected terrorists.”

Speaking in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices and a kosher supermarket, UK Prime Minister David […]

Russia Blocks More Bitcoin Sites

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Russia is apparently having a hard time making up its mind about bitcoin.  One minute it’s completely against it .  Then, the very law laying out the disapproval is criticized and rejected .  Now, citing a court order from September 2014, the country has blacklisted several more bitcoin addresses including three with a .ru domain:  coinspot.ru, hasbitcoin.ru and bitcoinconf.ru.

The relationship almost feels like a bad marriage.  The couple fights, they make up, and then […]

BITCOIN TO $10K! (Not really, but take a look at this…)

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In the late 1980s, a prolific trader – and now billionaire – Paul Tudor Jones predicted the 1987 stock market crash by comparing two ten-year charts – one from the 1920s and one from the early 80s (to be accurate and give credit where it’s due it was actually his assistant that first discovered correlation, but for simplicity’s sake let’s use Paul).

Since then, many traders have tried to emulate this method of prediction and, […]

Jury selection starts in New York trial of alleged Silk Road creator

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Jury selection began on Tuesday in the trial of the suspected operator of Silk Road, an online black market bazaar where users could anonymously by drugs and other illicit goods using bitcoin.

The trial in Manhattan federal court of Ross Ulbricht, 30, marks the highest-profile test yet of U.S. authorities’ efforts to crackdown on the use of the digital currency bitcoin for drug trafficking and other crimes.

Ulbricht faces seven counts including […]

KeenON: Venture Capitalist and Higher Ed Entrepreneur Tim Draper

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With his trademark aplomb, the storied venture capitalist  Tim Draper  is revolutionizing higher education. His new  Draper University of Heroes , a Silicon Valley-based startup college, is turning traditional education on its head. Instead of history, students learn the future. Instead of conventional economics, they learn about Bitcoin. And instead of success, they are taught how to fail.

Draper University is, indeed, a school for failure. For the Andover, Stanford, and Harvard-educated Draper, this was […]

Russian Authorities Blacklist 5 Bitcoin-Related Websites

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The Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications (Roskomnadzor in Russian) has blacklisted five Bitcoin-related websites.

Roskomnadzor has effectively blocked access to Bitcoin.org – an online community of cryptocurrency users and specialists supported by the Bitcoin Foundation – entering it into a registry of prohibited websites despite the site not having any user-submitted content.

Upon accessing Bitcoin.org, users have been receiving the following: — Access Denied. Access to the requested resource was blocked in […]

How Credit Card Fraud Sank One Bitcoin Exchange

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Avoiding credit card chargebacks One of the biggest problems for bitcoin exchanges and their customers is often making the exchange quick and easy. Exchanges like Canadian firm Virtex made the decision a long time ago not to accept credit cards. Their biggest concern? Fraud, in the form of chargebacks.

In a credit card chargeback, a credit-card paying customer asks the issuing bank (the bank that gave them the card) to reverse a transaction made with […]

Bears Slayed Bitcoin; Price Drops below $250

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ForexMinute.com – The Bitcoin value has dropped below $250, thanks to pessimistic fundamentals and optimistic bears.

Speaking particularly of last 24 hours, the BTC/USD was somewhere valued around $274, right near the key resistance level. But in the next few hours, the selling orders began to appear at major exchanges resulting into a bloodbath in the Bitcoin market. At press time, the BTC/USD is valued somewhere around 233 and has just tested a psychological support […]

Fools’ Gold Rushes (Op-Ed)

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Gold Rushes Flike


G+1PinThe Bitcoin market is entering a phase of faux innovation that seems to be driven by either frustration over having entered the field late in the game, or by outright fraud; sometimes, it is a bit of both.Instead of starting firms that use Bitcoin or helping the core developers with incremental improvements to the system, pretenders hawk Cryptocurrency 2.0 Bitcoin-killer vaporware, complete with slick logos and promotional videos promising a new life […]

Bitreserve Raises $9.6 Million in Crowdfunding Campaign

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Bitreserve has closed its crowdfunding campaign after raising over $9m. The final total, one of the largest recorded in the digital currency sector for a crowdfunded initiative, reached $9,620,802 (£6,363,024) after 157 investors bought 11.27% of the equity offered.

Tim Parsa, Bitreserve’s president of global strategy and markets said: "It’s been a real pleasure interacting with the savvy Crowdcube and Venovate investor. Raising venture capital has been secretive and elitist for far too long. We share Crowdcube […]

Perianne Boring Talks Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and the Boot Camp Offered at TNABC

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Perianne Boring Talks Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and the Boot Camp Offered at TNABC Flike


G+1Pin Perianne Boring is the president of the Digital Chamber of Commerce . The chamber will be hosting an Anti-Money Laundering Boot Camp at the North American Bitcoin Conference 2015 in Miami on January 16 and 17. Boring took time from her schedule to speak with CoinTelegraph about the boot camp and the importance of compliance with AML regulations for companies […]

New BTMs in Australia, Switzerland and the United States

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After a week’s break to start the new year, CoinTelegraph and content partner Coin ATM Radar are tracking some new BTMs that have been installed since New Year’s Eve in Australia, Switzerland and North America.

You can find the machines’ exact locations with Coin ATM Radar’s Bitcoin ATM map .

As of January 12, 2015, there are 337 BTMs in operation around the globe. Here are some of the newest ones. Australia Down in Tasmania, […]

Bitcoin Price Crashes Through $250 Mark

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The bitcoin price has plunged below $250 and appears to be falling further, as sell orders pile up at major exchanges. The price opened the day at $267.08, but quickly fell after just two hours of trading. Soon after 3am (GMT), the price plunged through the $250 mark, which market watchers see as an important psychological barrier for the price.

The price held steady, but then plunged again about seven hours later, at around 10am. The […]

Pure-Central Facilitates Peer-to-Peer Crypto Lending

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G+3PinCryptocurrency enables you to “be your own bank,” and banks are more than just a place to put your money—they’re also a place from which to borrow. Pure-Central launched in late 2014 and aims to connect lenders with borrowers for loans in multiple cryptocurrencies.James Donavan, developer at Pure-Central, said: "The key to Pure-Central’s success is in the fact that we offer digital currency services for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, TheWLD, Peercoin, Darkcoin, and AuroraCoin—no […]

Fireside Philosophy – 3 things that are changing the world part 3 Bitcoin and the blockchain

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There are 3 game changers in the realm of liberty activism right now and Bitcoin is the last one on our list. Find out how bitcoin is changing things and more.
Part 1: http://youtu.be/xI0_IIM2Uhs
Part 2: http://youtu.be/vL2WHvT6X3U
Also if you would like to donate to Mike’s legal fund please go to http://www.naturalrightscoalition.org … You can donate by bitcoin or paypal or just send a message. Any and all donations are greatly […]

Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin Sandwiched between Bottom and 275

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ForexMinute.com – Last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market saw Bitcoin sandwiched between the prevailing bottom around 255 and the key resistance around 275. Look further to know more:

BTC/USD 4H BitFinex Chart The market outlook is as grim as it was yesterday. Price is way below the daily moving averages, while the RSI is around 42. In the meantime, the 26- and 12-hours EMA are still going parallel and the MACD remain around […]

Accused Silk Road creator goes to trial amid U.S. scrutiny of bitcoin

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – A U.S. crackdown on use of the digital currency bitcoin for drug trafficking and other crimes is headed for its highest-profile test yet, as a trial begins for the alleged creator of an online marketplace catering to vice.

Jury selection is scheduled for Tuesday in Manhattan federal court in the case of Ross Ulbricht, who authorities say created Silk Road, an online black market where drugs and others illegal goods could […]

Cash Buys Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Bitcoin says Adieu aux Armes (Op-Ed)

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Cash Buys Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Bitcoin says Adieu aux Armes (Op-Ed) The Charlie Hebdo terror and other Paris attacks renew concerns about the ease with which terrorist cells in Europe can get illegal arms. Media outlets have even started to speculate that some of the arms could have been bought with Bitcoin – but reality renders such speculation groundless.  

The weapons wielded by gunmen in last week’s Paris terror attacks were AK-47 rifles, the […]

Game time! CT, Ziftr and ziftrCOIN announce contest to win a wallet’s worth of coins

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Ziftr the online price comparison add-on and its altcoin offspring ziftrCOIN have teamed up with CoinTelegraph to offer our readers a chance to win bitcoins!

The winner will also receive the value-guaranteed (in their retailer network) digital currency ZiftrCOIN, which celebrates the end of its pre-sale on January 23.

ZiftrCOIN made a stir in 2014 by bringing a value guarantee to the often unstable altcoin world. When consumers conduct transactions within Ziftr’s retailer network, each […]

Internet of Coins Releases White Paper for Infrastructure That Supports Inter-Blockchain Transactions

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Internet of Coins Releases White Paper for Infrastructure That Supports Inter-Blockchain Transactions Internet of Coins, an organization striving to create an infrastructure that supports inter-blockchain transactions, announced the release of its white paper at the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam during its launch party on January 3, 2015.

Newly founded Internet of Coins aims to create a decentralized, self-sustaining economy by connecting different blockchains through a hybrid peer-to-peer meta-network. The system will be offering a peer-to-peer, "inter-systemic […]

Weak Bitcoin Values Force CEX.IO to Suspend Cloud Mining Services

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CEX.IO, one of the leading bitcoin exchanges and cloud mining service providers, has announced the temporary suspension of its cloud mining services .  They can attribute this policy change to the sudden and drastic drop in bitcoin value in the past weeks .  The suspension is set to begin at the next bitcoin mining difficulty increase and it is unclear how long the suspension will continue.

Jeffery Smilth, Chief Information Officer of CEX.IO, stated that […]

CEX.io Halts Cloud Mining Service Due to Low Bitcoin Price

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Bitcoin mining service CEX.io has announced it will suspend its cloud mining activities.

The company stated in a 12th January blog post that it is no longer profitable, blaming declining revenues amid a dropping bitcoin price. CEX chief information officer Jeffrey Smith told CoinDesk that operations would resume if the price of bitcoin climbs above $320, calling the move “temporary”.

The suspension comes after CEX customers experienced disruptions to their cloud mining service, which the company at the time attributed to […]

iGaming Business Partners with GoCoin to Accept Cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin

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In an announcement at the official webpage, iGaming Business, the leading publishing, research and events company for the iGaming sector, says that it has signed a deal with GoCoin to accept crypto currency including Bitcoin. The decision by the company to embrace the digital currencies is further enhancing the presence and popularity.

Nonetheless, the company says that the deal will allow it take virtual currency payments from all of its clients making it the first […]

ActionCrypto Offers Alternative in Bitcoin Speculation Space

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A relatively new entry to the digital currency space, ActionCrypto offers bitcoin enthusiasts a way to speculate on the future price of bitcoin using bitcoin itself, and without having to purchase more of the underlying asset. How does it do this? ActionCrypto is a form of binary options platform, one of the first and only to operate purely using digital currency. BTCUSD has been offered as a tradable asset on a number of forex […]

Ross Ulbricht Trial Set to Begin

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Alleged drug kingpin Ross Ulbricht , who is currently facing charges of running a criminal enterprise, money laundering and drug trafficking, is set to begin his trial in Manhattan tomorrow on January 13th.

Ulbricht was arrested in the San Francisco Public Library over a year ago where he was accused of running the underground Silk Road marketplace that allowed consumers to purchase everything from weapons to fake passports with bitcoin.

It appears as though Ulbricht is […]

NewsBTC Conversations: The Altcoin Guys Speaks about their Cryptocurrency Development Services

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The Altcoin Guys was launched with an aim to provide cryptocurrency industry with dedicated team of developers for their respective projects. The approach is indeed unique, especially in times when companies are facing a series of delays in development roadmap. We interviewed The Altcoin Guys team to know how they are hoping to improve the cryptocurrency development procedures. Here is the Q&A round:

Q) First of all, tell us a little bit about what […]

BitHalo Releases Decentralized Escrow Client v2.1 to Rival PayPal, Western Union

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G+2PinBitHalo announces the release of version 2.1 of its decentralized escrow client, adding a new feature that aims to compete directly with companies such as Paypal and Western Union, said the organization in an announcement.Entitled the "Advanced Payment," the new feature allows simple and secure peer-to-peer payments via email using either Bitcoin or Blackcoin.The "Advanced Payment" feature is sent from a peer that wishes to contract or send a payment to another. After both […]

Bitcoin ‘Vault’ Elliptic Meets Global Auditing Standard

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KPMG building Digital currency storage service Elliptic has obtained ISAE 3402 accreditation – a global standard for financial reporting – from auditing specialist KPMG.

The ISAE 3402 Type 1 or SOC1/2 review  scrutinises various aspects of a business, including financial controls, regulatory compliance including AML and KYC measures, financial controls, code deployment, disaster recovery, segregation of duties and offline bitcoin storage techniques.

The UK-based storage provider says it is the first bitcoin company to receive the accreditation and that […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: Bitstamp bitcoin exchange back online and darkcoin award

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The price of bitcoin (IBTimes UK) The price of bitcoin has continued to slide over the weekend, falling to as low as $265 on Sunday where it continues to hover.

Most other major cryptocurrencies have followed in bitcoin’s lead, with litecoin, dogecoin, peercoin and namecoin all falling by between 3% and 7% over the last 24 hours.

One of the biggest movers across all markets was dogecoindark. The "more secure, anonymous" evolved version of the meme-inspired […]

Paybase Announces $20 Buy Back Scheme for Paycoin

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Embattled cryptocurrency platform Paybase is launching a buy-back scheme to match the US$20 floor that their Paycoin currency was expected to hold. Announcing a system based upon “monthly disbursements” of Bitcoin to pay for any XPY re-purchased by Paybase in the scheme, the company stated that “we seek to uphold the promises we make”.

Making the announcement on the PayBase blog, the company owned by GAW is seeking to undo the damage done to its […]

‘Don’t Complain…You Didn’t Bother to Speak Up’: Ross Ulbricht Trial Begins

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Ross Ulbricht Flike


G+2PinSome are labeling it the trial for Internet freedom, others – freedom to retain some privacy – but it will center around one man. The alleged operator of Silk Road known by his pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR) was identified by Law Enforcement to be Ross Ulbricht and tomorrow, he will stand trial on charges ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering to running a criminal enterprise. The trial will begin at […]

The North American Bitcoin Conference is Here!

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Following its success in Amsterdam and Chicago, The North American Bitcoin Conference ( http://btcmiami.com ) is heading to Miami.  From January 16-18, bitcoin enthusiasts will be given the opportunity to travel to Florida and hear some of the most respected members of the cryptocurrency community educate and inform.  Some of the speakers set to headline the event include CEO of GAW Miners Josh Garza; bitcoin core developer Adam Black; ChangeTip CEO Nick Sullivan, and […]

Patrick Byrne: ‘Medici Will Be a National Market System Compliant and Able to Trade Everything’

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Patrick Byrne Patrick Byrne , CEO of Overstock, speaks with CoinTelegraph about the company’s new projects, including Medici and whether it will work with the Counterparty platform, how Wall Street and regulators are receiving the project, and how the old system has allowed financial predators to roam free. “You do not replace cancer. You instead cut out the tumor.” CoinTelegraph: We can start with your new project, Medici . How have Wall Street traders […]

Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bears Return to Bitcoin Market; Litecoin in Better Shape

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ForexMinute.com – Last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market saw Litecoin holding onto its own, and Bitcoin falling back inside a strong bearish bias. Look further to know more:

BTC/USD 4H BitFinex Chart With no strong support in sight, the technical indicators are once again pointing towards the 255-bottom to save the price from attempting a long-term bearish breakout. The price is clearly below the moving averages, while the RSI is near the oversold […]

Overstock.com Employees May now Get their Salaries in Bitcoin

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Overstock.com has always been in forefront of Bitcoin; first it became the first large size retailer to embrace Bitcoin and now it is allowing its employees to take their paychecks in Bitcoin. The company says that employees have another option when it comes to receiving their paycheck – Bitcoin. The announcement came earlier on the Friday as the company wants to be pro-Bitcoin.

Earlier the last year, ForexMinute had reported that conforming to the promise […]

The Strangest Altcoins of 2014

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The past 12 months have seen a veritable explosion in the number of alternative digital currencies, otherwise known as altcoins.

The numbers for exactly how many altcoins are in existence vary depending on the measure. CoinMarketCap.com lists 554 cryptocurrencies at the time of writing – up from around 67 a year ago.

According to some estimates, however, thousands of altcoins have seen some level of circulation since the bitcoin protocol first became available for use and adaptation.Many altcoins set […]

BitStamp Resumes Operations

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BitStamp, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges out there in the Bitcoin ecosystem that had suspended its service after the breach resulted in the loss of around 19,000 Bitcoin with a value of some $5 million, has informed the customers that it has resumed the operations. The decision has given respite to a lot of people who smelled Mt. Gox like situation.

Mt. Gox that lost millions of dollars of the investors is still in […]

BitMex Offers 30-Day Historical Bitcoin Volatility Futures Contract

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BitMex , one of the world’s most advanced Bitcoin derivatives exchanges, recently announced the addition of a futures contract for Bitcoin. Now that the cryptocurrency’s value has fallen to below $300 for the first time in nearly two years, the expansion of trading alternatives could give Bitcoin the boost that it needs.

The rise in Bitcoin prices in 2013 came mostly due to increased trading. While businesses accepted Bitcoin prior to 2013, their size was […]

CyberShares Launches Sharedrops To Promote Polymorphic DApps

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A new venture called cyberShares is launching a series of ‘sharedrops’, giving out free digital asset tokens to the users of ‘Bitcoin 2.0′ technologies such as Colored Coins, NXT, Counterparty, Bitshares, Maidsafe and Etheruem.

CyberShares assets will entitle their owners to a share in the profits of the venture, which also includes a CyberFund investment fund and cyberWallet online wallet compatible with multiple digital currency projects. The airdrop is also a prototypical model for the […]

Payments Veterans Seek to Unlock Blockchain’s Power With Align Commerce

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The bitcoin blockchain can be utilized to store transaction records in its public ledger database, but that is far from its only use case.

Novel real-world applications in the fields of  smart contracts and intellectual property rights , have begun to surface, providing a glimpse of the kinds of future technologies many believe cryptocurrencies can help society unlock.

Still, the most immediate use for the technology has been for payments, and with this is mind, startup Align Commerce […]

The Next Big Thing in Bitcoin: Mainstream Adoption By the Back Door

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Two interesting projects have emerged recently, which could lead to the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin by the masses of regular consumers who have thus far remained ambivalent towards the digital currency – and all without them even knowing that they are using Bitcoin.

Each of these projects seeks to take Bitcoin’s advantages as a fast, low cost and trustless way to make international payments, and use them behind the scenes to improve services for people […]

Chris Before Coffee – Bitcoin Squat Trailer – 17th September 2014

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Sorry I can’t come to you live today, due to the evolving situation and lack of good internet I am saying hello and that normal service will be resumed short.

Alex Jones interviews Julia Tourianksi about Bitcoin and what it could mean economically for our future.

This is a great part from Andreas speaking on the use of Bitcoin and comparing it to the early days of the Internet. Andreas is an incredible speaker and one.If […]

The Bitcoin Group #60 — Pirate Bay Still Down – The CIA Tortures – Hong Kong – Reddit Bit

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THIS WEEK: —————————- U.S. attributes Sony attack to North Korea


At just 20-years young, Vitalik Buterin is one of the most brilliant minds in the cryptocurrency space. Previously, a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, he has .Internationally recognised bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos provides a simple but thorough commentary on the potential of bitcoin, and how it will chan.

Neuroware Launches ‘Future-Proof’ API for Cryptocurrency Apps

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Building an infrastructure that is easy-to-use is critical if the digital currency ecosystem wants to encourage the creation of consumer-facing products.

To simplify this process, startup Neuroware has built Blockstrap  – an application programming interface (API) for web designers and front-end developers that supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, allowing developers who want to create well-designed crypto-based apps to plug into its HTML5 framework.

Adam Giles, CEO of Neuroware,  explained that the goal is to create a blockchain-agnostic resource […]

Leading German Bank Sparkasse is Blocking Cryptocurrency Orders

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Since a few days ago, German bank Sparkasse, has been blocking cryptocurrency orders, returning money to customers, said Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Anycoin Direct.

Several users banking at German bank Sparkasse , reported to Anycoin Direct that they were contacted by their banks with the message that the transactions to buy cryptocurrencies were blocked. Investigating on the matter, Anycoin Direct said that all payment methods available at Sparkasse are affected, including Sofort, online bank transfer and […]

Overstock Installs Bitcoin ATM at Corporate HQ

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CoinOutlet, Overstock US retail giant Overstock has installed a bitcoin ATM in the lobby of its Salt Lake City, Utah, headquarters.

Part of an effort to further encourage digital currency use amongst its staff, the news coincides with the announcement that it is in the process of offering its employees the option to receive their pay in bitcoin. Further, it comes just one year after it first began offering US customers a bitcoin payment option […]

Dutch Scrypt Mining Company Declared Bankrupt

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Mining ASIC Technologies Mining ASICs Technologies (MAT) was declared bankrupt by a Maastricht, Netherlands, judge on 30th December, one week after company CEO Marc Coumans filed for bankruptcy.

CoinDesk confirmed MAT’s filing with Mr CFMP Spreksel, the curator in charge of overseeing the management and liquidation of the company’s assets.

The Dutch ASIC manufacturer began to take pre-orders for its line of Scrypt-based miners in March of this year, and announced plans to expand its production line to […]

Overstock Installs BTM at Corporate Headquarters, Offers to Pay Employees in BTC

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Several interesting stories are coming from Overstock.com on Friday, two of which are Bitcoin-specific, and one that shines a sliver of light on CEO Patrick Byrne’s Medici project. The Company Has Offered Staff the Option to Receive Pay in Bitcoins

A company press release sent out Friday morning EST buried what might be big news: “Byrne noted that, as a further indication of the company’s commitment to the new technology, Overstock.com is preparing to […]

US Digital Currency Pioneer Taps UK Crowdfund Investors

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2014 ended well for digital currency company, Bitreserve. With a crowdfunding campaign up and running here in the UK and a parallel investment drive underway on the other side of the Atlantic, the US-based business succeeded in raising £6.3m ($9.6m) before the year drew to a close.

In the US, Bitreserve used San-Francisco-based investment platform Venovate to source funding from its community of “sophisticated” investors. Meanwhile here in Britain, the company pitched its offering via […]

Benner on Tech: Starboard Cynics and Zuckerberg on Censorship

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People Are Talking About …

This week in hilarious bloviating: Activist investment firm Starboard Value warned Yahoo in a letter that it doesn’t like rumors that Marissa Mayer might want to buy Scripps Networks or Time Warner’s CNN . I don’t like those rumors much either. When’s the last time a tech company successfully transformed into a media company? Facebook and Google are working on it, but they have a long way to go […]

The CFTC Does Not Want to Skew Bitcoin Market Says Commissioner Mark Wetjen

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Mark Wetjen, one of four CFTC commissioners appointed directly by the US president and Senate, and accountable to organization chairman Timothy Massad, says that the organization has no choice but to examine Bitcoin . He says that he has been personally excited to learn more about the technology underlying the digital currency.

At the same time he said that his organization does not have any intention to ‘skew market’; rather, according to him the role […]

How Pey Got 50 Merchants to Accept BTC and Create Hannover’s Bitcoin Boulevard

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Fifty shops in Hannover have signed up to Pey’s beacon powered merchant and customer Bitcoin system. The app and hardware system is fighting to make Bitcoin payments easier for both parties to process, but faces strong competition from NFC developments from Circle.

Pey aims to simplify over the counter Bitcoin transactions by using beacon technology at the cash register to suggest payment in bitcoins and to launch the user-preferred wallet service if desired. By […]

Two Interesting Announcements from Overstock.com

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Online retailer Overstock.com is already well known in the digital currency space as being one of the first major retailers – and the first publicly traded company – to adopt bitcoin as a payment method for its goods. Now, the company has gone a step further in its embracing of digital currency, with two major steps forward revealed today.

First, that overstock will soon offer its staff the option to be paid in bitcoin . […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: UK and Germany divided over bitcoin and Bit-Reserve breaks fund-raising record

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Digital payments platform BitReserve has raised £6.3m, while the EU is at risk of falling behind other bitcoin hubs (IBTimes UK) Bitcoin has seen its price slide over the last 24 hours, falling by around 2% to take its market cap down below $4 billion.

Most other major cryptocurrencies have followed the lead of bitcoin, with litecoin, paycoin, dogecoin and namecoin all falling in value by between 2% and 3% since yesterday.

The biggest mover across […]

Tibdit to Launch Bitcoin Tipping Tool for Publishers

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Photograph of Tibdit team. London-based startup Tibdit is to officially launch its new service on 19th January, allowing online content publishers to collect to bitcoin micropayments through a WordPress website plug-in.

The new service could add to the rising interest in micro-transactions characterised by ChangeTip , a social media tipping tool.

Payments to Tibdit can be made in bitcoin or with a credit or debit card, but must be collected in bitcoin. As a result, publishers will need a bitcoin address in […]

CoinSpark Developer Gideon Greenspan on His Mission to Build a 2.0 Platform for the Average User

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Bitcoin is often called a currency, but eyes are opening to its may uses: moving assets around, notarization, storing data. “ Bitcoin 2.0 ” is all the rage. CoinSpark , backed by venture capitalists, is one of these forward-looking projects.

In a nutshell, the platform allows users to create and send assets on the blockchain. But it’s a little different than some of the projects we’ve been hearing about. The platform hopes to make these […]

Coinbase Updates User Agreement to Access Customers’ Credit History

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Coinbase has updated its User Agreement to allow the company, either directly or through third party intermediaries, to collect credit histories from its 1.9 million users.

The new terms in the second paragraph read as follows: “You hereby authorize Coinbase to, directly or through third parties, (i) Make inquiries we consider necessary to verify your identity and/or account information and (ii) request and obtain any consumer report, credit report or similar information relating to you […]

Paycoin Attempts To Explain Away Pay Floor, But Deleted Statements Appear To Tell A Different Story.

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[Update: Coinfire and members of the Bitcointalk forum have reported that Circle, Paybase/Paycoin’s credit card processsor, has cancelled Paybase’s account, presumably for violating Circle’s TOS policy on virtual currencies]

At the center of the Paycoin controversy is the disagreement among critics and GAW over if the US $20 price floor was ever actually something they promised to enforce. The company recently released a statement explaining their side of the argument.

They claim that the US$ 20 […]

Unexpected Home Search Prompts Purse.io Customer Protection Guarantee

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For  Purse.io has announced plans to offer a $10,000 guarantee plan to protect users from any costs related to purchasing items through its website.

The program, launched on 7th January, will also be available retrospectively to users who report incidents on any past transactions.

Andrew Lee, CEO of the American start-up said, "Our payment flow relies on two irreversible transactions: bitcoin transfer through escrow and delivery of a physical good. This is one of the reasons why […]

Imminent Lighthouse Beta Launch To Challenge Bitcoin Foundation’s Development Role

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Core Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn is preparing to go live with his ‘Lighthouse’ crowdfunding project, switching to main net for the first time ahead of an imminent public Beta.

The lighthouse project has been eagerly awaited by many decentralization enthusiasts within the Bitcoin community. It is hope that it could one day replace the centralized role of the Bitcoin Foundation in funding and guiding the direction of the coin’s core development with a public, transparent, […]

The Drum Beat of Deflation is Growing Louder: The Intermarket Picture

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The global macroeconomic picture is sending out a message and that is one of deflationary forces starting to take hold.

In past articles it was discussed what this means and its likelihood. With each passing day the probability seems to grow and global central banks are beginning to take action (Bank of Japan and the People’s Bank of China) or looking more likely to take aggressive action (European Central Bank). 

It is safe to say at […]

Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin Foundation’s Alternative; Butterfly Labs Resumed; and More

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Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Bitcoin Core Developer Launches Imminent Lighthouse
Inches away from going live with his gigantic project Imminent Lighthouse, Bitcoin Core Developer Mike Hearn is aiming to provide a decentralized alternative to the Bitcoin Foundation – a Bitcoin advocacy body developing and guiding the current Bitcoin projects. The crowdfunding project is currently is in beta mode. You can read further about it here.
Butterfly Labs […]

Cryptocurrency Trading News: Low Momentum Keeps Bitcoin Below 300

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ForexMinute.com – Last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market were somewhat stable, as Bitcoin retreated a little from its upward trend to eventually trade once again within a relatively high bearish bias. Look further to know more.

BTC/USD 4H BitFinex Chart While the fundamentals around Bitcoin market is coming back to being normal, the technicalities have also shown some developments in last few days. BTC/USD, on Jan 7, showed an impressive bounce towards the […]

How Your Teenage Son or Daughter May Be Buying Heroin Online

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One element of cybersecurity that is often overlooked is the impact of the cyber world on people’s physical security. Parents seeking to protect their children are often aware of concerns such as cyberbullying and adolescents making inappropriate social media posts, but remain uninformed about the grave danger of easy access to illegal drugs facilitated by the protection afforded by the anonymous nature of the Internet.

I recently sat down with Dina Gusovksy of CNBC to […]

Plus500 gets off to a Winning Start in Madrid

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Plus500 got its brand new sponsorship program off to a flying start yesterday evening, as the team on whose shirts its logo now resides – Atletico Madrid – beat local rivals Real Madrid 2-0 at the Copa del Rey.

We reported yesterday that the sponsorship – which we can now reveal to be worth 1.5 million EUR – was set to begin ahead of last night’s game. Markets are already hinting that the agreement – […]

CFTC Commissioner: Market Manipulation Could Shape Bitcoin’s Future

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Mark Wetjen The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) was one of the more vocal US government entities on the subject of bitcoin in 2014, holding a hearing to discuss its role in options and futures, claiming regulatory oversight over the derivatives market and speculating on how it might intervene in the digital currency ecosystem.

Perhaps most notably, however, CFTC Commissioner Mark Wetjen  penned an opinion piece heralding the technology’s potential to transform the industries his agency oversees.

But […]

Liberty Teller Rebrands itself as LibertyX, Raises more than $400,000 in funding

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Liberty Teller has rebranded itself as LibertyX now and willing to expand further and for that purpose it even raised more than $400,000 in funding from early-stage VC firm Project 11. The company not just changed the name but the nature of service as well. Earlier it was operating a small fleet of Bitcoin ATMs in the greater Boston area, now providing in-person Bitcoin buying network supported by 2,500 US merchants.

Regarding the fundraising, talking […]

No More Burners: Using BitSMS and ChiliPhone Together Can Eliminate The Need For Disposable Phones

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For those who exist in the gray and darker areas of the legal spectrum, pre-paid “burner” phones offer a convenient, workable way to avoid surveillance.  Buy a phone at a gas station with some prepaid minutes, call or text your clients, get rid of the phone before the authorities are even aware of the number.

There are problems with that method. The hardware is an unnecessary expense, gas station attendants might wonder why you keep […]

Lighthouse Beta Launch To Challenge Bitcoin Foundation’s Control of Core Funding

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Mike Hearn one of the Bitcoin project’s core developers is preparing to launch the beta of the Lighthouse crowdfunding platform, one which looks set to change how core Bitcoin development is funded.

Making use of an under-implemented conditionality function built into Bitcoin’s central code, Lighthouse opens the door to users easily creating contractual and crowdfund style Bitcoin transactions.

Announcing the beginning stages of pushing Lighthouse into it’s beta state on the Google groups page ,Hearn’s project […]

Kickstarter Ditches Amazon for Stripe for a ‘Simpler, Faster and Easier Checkout Process’

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American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, leaves Amazon for Stripe, an online payment service known for its flexibility and ease of setup. Stripe is currently running beta test of Bitcoin support, which the startup expects to exit this month.

Kickstarter , a popular crowdfunding platform used by artists and inventors to raise funds for projects, announced in a blog post it had partnered up with Stripe for a "simpler, faster and easier checkout process" for creators […]

ShapeShift.io Adds NXT to Its Platform

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Cryptocurrency exchange platform ShapeShift.io recently added NXT – a 100% POS cryptocurrency with a marker cap of around $17 million. Offering users the ease of converting between multitudes of cryptocurrencies without requiring an account, ShapeShift is now attributing the same liquidity to NXT – a step which brings this digital currency a little towards user and merchant adoption. Over the time, NXT developers have offered industry with a range of new and innovative features, […]

Clearing the Air Over MaidSafe’s Patent Request: An Interview with COO Nick Lambert

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“Our connection to Bitcoin is that we share the community’s passion for decentralization and its ability to re-address the balance of power.” —MaidSafe COO Nick Lambert A recent article published on CoinTelegraph, entitled MaidSafe Founder Seeks Monopoly on ‘Distributed Network System,’ caused some unintended controversy. We feel it is our duty to provide readers with all available information, which is why we got in touch with MaidSafe COO Nick Lambert.

David Irvine, founder and lead […]

Academic Research on Bitcoin Tripled in 2014

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Bitcoin graduate Academia is increasingly focusing on bitcoin, and hundreds of papers on the subject have now been published, according to research by author and alternative finance commentator Brett Scott.

Notably, more than three times as many papers were published in 2014 as in the previous year.

Scott pieced together a database of published research on the digital currency by combing through 16 online repositories, including Google Scholar and academic publishers’ websites.In addition to peer-reviewed research, he included self-published and independent work, […]

One Coin presentation. Better than Bitcoin?

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One Coin presentation. Better than Bitcoin?

http://www.bit.ly/OneCoinVietNam OneCoin Cryptocurrency | CneCoin Crypto
onecoin cryptocurrency | one coin price | one coin english japan
OneCoin is not a copy of a BITCOIN. It is new generation of cryptic currency. You can find same, proven qualities from OneCoin that BITCOIN have, but there is also so much more in OneCoin.Join NOW and be one of the first miners of OneCoin! http://www.bit.ly/ttcreward World has learn from BITCOIN […]

CoinTerra Silent Amid Cloud Mining Payout Freeze

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Bitcoin mining hardware firm CoinTerra has been the subject of speculation this week, as emails purportedly sent by the company to customers of its cloud mining service suggest the firm has defaulted on debt obligations.

The email, signed by a representative of the CoinTerra support staff, claims that the firm is no longer capable of making payouts to customers.

The message reads: "The company has defaulted on its secured notes. The note holders have senior, secured […]

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver Denied Entry to U.S.

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Oh, ye of “too much faith!”  Those who follow the “Bitcoin Jesus,” as he’s come to be called will not be able to witness their leader rise to the top on U.S. soil.

As it so happens, bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver is being denied entry into the United States to speak at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami after renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

Ver earned citizenship with the Caribbean island nation of St. Kitts and […]

Bitcoin Trading Comes to Nigeria

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South African bitcoin exchange ICE3X has now made it possible to trade bitcoin in Nigeria through a partnership with Nigerian payment processor VoguePay .

Exchange founder Gareth Grobler described the situation with enthusiasm, and feels that Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, is the prime area for a possible bitcoin market:

“The market… is potentially massive.  VoguePay have spotted the opportunity bitcoin offers, seeing as one of the primary attributes of bitcoin is its security.  Nigerian online […]

South African Bitcoin exchange ICE3X has launched Bitcoin trading in Nigeria

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Nigerians can now trade Bitcoin as South African Bitcoin exchange ICE3X has launched Bitcoin trading in the country for the first time. Thus, the organization has opened up a potentially huge market for Bitcoin in Africa’s most populous country. For the purpose the company has formed an exclusive partnership with Nigerian payment processor VoguePay.

According to a source from ICE3X the partnership with VoguePay will allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin using the local […]

Bitcoin Broker LibertyX Raises $400k for Hiring Push

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LibertyX has raised more than $400,000 in funding from early-stage VC firm Project 11 as part of a seed round and its first public fundraising.

Previously operating under the name Liberty Teller, LibertyX formally rebranded this December. The name change coincided with a shift in the company’s services, from operating a small fleet of bitcoin ATMs in the greater Boston area to adding an in-person bitcoin buying network supported by  2,500 US merchants .

Co-founder Chris […]

Cubits App Launch Aims to Accelerate Bitcoin Buying in Europe

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Cubits has launched a web app designed to speed up and simplify bitcoin transactions.

Notably, the London-based cryptocurrency startup allows customers to buy bitcoin in minutes, making it one of the fastest digital currency platforms in Europe, according to the company.

"We want to speed up the process of getting bitcoin and making online payments fair and accessible, especially for merchants and charities that could really benefit from lower fees," said Andreas Lehrbaum, co-founder of  Cubits  and […]

Bitcoin 2012 London: Richard Stallman

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Bitcoin 2012 London: Richard Stallman Online currency Bitcoin has now almost overtaken gold in value. A single bitcoin currently trades for one thousand two hundred dollars – just shy of an ounce.

Richard Stallman’s talk on Digital Freedom: the context for Bitcoin at the London Bitcoin Conference 2012.

Richard Stallman on good things and bad things about Bitcoin Richard Stallman’s talk on Digital Freedom: the context for Bitcoin at the London Bitcoin Confer.In this episode, Max […]

GAW Miners and the Disappearing $20 Paycoin Floor

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GAW Miners’ controversial plan to provide market support for the value of its bitcoin competitor, paycoin, has recently come under fire from customers, critics and community members. At issue is that, in contrast to bitcoin’s decentralized network, in which no companies or entities have overarching control of the market, paycoin could arguably be seen as a more centralized alternative. In addition to managing the development of the decentralized paycoin currency, GAW Miners operates a paycoin […]

My Experience in ‘Bitcoin City’ Arnhem

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Arnhem Bitcoinstad In October of 2014, CoinTelegraph reported that the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands had become the densest concentration of Bitcoin merchants in the world. And in November, the organizers held a successful six month anniversary event entitled “Arnhem Bitcoin Metropolis,” which attracted nearly 100 people who made over 175 Bitcoin transactions. First Stop: Bitcoin City

While on vacation in the Netherlands during the holiday break, I decided to bring my bitcoin-filled […]

Circle brings out NFC payments in the battle for in-store Bitcoin convenience

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Circle has announced it now supports NFC payments from its Android app. Joining other mobile wallets such as Hive , Mycelium , and LazyPay in using this technology, all are hoping to drive the acceptance of Bitcoin payments at the cash-register by increasing the convenience for users and merchants.

Announcing the news on the Circle Blog  yesterday, the digital wallet and payment platform has joined an increasing number of mobile digital currency wallets that are […]

Gold Dealer Amagi Metals Now Pays All Staff in Bitcoin

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Gold bars Precious metals dealer Amagi Metals announced it is now paying its entire staff in bitcoin via payroll service provider Bitwage .

The move forms part of the company’s plan to ‘ divorce ‘ the US dollar by 2017, where it will stop accepting the fiat currency as payment method.

Amagi Metals  has worked with bitcoin for two years and, according to company data, 30-40% of its costumers currently pay with the digital currency.Speaking to CoinDesk, CEO […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ denied US visa and Nigeria’s first exchange

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Bitcoin sees a resurgence in price as Nigeria opens its first bitcoin exchange and Roger Ver is denied entry to his country of birth (IBTimes UK) Bitcoin has seen a resurgence in price over the last 24 hours, as a 5% surge in value has gone some way to recovering from the significant crash that took place at the start of the year.

The brief rally has brought bitcoin’s price up to just above $285, […]

Bitcoin News Mash-Up: BitStamp Come Back; Amagi Metal Bitcoin Environment; and More

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Following are the latest Bitcoin news of the day

BitStamp Co-Founder Assures to Resume Services ASAP
Damijan Merlak, the co-founder Bitcoin exchange BitStamp, recently assured customers to resume operations anytime today or tomorrow. The exchange had to shut itself down temporarily in the wake of a successful cyber-attack that cost them around 19,000 BTC. Merlak explained that the exchange had liquidity and was suspended to prevent further such attacking attempts. You can […]

ShapeShift Releases New Tool Allowing Merchants to Accept Payments in 10+ Cryptocurrencies

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ShapeShift Releases New Tool Allowing Merchants to Accept Payments in 10+ Cryptocurrencies ShapeShift releases the Shifty Button, a tool allowing online merchants to start accepting payments in 11 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and leading altcoins Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Darkcoin.

The Shifty Button is a free and simple HTML code, which can be placed into any payment page. When added to a website, users are then given the ability to deposit any of the altcoins supported […]

State of Bitcoin 2015: Ecosystem Grows Despite Price Decline

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CoinDesk is pleased to announce the latest quarterly  State of Bitcoin report, featuring a 2014 Year in Review, an in-depth analysis of data and events from the fourth quarter of 2014 and a look ahead to what 2015 might bring. 

Overall, 2014 could be characterized as a ‘Tale of Two Bitcoins’.

On the one hand, significant bitcoin venture investment continued and much progress was made in furthering adoption, particularly in bitcoin payment acceptance by big brand names such as Microsoft […]

ICE3x Launches Nigeria’s First Bitcoin Exchange

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Nigeria currency South African bitcoin exchange ICE 3 X has launched bitcoin trading in Nigeria for the first time, opening up a potentially huge market for bitcoin in Africa’s most populous country.

The company has formed an exclusive partnership with Nigerian payment processor VoguePay , allowing users to buy and sell bitcoins using the local currency, the naira, directly from existing VoguePay wallets.

ICE 3 X  is also planning to roll out merchant services allowing local […]

Dish Network Launching IPTV Service Payable in Bitcoin

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Dish Network, rebranded as Dish, will unveil a new internet television service (IPTV) at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

The service will operate separately from standard Dish lineups. Users will be able to buy packages that allow them to stream their favorite shows over the internet, if they have an existing cable or satellite subscription.

The new program by Dish is available for streaming on computers, IOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. Several […]

Appcoins, Crypto Crowdfunding, and the Potential SEC Regulation Pitfall

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A quick scan of any popular cryptocurrency forum will reveal numerous announcements for crowdfunding campaigns intended to support the launch of a new altcoin or decentralized application.

In these crowd sales, digital tokens associated with the application (called “appcoins”) are sold to early adopters in an effort to raise capital for the new project. The hope of many who purchase appcoins in a crowd sale is that the price of the coin will go up […]

Argentinian Organic Farmers Reach out to Bitcoin for Help

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Nubis Bruno, an Argentinian web developer, has designed a way to help organic farmers in his country sell their goods online using Bitcoin.

Farmers in the Buenos Aires, the capital, struggle to sell their products in the cities markets. The alliance between Nubis Bruno and Santiago Zaz is changing this for the better. Bruno is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and co-founder of a Bitcoin exchange in Buenos Aires. Nubis Bruno, an Argentinian web developer Zaz, a […]

The Truth about Bitcoin and Alternative Currencies

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The Truth about Bitcoin and Alternative Currencies Stefan Molyneux looks at the rise of Bitcoin and discusses its history, mining, fees, altcoins, regulatory hypocrisy, worldwide awareness, comparisons to gol.

Bitcoin has been making headlines for months. With the price fluctuating wildly, is it really a currency, or just a scam? To find out, we have to analyze its.

Follow me on Twitter for real-time trading updates – I was really tired during this video, but I […]

Bitcoin Wallet Circle Enables NFC Technology

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Circle recently enabled Near Field Communication technology on its Android-based mobile app.

Following the announcement , the Bitcoin wallet company joined BitPay in offering tap-to-pay services to spend Bitcoins through Android-enabled devices – a brief demo of which was presented in last year’s Money2020 event in Las Vegas. Circle itself mentioned BitPay in its blog post where it credited the company for trying to expand point-of-sale services to thousands of merchant locations worldwide.

The same post […]

Keeping Score at the 2014 Bitcoin Bowl

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Bitcoin bowl By Chris DeRose

The Bitcoin bowl was an explosion of hype, confidence, and unbridled optimism. It was a wonderful success for Bitcoin, and an amazing moment in our movement. Many articles have already been written in the short time since the Bitcoin bowl has ended, which discuss the amazing and outstanding event that has just occurred. I myself have even published a fun video of my time at the Bitcoin Bowl . Exponential […]

Think Tank Launches To Educate Lawmakers and the Media on Blockchain Technologies

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Coin Center In September, Coin Center announced that they were launching a blockchain-technology think tank with a $1 million budget . Tuesday, they kicked off the website, which includes a number of resources.

The think tank, which they call “ a new voice for Bitcoin ,” is dedicated to spreading knowledge about cryptocurrency technologies. Coin Center runs under the vision of Executive Director Jerry Brito, who left his position as senior research director at Mercatus […]

Concerning Garza, TNABC and Bitcoin Media: ‘Down with Everything Associated with Anyone’ (Op-Ed)

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Concerning Garza, TNABC and Bitcoin Media: ‘Down with Everything Associated with Anyone’ (Op-Ed) Paycoin was announced back in November and became a media darling, thanks to backing by Josh Garza’s GAW Bitcoin mining company and a promised feature set that was longer than a rich kid’s Christmas list.

Then it all came crashing down . The most exciting feature, and the one many people cared about, was the promised US$20 price floor . Other alleged […]

Copay Wallet – The First Bitcoin Wallet for Microsoft Windows Phone

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The Copay Wallet Demo is now available in beta on Windows Phones.

The Copay Platform is BitPay’s open-source project which uses Multi-Signature technology, allowing wallets to be controlled by multiple private keys and multiple users.

Copay supplies the foundation for developers and companies to build ultra-secure wallets and commercial bitcoin services. This app is just one demonstration of how the Copay platform can be used.You can find out more at copay.io, or contribute to Copay through […]

Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp Suspends Service After Security Breach

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Bitstamp, one of the largest exchanges for trading the digital bitcoin currency, said it has temporarily suspended service after some of its operational wallets were compromised on Sunday, resulting in loss of about 19,000 bitcoins. The breach represented a small fraction of its total bitcoin reserve and the majority was held in secure offline cold storage systems, Bitstamp posted on its website on Tuesday. The Slovenia-based firm – which said on Monday it believed […]

HyprKey To Exhibit Biometric Payment Gateway at the 2015 International CES

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Fintech and cyber security startup HyprKey has announced it will exhibit its biometric mobile wallet app, the HYPR-3, at the 2015 International CES conference to be held in Las Vegas.

HyprKey will be exhibiting its patent-pending HYPR-3 biometric mobile wallet app, an innovative product operating on a three-factor authentication protocol aiming to provide maximum security for mobile payments. According to the company, HYPR-3’s open protocol for biometric authentication aims to end fraud by allowing […]

Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, engineering and economics by Pedro Franco [Review]

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Understanding Bitcoin (Wiley, 2015) At the core of this scholarly book is a dissection of bitcoin’s biggest achievement. That is the transmission of value over the internet, an inherently insecure channel, without any reliance on a trusted third party. Even the harshest critics of bitcoin the currency (as opposed to Bitcoin the protocol) would agree the technology has legs, and then some.

Pedro Franco, the author of ‘Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, engineering and economics’ begins with […]

Bitcoin Payments Prove a Sales Success for Green Man Gaming

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Green Man Gaming One of the world’s biggest digital game resellers, Green Man Gaming, says bitcoin has been a popular choice since it was introduced as a payment option early in December.

The UK-based company spoke to CoinDesk about the bitcoin rollout  and why it decided to take the plunge into accepting digital currency via a partnership with payments solutions provider Stripe .

Paul Sulyok, the firm’s CEO, said that the holiday season, which is usually the busiest time of year for the gaming […]

Bitreserve Lawsuit Rumor Untrue

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CoinTelegraph can reveal that reports of Bitreserve facing a trademark lawsuit because of its use of the name “Bitgold” are unfounded.

A recent article in Altcoin Press suggested that Nick Szabo, who supposedly trademarked the name “Bitgold”, could bring a lawsuit against the digital money service.

The article, however, appears to be complete speculation. CoinTelegraph checked the United States Trademark and Patent Office and found no registered trademark under the name “Bitgold”.  The article included a […]

026 CryptoCurrency Altcoins Dogecoin Funny Money Dog Bitcoin Innovation Tax

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Video: 026 CryptoCurrency Altcoins Dogecoin Funny Money Dog Bitcoin Innovation Tax

+ @SoulTradeGame #FollowBack 😉
If you like #LIBERTY+#INNOVATION +#FreedomOfExpression -use #CreativeCommons!!! Every time I listen to #News on #TV or elsewhere about #IntellectualProperty – #Law I get sooo #Angry… This #EVIL #Law inhibits me in my #Work 🙁 #Innovation + #Creativity + #FreedomOfExpression is inhibited by #IntellectualProperty – #Law This is one of my videos with translation into #Spanish+#German: The basic elements of […]

Life, liberty, and a stateless society: A bitcoin dramatic reading

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From the brave minds at /r/bitcoin

Bitcoin, has the best chance of ending the tyrannical state than anything else in human history. Do I care if another crypto-currency succeeds? No. I care that the ultimate lie of democracy and the violent existence of the state and its ruling class are brought to their knees, for good. Bitcoin sits at the head of the table in this aspect, and I will support it […]

Настройка Cudaminer Кудамайнер для cointellect Коинтеллект Dogecoin,Bitcoin,Евро

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DatSyn News – SpaceBIT Introduces First Ever Space Banking Program For Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

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The company is set to launch a constellation of nano-satellites that will act not only as depositories for digital cash, but also as a platform to provide global and universal access to remote areas around the globe where payment infrastructures are non-existent.

“Our goal is to establish a secure decentralized banking system with common banking services for current and future crypto-currency users around the world”, said Pavlo Tanasyuk, one of the SpaceBIT founders.

Furthermore he added […]

Bitstamp’s Ongoing Outage Echoes Through Bitcoin Economy

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Following news that Bitstamp has suffered what now appears to be a massive security breach, the effects of the surprise outage at one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges have spread quickly through the wider bitcoin economy.

From payment processors serving billion-dollar merchants to bitcoin ATMs and advanced trading platforms, Bitstamp ‘s stoppage caused quoted prices in bitcoin to become inaccurate, some products to be suspended and select services to be retailored in light of the interruption.

The wide-ranging ripple […]

Cap Tables May Be Broken But What Can Be Done To Fix Them?

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Cap tables are not just broken, they’re stuck on Excel spreadsheets and archaic paper systems. This leaves a lot of room for human entry errors and a gaping lack of information to the shareholders. But what can be done to fix the problem? Suggestions include everything from documents shared in the cloud to adding records to the blockchain. Henry Ward, founder of eShares, an online record-keeping platform for privately held companies, says the solution is […]

Through ChangeTip, Bitcoin Recipients No Longer Need Social Media

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Bitcoin startup ChangeTip is releasing a new feature that will allow users to receive tips without a social media account, so for anybody without Facebook or Twitter or maybe just living 15 years in the past… This is pretty convenient.

Vice-president of community development Victoria van Eyk states:

“I’ve used this feature to tip cap drivers who are interested in bitcoin, friends and to show others how easy it is to send bitcoin over different mediums.  […]

Leverage Holdings, LLC Brings the First Bitcoin ATM in Iowa

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Leverage Holdings, LLC, the parent company of Leverage Consulting, Leverage Metals, Leverage Cloud Brokerage and Fungicoin, says that it has brought in the first Bitcoin ATM in Iowa. The announcement came in the form of a press release wherein the company says that that is moving into the Gravitate Entrepreneurial space in the Midland Building.

The press release issued by the company says that it is moving to Midland Building with big plans for the […]

After Receiving Complaints, BitPay Terminates Association with Alpha Technology

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BitPay , a leading Bitcoin payment processing company says that as it received a lot of complaints about Alpha-Technology it has decided to terminate its association. Though Alpha-Technology announced their services in October of 2013, and the UK-based Scrypt ASIC manufacturer was raising the bar at a steady pace, it could not materialize them at all.

For instance, the US-based mining company BitPay started to take pre-orders for their ASIC mining machines – Viper Miner […]

Founders Close Vault of Satoshi So They Can Focus on New Business

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Vault of Satoshi Vault of Satoshi announced that it will close on February 5. The founders are busy with another business.

“Our founders and team of developers began work on a new, noncryptocurrency project about six months ago, which has since become quite successful. We are forced to make a choice on where to expend our efforts, as we simply do not have time to continue operating both businesses,” the announcement reads.

The announcement doesn’t list […]

Altcoins Dropping Off Coin-Swap in Boycott Against GAW Miners

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Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin and Neoscoin requested to be delisted from Coin-Swap. The move follows the recent announcement of Josh Garza’s Paybase’s acquisition of the cryptocurrency exchange.

On January 2, the four altcoins respectively dropped off the cryptocurrency exchange and requested Coin-Swap remove Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin and Neoscoin trading. The move, explained the four respective representatives, is overall aimed at boycotting the acquisition of Coin-Swap by Paybase .

"I have been pondering about this in my head […]

Capitalizing on Volatility in Bitcoin Market Sentiment

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Various clichés abound in the investing world. While many are gross oversimplifications of dynamic complexity in behavioral finance, some of them are timeless pieces of wisdom. Included in this latter half is the famous recommendation by Baron Rothschild to “buy when there is blood in the streets.”

This strategy is never cut-and-dry however. Calling bottoms can be a dangerous game—referred to among traders as trying to catch a falling knife .

Different metrics exist to quantify […]

LazyCoins Launches… Again

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Altcoin exchange LazyCoins is re-launching with a new mobile payments and merchant services app.

In a growing world of digital currency, LazyCoins is looking to compete with the likes of bitcoin conglomerate BitPay and fight for its place in the virtual payments universe.

Founder Danial Daychopan commented on the decision to re-launch, and what users can expect from the trading platform now that it’s been set on a new path:“LazyCoins itself was actually announced to the […]

Vault of Satoshi Founders Close Bitcoin Exchange to Focus on Netflix Startup

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The owners of Vault of Satoshi have announced that they will be closing the notable Canada-based bitcoin exchange on 5th February due to the "insane" growth of a new business venture.

Though short on details in the official announcement , Vault of Satoshi co-founder Mike Curry told CoinDesk that the success of new venture  TurboFlix  has encouraged the exchange’s owners to switch focus. Launched six months ago, the service has gained popularity by allowing global Netflix users […]

Bitstamp: an update

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Related Articles

A little earlier on today one of our reporters – Yashu Gola – published this piece outlining the suspected RNG attack on, and the resulting service halt, of leading bitcoin exchange platform BitStamp. While the exact details surrounding the attack – along with the potential implications – remain unclear, there have been a couple of updates so we thought it was probably worth collating them and bringing our users up to speed.

First, […]

ChangeTip Feature Lets Users Send Tips Using Unique URLs

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On Monday morning, ChangeTip’s Victoria van Eyk posted on the company’s blog that they were officially launching its One Time Tip Link feature, which allows users to send bitcoins via email, text, or anywhere else a link can be shared.

The feature has been accessible for some days now, but the company is only officially announcing it now.

The One Time Tip Link is available in the main, top bar on each user’s profile, and it […]

Why I’m Excited By The New CO2 Fit App, An App To Get The Planet Fit

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For years I have wondered: Why, if we can measure our fitness, or how many steps we are taking and thus get a measure of our overall health, why can’t we do the same with the environment? Why can’t someone create an app which “gamifies” us into cycling rather than driving, or taking a train or just generally pump less CO2 into the atmosphere, and creating global weirding ? If we can create an […]

BitPay Stops Providing Bitcoin Processing Services to Alpha Technology

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Bitcoin payment processing company BitPay recently terminated its association with controversial mining equipment manufacturers Alpha Technology after receiving a series of complaints from their customers.

The US-based mining company started to take pre-orders for their ASIC mining machines – Viper Miner 5MH/s and 25MH/s – in early January last year. Despite failing to meet the delivery deadlines in October, Alpha Technology continued to take money from customers by introducing other products, among which some were […]

BitQuick Integrates Pay to Script Hash Multi-Sig

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Peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform, BitQuick , has announced its integration of Pay to Script Hash (P2SH) multi-sig addresses through BitGo . This makes BitQuick the first major marketplace to implement multi-sig technology.

BitGo, which launched the first ever multi-sig Bitcoin wallet back in 2013, provides its clients with three keys. Two of the keys, the user key-pair and the backup-key pair, are held by BitQuick, and one key is held by BitGo. The backup-key pair […]

ChangeTip Brings Bitcoin Tipping to Social Media Cynics

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Bitcoin micropayments startup ChangeTip has introduced a new feature that lets users make tips without a social media account.

Currently, ChangeTip users can tip one another via accounts linked to their social networks, including Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and GooglePlus. However, One Time Tip Link now allows users to send bitcoin tips directly to a person’s email address, using a one-time link. Email or text tips

In fact, the recipient does not even have to have an email, as […]

CoinTelegraph unveils international franchise opportunities – join us!

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2015 will be an exciting year for CoinTelegraph. Straightaway, we’d like to announce a significant international expansion program which will take our news to all corners of globe.

This is expansion with a difference, however – you can come on board and drive our success yourself.

CoinTelegraph set out to be the representative of cryptocurrency community news and opinion, a mission which has resulted in unique connections and social mobility and which places us in […]

Magma Venture Invests US$400K Seed Funding in ‘Value 3.0’ GetGems Project

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Magma Venture Partners has invested a US$400,000 seed fund in GetGems , the project and team which created the social messaging app of the same name. CEO Daniel Peled and the GetGems team made the announcement yesterday, January 4.

Speaking to CoinTelegraph, Ran Achituv , a general partner with Magma VC, described his company as “an early-stage fund, founded in 1999 by Modi Rosen and Yahal Zilka,” focusing on “first-of-a-kind investments” by “identifying trends and […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: Bitcoin price plummets and Bitstamp wallet breach

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The price of bitcoin has crashed below $300 to its lowest price since November 2013 (IBTimes UK) Bitcoin has plummeted to its lowest price in over a year, falling by $50 since Friday to take its value as low as $262 over the weekend.

Following several days of stability across all markets over the new year, litecoin, dogecoin, and other big players have followed in bitcoin’s lead with their own significant price drops. Bitcoin’s market […]

Bitstamp Warns Users to Stop Depositing at the Exchange, Cites Problem With Hot Wallet

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Bitstamp sent out an email Sunday, telling users to stop depositing bitcoins at the exchange.

The exact details are still fuzzy and it is unclear what has prompted the technical issue. Users however have complained of strange activity and Bitstamp noted that it has detected issues with its hot wallet. The email warns users to stop depositing bitcoins because “private keys of your deposit address may be lost.”

Money that is already deposited at the exchange […]

Markets Weekly: Bitcoin’s New Year Starts With a Crash

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Jan 5 – coindesk-bpi-chart (1) Bitcoin’s price crashed over the New Year weekend, losing $51 over two days. It opened on Saturday at $314.59 and closed Sunday at $263.63, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index .

The plunging price got market watchers chattering as Sunday drew to a close. Unsurprisingly, a contingent of bitcoin watchers put a positive spin on the price crash, viewing it as a buying opportunity, albeit with a note of […]

Bitcoin News Mash-Up: BitStamp Got Issues; California Approves Bitcoin; and More

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Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

BitStamp Acknowledges Problems with Its Hot Wallets
BitStamp today mailed his customers to inform them about a persisting issue in their platform, saying that their transaction server is detecting problems with their hot wallet, as a result of which they cannot process withdrawal requests. The Slovenia-based exchange further asked users not to get involved in any inbound or outbound transactions, until the problem is […]

Bitcoin Exchange BitStamp Stops Services; RNG Attack Suspected

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BitStamp , one of the world’s leading Bitcoin exchange platform, recently informed its users about suspending its services temporarily in the wake of a security malfunction.

According to the available sources, the Slovenia-based exchange allegedly suffered an RNG attack following which its hot wallets stopped processing deposits and withdrawals. It is the same attack which impacted Blockchain.INFO last month. As per BitStamp informed its users, no coins were lost in the incidence. However, the private […]

BitCoin is ON FIRE ~ Time to Invest?

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Why Real Estate Investing? Here are my top 4 reasons on why I think real estate investing is one of the best investment/asset classes for new entrepreneurs l…

February 13, 2014 — Trenton, New Jersey — MadBitcoins: It’s the real thing. — MadBitcoins Subscriber Index 2593. Philip K. Dick believed that he received …

Aunt Jill Schlesinger returns to the show! This time she tells us about her recent travels, her new favorite storytelling Web site, […]

Bitcoin…Really??? Jeremy Rubin #bitcoinbunchy

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Jeremy Rubin, Technical Director of the MIT Bitcoin Project, is going to explain ‘what the bleep’ Bitcoin is and why he sees it as one of the most interesting innovations in modern computer science. This eye opening talk from TEDxBeaconStreet won’t tell you what to think about cryptocurrency, but will leave you with the tools to parse this new […]

IRAN Nuclear (and GOLD!) Deal, BITCOIN MANIA – Jerry Robinson

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0.9%-1.9% Financing on Pre-Owned Vehicles! – 1310FLM.

Click That Link to Get a FREE Video Preview for the #1 Rated Sports Investing System Online. Average members of …

Time zone differences and their impact on businesses.Playing Shortstop – putting on a tag on a base steal attempt.Our first year together, one year today! What an awesome and fun year! (January 12, 2013 – 2014!Need commercial financing for your business? Let us work for you by giving […]

Why UToken Digital Currency Is Superior To Bitcoin For Transactions

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Why UToken Digital Currency Is Superior To Bitcoin For Transactions

Visit http://join.utokenwealth.com for more infomation.

In this short video, we discuss one of the big reasons UToken digital currency is much more attractive to business owners as a form of payment for goods and services.Experts agree that until we see much less volatility in the value of the Bitcoin, many businesses will be reluctant to adopt this crypto-currency as a form of payment.The UToken digital currency […]

UK-based exchange LazyCoins Launches mobile app for payments and merchant services

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In an announcement the UK-based altcoin exchange LazyCoins says that it is relaunching its online exchange. At the occasion it also promises to launch a mobile app for payments and merchant services. With the move the company aims to expand the services to include mobile payments and merchant services.

The statement from LazyCoins says that it will be moving into direct competition with industry leaders BitPay and CoinBase’s own merchant apps. Also, the company says […]

Buy, mine and sell Bitcoin at one place!

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CEX.IO is a revolutionary platform for buying, mining and selling Bitcoin at one place. Trade Bitcoin, altcoins and fiat money at CEX.IO Bitcoin crypto exchange. Get into cloud mining to get even more profit and feel secure with keeping funds in a safe cold storage.
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The Bitcoin Foundation Dismisses Jim Harper from his Position as Global Policy Counsel

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According to a report published in the New York Times Jim Harper whose was appointed as the Bitcoin Foundation’s global policy counsel last March has been dismissed from the post. The portal informs that Mr. Harper’s last day was Wednesday, though he received notice of the foundation’s decision shortly after Thanksgiving.

Regarding the dismissal Patrick Murck, the executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation said that the organization is changing direction a little bit here and […]

Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin, Litecoin Crashing Towards an Invisible Bottom

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ForexMinute.com – Last 24 hours in the cryptocurrency market were the worst by every mean, as both Bitcoin and Litecoin broke below their respective bottoms and formed a rather stretchy bearish flag. Look further to know more.

BTC/USD 4H BitFinex Chart It was only a matter of one night when BTC/USD made a plunge after floating above the 300-support for a long time. And the worst part of the entire fall turn out to […]

ShapeShift Ends its Relationship with PayCoin

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Things haven’t been going particularly well for PayCoin , lately.  Following a recent drop in price due to what some are calling the work of “online trolls,” altcoin exchange Shapeshift.io has removed the currency from its platform due to what the exchange is calling a “broken promise,” where customers could purchase PayCoins at $20 each.

ShapeShift made the announcement via a Reddit post , saying:

“We’ve looked further into Paycoin, and while there are some criticisms […]

LazyCoins Launching LazyPay Mobile Wallet and Merchant App for the Point-of-Sale Bitcoin Market

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UK-based altcoin exchange LazyCoins has announced they are relaunching their online exchange, along with a mobile app for payments and merchant services. Aiming to expand their services to include mobile payments and merchant services, LazyCoins will be moving into direct competition with industry leaders BitPay and CoinBase’s own merchant apps.

LazyCoins is entering the fight to provide merchant services in the digital currency world. This was one of the growing trends at the end of […]

Is Falling Bitcoin Value a Cause for Concern?

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Related Articles

In the short term, the answer is yes. Despite numerous encouraging announcements in the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin faces downward price pressure in the near term. Some of this downward pressure is inherent, as roughly 3600 Bitcoins are mined per day. Taking it a step further, at a price of $300 per Bitcoin, $1,080,000 of new Bitcoin must be purchased every day to maintain the current price. Bitcoin will need to live through […]

Cointellect Asic шахтер Как настроить АСИК Dogecoin,Bitcoin,Евро

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Cointellect com покупаем контракт Dogecoin,Bitcoin,Евро

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Заработок Dogecoin с помощью компьютера Cointellect Майнинг
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Cointellect Dogecoin Bitcoin Евро , майнинг на процессоре CPU pooler cpeminer, cgminer, cudaminer

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Cgminer http://cryptomining-blog.com/tag/cgmi …
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Dogecoin Bitcoin Евро Cointellect Майним и зарабатываем полная инструкция

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Cointellect Майним и Зарабатываем Dogecoin,Bitcoin,Евро

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Review: Ravenbit Keeps Physical Bitcoin Meme Alive

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Ravenbit physical bitcoin Name of product: Ravenbit NODE coin (standard edition, brass)
What it is: Physical ‘bitcoin’ token
Made by: Ravenbit
Cost: $20 plus shipping (less if bought in bulk quantities, more if limited edition)
Basic summary: The Ravenbit NODE is a physical bitcoin token with no pre-loaded value (to comply with money transmission regulations), to give as gifts or keep as a collectors’ item. Users install bitcoin value by attaching printed QR […]

6 (More) Bitcoin Myths Debunked

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We’ve all heard them before.

As a groundbreaking innovation, bitcoin naturally attracts skeptics just as strongly as it attracts supporters, and the technical and theoretical complexity of the digital currency can cause a considerable amount of confusion with those who are not ‘in the know’.

The result is that critics of bitcoin oftentimes fall back on one or two euphemisms to express why they think it will never succeed – simplified statements like "bitcoin is a ponzi […]

19 Crypto 2.0 Projects to Watch in 2015

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As part of our 2014 recap, CoinDesk conducted a broad survey of the crypto 2.0 ecosystem to determine how the sector’s emerging influencers believe it will evolve in 2015.

Overall, the community perhaps most concerned with building on the potential of bitcoin’s pioneering protocol expressed a bullish sentiment, voicing its opinion that 2015 will bring increased attention as its most-anticipated projects hit the market.

The survey also asked respondents to name specific projects that they believe […]

Bitcoin Mining Centralization Counteracted by Malicious Pools, Says Study

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Bitcoin mining centralization – the concentration of mining power in the hands of a small number of corporate entities – is considered by many people to be the single biggest problem facing the cryptocurrency today.

One of the biggest selling points of Bitcoin is, after all, the fact that it is a decentralized network that does not need to rely on users trusting large corporations, such as the ‘too big to fail’ banks which many […]

Weekend Roundup: Snowden Accepting Bitcoins, Ecuador’s Digital Money Launches, and ChangeTip Rolling Out Facebook Support

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Weekend Roundup: Snowden Accepting Bitcoins, Ecuador’s Digital Money Launches, and ChangeTip Rolling Out Facebook Support On Thursday, Carlo Caraluzzo reported that American whistleblower Edward Snowden is accepting bitcoins to finance his legal defense. “Snowden is accepting donations in PayPal, credit card, check, bank transfer and now, of course, Bitcoin. Donations can be made at this location . The donation website is in fact owned and operated by WikiLeaks and is registered by Julian Assange, […]

BitOasis Aims to Change how People Transact in the Middle East Using Bitcoin

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Bitcoin can offer many solutions to the Middle East, from fostering youth entrepreneurship to enabling farmers to receive loans in the digital currency, says BitOasis’ Ola Doudin.

BitOasis , a Bitcoin exchange and multi-sig wallet dedicated to the Middle East, is working on bringing Bitcoin to the region. Its founder, Ola Doudin , a former Ernest & Young associate, believes the technology has the potential to address the many challenges encountered in the region […]

Virtual Roger Ver Spotted Handing Out Bitcoins in NYC

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As most Bitcoin fans know, Roger Ver recently gave up his US Passport, so for the time being he is unable to set foot on US soil. His presence in the US, however, will not be stopped.

While enjoying the sun on a Caribbean Beach, Roger Ver simultaneously romped the streets of New York City, taking in the sights of the Financial District, trying to convince unsuspecting bystanders to except a few dollars in bitcoins. […]

California Approves Bitcoin for Transactions

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California has now become “Crypto-rnia”.

The state’s governor Jerry Brown has approved bitcoin for transactions, thus making California a sturdy haven for digital currency.

The news comes following the ratification of a new finance bill originally approved in the summer of 2014.  The bill’s objective was to end all prohibitions on alternatives to U.S. dollars for commerce in the state.  Through the bill’s official ratification, alternate currencies (including bitcoin and related virtual monies) are hereby permitted […]

MaidSafe Founder Seeks Monopoly on ‘Distributed Network System’

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MaidSafe founder David Irvine asked the U.S. government in June 2014 to create and enforce a monopoly on his behalf. On January 1 of this year, the U.S. government agreed to do so . The monopolistic grab goes by another name, too: patent.

The following computing process is what Irvine now claims he owns: “A method of storing data from a first node on a peer-to-peer network. The method includes creating a public and private […]

California Governor Approves Bitcoin for Transactions

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[Editor’s note: The original version of this article carried the headline “Bitcoin becomes legal tender for transactions in California.” The use of the phrase “legal tender” overstated the extent of the new legislation, and was inaccurate. Although alternative currencies are now legal for transaction in California, there is no legal obligation for their acceptance in transactions. CoinTelegraph is sorry for the error.]  

Bitcoin can be accepted and used for transactions in the US state of California […]

Manhattan Community Board Bans Bitcoin Block Party

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The City of New York is following the same path as the state in trying to use regulation to push Bitcoin into obscurity. A Manhattan Community Board ruled that a Bitcoin decentralization block party would be refused permits.

The block party was a co-venture between GMT Tavern , a bar and restaurant located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, and Cut Rush Creative Labs , a Brooklyn-based film production company that specializes in promoting virtual currencies […]

ChangeTip Adding Facebook And Slack

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Update: Slack Integration appears to be working, as mentioned by a commentor.

Since ChangeTip burst onto the scene in November, giving users a way to easily tip bitcoin to even non-bitcoin users, Facebook has been the obvious addition and everyone knew it would be coming eventually.

2015, as it turns out, is that “eventually” and tipping on Facebook has been rolled out to select users, with wider release expected in the coming days. An announcement […]

Study: How Bitcoin Could Transform Personal Insurance

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A new paper explores how Bitcoin could transform the way we manage personal life insurance. Namely, the blockchain could provide a global, secure and public record of personal health information.

In a 51-page report , the research group Long Finance described a range of potential areas where the blockchain could come in handy in the insurance sector. The London-based initiative “holds hope” that these applications could aid consumers. From August to November, the Z/Yen Group […]

Bitcoin Gets Approval from California Governor

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The governor of the US state of California has approved Bitcoin ; thus, the digital currency can now be accepted and used for transactions in the US state. This has been made possible by the ratification of a new finance bill which has made it possible for users to pay in Bitcoin. Earlier, only US Dollars were officially recognized.

However, now that the new bill allows for the use of other national and digital currencies, […]

One Coin presentation Better than Bitcoin

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The new project "ONE COIN" Started on 20.01.2015 in Hong Kong officially Worldwide.
This is a link to preserve the position and registration: http://www.onecoin.eu/signup/stefanov6

We all know that Christmas miracles happen. What I dream sometimes be just steps away from us, but to get to it we need to do at least one step … The new year for people who want to be successful begins with new opportunities. Use this opportunity !!!
Join […]

ISG Now Accepts Cryptocurrency for 3D Printers and Related Services

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Online 3D printing store ISG has announced it has started accepting Bitcoin and Cannabiscoin as payment methods on its website, combining two disruptive technologies into one purchasing experience.

"We are already accepting Bitcoin and have been proud to collaborate with CannabisCoin on a line of 3D printed grinders," said CEO and founder Samuel Guillemette. "We are open to more collaboration with the cryptocurrency community. We want to bring the best experience to the users." ISG chose BitPay […]

Mike Hearn: How Bitcoin’s Technology Advanced in 2014

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Bitcoin and code In just a few days, bitcoin will have been in development for five years.

For those of us who watched it grow from a humble Windows-only desktop application to today’s global infrastructure, bitcoin’s technology is simultaneously astonishing and frustrating. We marvel at how far it’s come, and yet are impatient with how far it still has to go.

Most media stories reviewing bitcoin’s 2014 focus exclusively on the price . So, instead, let’s take a […]

Crypto 2.0 in 2015: Turning Bitcoin Theory Into Big Business

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Chip, computer 2014 may be remembered as the year the bitcoin protocol became unrealistically lauded as a magic cure-all to problems plaguing everything from cancer research to copyright law.

What may have been lost in this stream of sometimes sensational headlines is that, while bitcoin’s distributed ledger technology is empowering a new wave of entrepreneurs to experiment with legal contracts, identity and ownership, the foundations for such solutions are, in reality, still being built.

Looking ahead, though, the […]

Cody Wilson Speaks Out on Campaign to Dismantle Bitcoin Foundation

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Anarchist activist Cody Wilson has officially launched his candidacy for the upcoming Bitcoin Foundation board elections, and reaffirmed his intention to try and disband the organization from within if successful.

Wilson nominated himself with a post on the foundation’s forums on 20th December and has also launched a website  to support his campaign.

A staunch opponent of bitcoin regulation or centralization, Wilson is also best known for co-founding Defense Distributed , a donor-funded nonprofit organization that […]

Bitcoin Bowl Merchants See Tech’s Big Picture, But Few Sales

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The Bitcoin St Petersburg Bowl may have given bitcoin a visibility boost on primetime TV, but according to local merchants who participated in its promotion, this attention didn’t always translate into an increase in local sales or customer interest.

As part of our Bitcoin Bowl coverage , CoinDesk surveyed more than 20 St Petersburg merchants about their experience supporting the event, though more were approached for comment. BitPay had said that more than 100 businesses in total signed […]

Why Some Bitcoin Exchanges Might Die in 2015

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Closed sign The recent levelling out of bitcoin’s price volatility might be good news for everyday bitcoin users, but could it send a bunch of exchanges off the cliff?

CoinDesk recently spoke to the CEO of a company whose fortune depends on the health of bitcoin exchanges. In the off-record conversation, the exec had something disturbing to say: bitcoin’s falling volatility is causing problems for exchanges, which rely on volatility for trading volume. Without trading […]

OneCoin Better Than Bitcoin? How To Make Money Online?

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http://www.bit.ly/OneCoinVietNam OneCoin Cryptocurrency | CneCoin Crypto
onecoin cryptocurrency | one coin price | one coin english japan
OneCoin is not a copy of a BITCOIN.
It is new generation of cryptic currency.
You can find same, proven qualities from OneCoin that BITCOIN have, but there is also so much more in OneCoin.Join NOW and be one of the first miners of OneCoin! http://www.bit.ly/ttcreward World has learn from BITCOIN what cryptic currensies can do for […]

SuperNET: Super Competition for Fiat

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The blockchain has been called the “Internet of money.” But what if there were an “Internet of blockchains?”

There is.

Released late in 2014 and coded by famed developer jl777 , the SuperNET seeks to allow the strengths of the best cryptocurrencies to work for – not in competition with – each other.Developer Jl777 said: “SuperNET is not designed to replace Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, but to enable cryptocurrency to compete more effectively with the […]

Bitreserve Exceeds Crowdfunding Goal To Raise $9.5 Million

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Bitreserve has broken through its £6 million GBP ($9.35 Million USD) target on the British crowd-funding website Crowdcube.

With 8 days left to run , during which time they can continue to receive ‘overfunding’ investments, the South Carolina (United States) firm is already claiming the second biggest ever crowdfunding campaign for a cryptocurrency project, behind only Etheruem’s ‘pre-sale’ of tokens, and is comfortably the largest one ever for a Bitcoin company. This ‘Series B’ investment […]

Does the Soros Family have a Stake in Bitgold?

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Bitgold , a Canadian startup looking to provide global access to gold through bitcoin, is set to go live in mid-February following the completion of its private beta phase.

What has some raising an eyebrow in interest is that George Soros of Soros Brothers Investments seemingly holds a stake in the company, and some are wondering if the Hungarian-born business mogul and philanthropist suddenly has a newfound interest in cryptocurrency.

George Soros has been a news […]

BitQuick to Implement P2SH Multi-Signature Escrow Addresses

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Becoming the first major Bitcoin trading marketplace to implement P2SH Multi-Signature Escrow Addresses, BitQuick is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform . In the press release the organization announces that it connects buyers and sellers; however, its integration of P2SH (Pay To Script Hash) multi-signature addresses through the BitGo platform is on offer.

 The company says that it is now the first major marketplace to implement multi-signature technology to protect customer funds which has long been […]

Green Man Gaming Now Accepts Bitcoin

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Green Man There is now another, more traditional method of buying PC games with Bitcoin. Green Man Gaming quietly began accepting the digital currency early last month.

Besides accepting Bitcoin, Green Man Gaming is unique because it allows customers to sell the digital rights of their game back to Green Man Gaming if it is purchased on the affiliated Playfire distribution platform. That comes back in the form of credit. Games cannot currently be sold […]

Edward Snowden Is Accepting Bitcoin Donations for His Legal Defense Fund

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Edward Snowden Edward Snowden now accepts donations in Bitcoin for his legal defense fund.

Snowden is one of the most well-known people in the world. The computer professional made his name after he exposed the massive spying programs that are being used against not only American citizens, but everyone in the world. Because of how he came by this evidence, though, Snowden is now a fugitive from the United States and is taking shelter in […]

Greece at a financial cross-roads and a practical solution could be Bitcoin

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Political instability in Greece could elect an anti-austerity party in the coming weeks, looking for new financial solutions, perhaps Bitcoin. With a weakened economy and risk of exit from the euro-zone, the Greek party needs new economic policy to solve the country’s deficit.

In the last 24 hours, Greek MPs have rejected the government’s presidential nomination triggering a new round of parliamentary elections, likely to bring the left wing to power. The coalition of radical […]

10 Bitcoin Resolutions for 2015

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A lot can happen in 365 days.

A year ago, 1 BTC was worth $770, governments around the world were either terrified of bitcoin or laughed it off as a passing fad and it was a lot harder to find a place to spend your bitcoins.

Today, you can buy a bitcoin for $316 , governments and financial institutions are starting to understand the disruptive potential of the bitcoin protocol and digital currencies, and bitcoin shopping options are […]

‘Star Trek’ Will Be in ‘Star Wars’ in 2015

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This will not happen next year. Photographer: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images” src=”http://media.gotraffic.net/images/iCMjbI3vm5KU/v3/620×349.jpg”> This will not happen next year. As 2014 draws to a close, I offer my predictions for the new year. Some are serious, some are whimsical, most are heartfelt. They are not listed in order of importance.

* * *

In 2015 …With the help of U.S.-led coalition attacks on Islamic State, the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad will survive another year. To his east, […]

BitcoinExpo 2015 – Press Release

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This is a press release and was not written by the NewsBTC team

24 – 25 January 2015
London, United Kingdom
After a previous success of Central European Bitcoin Expo Vienna , BitcoinExpo 2014 Shanghai and Bitcoin 2 Business Congress Brussels , the CryptoEvents team brings BitcoinExpo London 2015 to you. Conference will take place in the capital of United Kingdom on 24 – 25 January 2015. The event brings value speeches, debates, […]

Singapore Hosting Inside Bitcoins 2015 Conference

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Inside Bitcoin The major cryptocurrency event, Inside Bitcoin , will be held next year in Singapore on January 29-30, 2015. Event sponsors are encouraging people to reserve tickets early and are offering discounts to those who pre-register. Group rates are also being offered.

The exhibition and show will be held at the Suntec Singapore Conference and Expo over a two day period and feature both conference sessions and exhibits. Organizers say that whether attendees are […]

Has China Abandoned Bitcoin?

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Shanghai Composite There has been much conjecture on the role China has played in the rise and fall of Bitcoin’s price. Most in this space recognize that China has been leading the Bitcoin marketplace in terms of trading and volume. If this is the case, perhaps looking through some charts would shed some light on where Chinese money is flowing.

Below is a chart comparing the Shanghai Composite with the price of Bitcoin. First, let’s […]

Investing in the Bitcoin Space: Moe Levin Interviews Pantera Capital

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Pantera Capital At the nexus of North America and Latin America, Miami Beach’s historic Fillmore Theatre will stage The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) on January 16–18, 2015.

This direction-setting event is aimed at driving Bitcoin from speculation to mainstream. The conference will embrace the Bitcoin, tech and startup communities and enthusiasts from around the world, for a weekend of dynamic keynotes, panel discussions and exhibits from groundbreaking and industry-leading Bitcoin companies. 

TNABC has partnered with […]

New BTMs in North America, UK and Australia

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The proliferation of BTMs around the world continued last week, even with the Christmas holiday giving billions of us an excuse not to do much work at all.

According to the Bitcoin ATM map published by our partner Coin ATM Radar, 5 new BTMs went live last week, all in an English-speaking country. Australia

BTM in Melbourne In Melbourne, the Mr Pilgrim Cafe in the Chadstone Shopping Centre installed a one-way Lamassu, operated by Cryptolink […]

Bitreserve Raises US$9.5 Million in Second Largest Crowdfunding Round in the Digital Currency Sector

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Bitreserve has become the second largest crowdfunded digital currency company by hitting US$9.5 million in a public Series-B investment round. Having already doubled an original target of US$4.6 million, the digital currency wallet and exchange service entered the second additional over-funding with 10 days remaining.

Launching their ‘B’ investment round back in mid-November, the Bitreserve team set out to raise the US$4.6 million they saw as necessary “to reach cash-flow positive” on the crowdfunding sites […]

TradeBlock Welcomes New Lead UI Engineer

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Jeff Ward has been welcomed as the new lead UI engineer at TradeBlock , where he will be in charge of optimizing human-computer interactions on the TradeBlock Professional platform.

Ward has been a long time Bitcoin supporter, stated the company in an announcement December 22. He first became involved in the industry with Bitcoin mining in 2011, and more recently decided to dive deeper as an advocate for the potential of distributed systems and smart […]

World’s First Cryptocurrency Loan Site Launched

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ForexMinute.com – Pure-Central.com, a newly launched P2P payment service company, has developed a new platform which allows global users to apply or invest in cryptocurrency loans.

According to the available reports , the company permits investors to directly lend a range of cryptocurrencies to borrowers. In return, it charges around 0.75% commission which, in Pure-Central’s view, is the lowest fee structure in the market.

Catherine White, the company’s Chief Media Officer and spokesperson for its website, […]

Cornell Professor Challenges ChangeTip

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Emin Gün Sirer , the Cornell professor who recently said that ChangeTip needed to die a quick death has returned to the offensive on the issue of privacy. ChangeTip CEO Nick Sullivan recently criticized Sirer´s statements saying that it felt “like a charity being yelled at”. What Sullivan did not do though was to explain how ChangeTip could even remotely be considered a “charity”.

Sirer points out that not only is ChangeTip a for profit corporation […]

Anthony Di Iorio: ‘The Time has come for me to focus on my Businesses’

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Anthony Di Iorio, the founder of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC), has resigned from its position as Executive Director and member of the Board to focus on his businesses. He will continue to help support the organization in an advisory position.

"I believe I’ve done my share of community building over the past 2 years with the BAC and doing the weekly Toronto Bitcoin Meetups, which I’ll be continuing," said Di Iorio in a […]

The Nxt Client Just Gave Me a Braingasm

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I see a lot of cryptocurrency-related press releases. I research many different crypto companies and coins. I comb through a lot of their websites and wikis. It’s part of the job.

And about a month ago, Nxt started to stand out to me.

The branding seemed consistent, yet somehow still decentralized. The apps just kept getting released — not announced as “in development”— but actually available for use. And proof-of-stake has me pretty excited about the […]

BitMEX to Launch Bitcoin ‘Fear’ Index

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Derivatives exchange BitMEX will publish an index on 5th January that it hopes will become the bitcoin world’s version of the VIX– the so-called ‘fear index’ that is used to gauge uncertainty in the wider financial markets.

The 30-Day Bitcoin Historic Volatility Index, as  BitMEX  is calling it, works by taking the time-weighted average price from Bitfinex’s USD/BTC rate. It then calculates bitcoin’s annualised volatility over a rolling 30-day period using that data. The result is a […]

Bitcoin News Mash-Up: The Bitcoin-Diamond Affair; Digital Charity; and More

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Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Diamond Jewelry Distributor Starts Accepting Bitcoins

iDIAMONDS, an internet-based diamond jewelry retailer, recently announced to integrate Bitcoin payments to its checkout process. The company therefore partnered with payment processor BitPay to avoid Bitcoin’s market volatility. According to a recent survey conducted on newly married couples, American weddings cost an average of over $30,000 – adding around $40 billion to the national economy. This might […]

The Bitcoin Foundation Should be Destroyed Says Cody Wilson

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Cody Rutledge Wilson , an American crypto-anarchist, free-market anarchist, and gun-rights activist, says that the Bitcoin Foundation should be destroyed. Earlier this year he had announced in an interview that he would stand for election to a seat on the Board of Directors of the Bitcoin Foundation.

However, surprisingly, unlike other board members who are there at the post to promote Bitcoin, Cody Wilson had said that his aim was to destroy the Foundation. He […]

Bitcoin would help in transition towards cashless society, says India’s central bank chief

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RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan Reuters Raghuram Rajan, governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), said digital currencies such as bitcoin would be helpful in the transition towards a cashless society, as they become better and safer in the future.

In an interview with NDTV, Rajan said the digital currency is "fascinating", despite apparent drawbacks.

"I think we are still watching the evolution of these kinds of currencies," he said."One of the problems that we envisage […]

Excellent news coverage leading up to the Bitcoin Bowl

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2014’s worst currency was Bitcoin It’s been a bad year for the Russian ruble and a terrible 12 months for the Ukrainian hryvnia. But it’s been a catastrophic.

This is one of the most positive mainstream news segments I’ve seen on Bitcoin – excellent reporting and some great interviews.

Hey guys, it’s Jason, today I’m going to talk about how Microsoft is now accepting bitcoins. But more importantly I discuss about how companies like Microsof.TYT140 – […]

Microsoft: Bitcoin Regulation Will Influence Expansion Plans

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Global tech giant and Internet pioneer Microsoft ignited a new wave of interest in both bitcoin and its brand with its surprise December announcement that it had integrated the digital currency as a payment option for digital goods.

While widely lauded by the bitcoin community as a small but forward-thinking step, optimism about the move arguably reached fever pitch when just a day later its partner BitPay suggested Microsoft was already considering ways to expand […]

India’s Central Bank Could One Day Use Digital Currency, Chief Says

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India flag cash composite Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan spoke out on bitcoin at a televised event organised by the NDTV network late last week.

During the  discussion , which looked at aspects of the Indian economy, the governor was asked for his opinion on bitcoin. He responded by saying that the digital currency is “fascinating”.

However, Rajan was also cautious about the risks of the new technology.“I think we are still watching the evolution of these kinds of currencies," […]

Bitcoin Donations Can Now Fund Mine-Detecting ‘Super Rats’

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Belgian NGO and social enterprise Apopo is now accepting bitcoin donations to fund innovative humanitarian projects in eight countries across Africa and Asia.

With the announcement, it joins an increasing number of non-profits and charities that use bitcoin to tap into new global sources of revenue. The donations are being made through a partnership with payments processor BitPay .

Notably,  Apopo  uses giant pouched African rats  for humanitarian purposes. Nicknamed ‘HeroRATs’, the rodents are trained to detect […]

Bitcoin Wedding Industry Taking Off, iDIAMONDS Taking Bitcoins

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The digital currency wedding industry is taking off with iDIAMONDS offering diamond rings for Bitcoin. Following the first blockchain wedding at Coins in the Kingdom in late 2014, the wedding industry is taking note, as everything from rings to wedding dresses becomes savvy to the spending power of Bitcoin.

Online diamond and jewellery dealer iDIAMONDS is seeking to capture some of the US$ 4 billion value in the Bitcoin world, by pairing with BitPay to […]

Vertcoin Proposes Elastic Distribution Model to Tackle Volatility Issues

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Vertcoin recently announced  the move to an elastic distribution model that will bring incredible stability to its value.

Adam Rivera, one of the closely associated developers of Vertcoin elaborated the concept further by exemplifying the monopolized demand and supply rate in the market. Taking a jab at Bitcoin, he said: “Many prominent economists have commented that the biggest thing holding Bitcoin back from ubiquity is their inelastic distribution model. The problem is one of market volatility – […]

The Nakamoto Institute’s First Podcast Rebuts Buterin’s Defense of Competing Cryptocurrencies

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The Nakamoto Institute’s First Podcast Rebuts Buterin’s Defense of Competing Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin enthusiasts debate about a number of details—from block size to the best consensus protocol . One timely (and by now ancient) debate centers around appcoins.

Poor cryptocurrency devotees would love to know, are they good investments? Or not? Many believe that a few good soldiers—or maybe many—could endure the storm of investments. But the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute is notorious for offering an unequivocal […]

Cloud Mining Service Hashie.co Disappears With User Funds, Replaces Site With ARG

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Cloud mining is risky business. Bitcoin mining in general can be risky business, but cloud mining in particular requires a lot of trust. Essentially, you are sending someone money on the promise that they will send you more money back. There is a lot of talk about hardware and cloud mining and state of the art facilities with giant server racks filled with powerful ASICs. At any given service, those things may or may […]

OKCoin Now Offers P2P Lending to International Users

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OKCoin’s new one-screen Futures interface OKCoin.com, the international arm of China’s OKCoin, has introduced a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending system it says will increase liquidity on its spot market and provide low-risk interest returns for users willing to loan their coins to traders.

It is the first time all OKCoin ‘s users around the world will have the opportunity to access the lending feature. Traders can choose loans at their preferred interest rates, and are offered […]

RBI Governor: “Virtual currencies will be much safer and get better in future”

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Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan recently exhibited his views on virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

In an interactive session with students organized by popular Indian news channel NDTV, Dr. Rajan was asked by one of the attendees about India’s current stand on digital currencies, to which he replied:

“I have no doubt that down the line, we will be moving towards primarily a cashless society and we’ll have some kind of currencies like this which […]

[84] Bitcoin is maturing: Patrick Byrne & Jinyoung Lee Englund on the cryptocurrency

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Ponencia de Jinyoung Lee Englund, director of Public Affairs de Bitcoin en OMExpo 2014. Disculpen por la calidad del sonido.

Excerpt from Let’s Talk Bitcoin – Episode 114 (

By Maria Esteves – The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere Documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, directed by Nicolas Mross commenced Wednesday, Apr…Meghan sat down with Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com and the recent FreedomSummit event in Arizona.Leapfrogging the competition with Bitcoin Spain is one of […]

Hyprkey: Almost Unhackable Authentication

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A company based out of New York City called HyprKey aims to accomplish a three-factor level of security that credit cards, Apple Pay, CurrentC and Bitcoin haven’t.

The day of paying for goods and services with our mobile devices instead of swiping credit cards is dawning.

Apple Pay links customers’ credit cards to their mobile payment system, their ads seem to be everywhere, and their presence is increasing in stores.Merchants like Walmart dislike these credit card […]

India Soon To Be A Cashless Society, Says Governor

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India has been a little slower than many Western – and indeed Asian – nations in its adoption of digital currency, but it looks as though we are finally seeing some movement in the right direction. In a television interview released earlier today, Raghuram Rajan , Gov of the reserve bank of India, voiced is opinion on bitcoin and its likely future in India.

Seemingly in strong support for bitcoin adoption, the governor responded to […]

Bitcoin Tipping And Music Streaming Are Headed To The Moon

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A Reddit user has created an alternative to the popular music streaming service SoundCloud, and it features bitcoin tipping! The new music platform is called sfx.io . And although it is still in beta, it’s not short on unique features.

Sfx.io has integrated bitcoin tipping jars on artist profiles which allows visitors to tip creators for songs and sounds they enjoy. Currently, the platform allows users to upload mp3, .m4a (aac), and .wav files. Registered […]

American Whistleblower Edward Snowden Now Accepting Donations in Bitcoin

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ForexMinute.com – Edward Snowden, the popular American computer professional who rose to fame after leaking classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA), is now accepting Bitcoin for his official legal defense fund, currently being managed and run by Courage Foundation

Snowden has been earlier charged by the US government with multiple anti-national crimes, including “unauthorized communication of national defense information” and “willful communication of classified communications intelligence information to an unauthorized person”. The 31-year […]

Reserve Bank Governor: India “will adopt digital currencies at some point”

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The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India has said he has “no doubt” that digital currencies will play a role in India’s future society. Drawing a comparison between the rise of debit and credit cards in the country, the Governor argues digital currency will help pave the way to a cashless society.

Speaking during a wide-ranging TV interview in New Delhi, Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan made his first comments on Bitcoin and the […]

MegaBigPower: 2014 Was a Game Changer for Bitcoin Mining

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The bitcoin mining landscape was, perhaps, permanently shaped over the past year, as events both great and small made their marks on the industry.

2014 saw community uprisings against large hashrate contributors, growing amounts of capital flowing into the space, the expansion of mining into the remote corners of the planet and much, much more.

MegaBigPower ’s Dave Carlson argues that the last year was a game changer that brought both risk and reward for those who […]

The Federal Reserve Publishes Another Paper on Bitcoin

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The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington, D.C. has issued a report entitled Bitcoin: Technical Background and Data Analysis. The recently released report, dated October 7, is a technical analysis of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin protocol. While mostly accurate, it contains a number of assumptions and self-serving statements suggesting that, despite a great deal of empirical research and terabytes of data, the Federal Reserve lacks a fundamental understanding of Bitcoin. Lack of Understanding

One […]

Markets Weekly: 2014 Closes on Bearish Note for Bitcoin

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The bitcoin price has been in the doldrums in the last week, closing out a month of persistent losses. It’s now trading at the lowest levels of the year.

Bitcoin opened the week at $330.67 and closed at $316.80, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index . That represented a loss of $13.87 in the bitcoin price over the last seven days, or 4.2%.

Over the week, the price hit a high of $335.88 on the […]

Its Litecoin vs Altcoins in 2015

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By the end of year 2013, Litecoin looked like the only alternative to its popular counterpart Bitcoin. Traders, who missed the chance of boarding the latter’s quick-buck train, hugely looked upon its next-best to repeat the $13-to-$1,100 magic. Everything was working in Litecoin’s favor – from favorable media coverage to booming merchant and user adoption. 2014 was indeed supposed to be a smoother ride for the silver coin.

But as soon as this year is […]

Theres A Polish Bitcoin Embassy?

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In this video Luke Rudkowski is in Warsaw Poland and talks to Maciek Ziolkowski the founder of the Bitcoin Embassy. They talk about whats going on with bitco.

My first visit to a Bitcoin embassy – this one is in Warsaw, Poland.

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Many have heard of Bitcoin, but don’t know the way Bitcoin works, o.Bitcoin In Kenya – A Film By […]

Zippcoin: Women Over Men

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Zippcoin: Women Over Men Many are losing track of all the up-and-coming digital currencies making their way into the online payments market.  Between Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin, Darkcoin and Dogecoin, we already have quite a few to remember.

Then, some others began popping up… Swiftcoin, PayCoin, Bytecent, Ultracoin, Feathercoin, MiracleCoin… Have we left any out yet?  Is your brain beginning to hurt?

Well, here’s one for you… It’s called Zippcoin , and it’s doing a few interesting […]

Ecuador Officially Launches Its Own E-Money System

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Banco Central del Ecuador (BCE) announced it has officially entered into the first phase of the establishment of its own electronic cash system, asking citizens over 18 years old to open an account using their smartphones.

Starting from December 23, Ecuador citizens over 18 years old can open an electronic money account using a simple code that is required to be enter on their mobile phones, reads the official release . This date triggers the […]

Could Cryptocurrency Improve P2P File Sharing?

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The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay may never make it to its teenage years.

The popular file sharing site, launched in 2003, was recently taken offline following a raid by Swedish police. It’s a sad event for a site that is supposed to be all about unassailable file sharing. Though resurrected versions of The Pirate Bay may already be back up online, the latest interruption to its service raises a host a questions.

What does this […]

How ‘Bitbanks’ Could Solve Bitcoin’s Volatility Problem

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Cameron Harwick is a PhD student in economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. He conducts research into monetary theory and institutions. 

In this article,  Harwick  examines bitcoins issue with volatility and how bitcoin banks could offer a solution. Everywhere in the modern world, money is plagued with political problems. Bitcoin’s success, with no help – and, indeed, much opposition – from political authorities around the world, shows just how valuable it is to avoid […]

Coinbase Is Tracking How Users Spend Their Bitcoins

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Coinbase has recently been demonstrating why consumer regulation is such a problem . The company seems to be tracking what their customers are buying with Bitcoin and closing any accounts involved in transactions that the company objects to.

It is probably no secret that Bitcoiners are not fans of regulation. What is generally misunderstood though is that the aversion is not to regulating in general. We understand that in the real world, the big financial […]

Future Alert: Wealth Sharing May Become the New File Sharing

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File Sharing I’ve been venturing into new subreddits lately (after patronizing /r/Bitcoin almost exclusively for a year). This branching out lead me to /r/cryptocurrency , where I stumbled upon a sort of manifesto for the decentralization of all the things. It’s compelling. Here’s a breakdown of the main points of the full piece , written by redditor aliensyntax . Unconscious Acts of Rebellion

“When file-sharing began on the internet, a process of disruption of […]

Russian Ministry Questions Proposed ‘Quasi-Money’ Ban

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Politicians rarely think about the long-term implications of policy proposals and nowhere is this more evident than in the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin’s policies have turned the Russian economy into a shambles and the icing on this particular cake may well be his policies concerning virtual currencies, according to Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development.

Putin recommended last March that “cash equivalents” be banned under Russian law. The Ministry of Finance (MinFin), Russia’s Central Bank and the […]

Registration Begins for Ecuador’s Government Crypto-Currency

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The Ecuadorian government has begun the long process of registering citizens interested in receiving the country’s official government backed alt coin.

Ecuador has taken the most unique approach to crypto-currency of any government around the world – one which has generated a lot of interest but has won over few friends. After first moving to ban the sale and use of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, the South American nation announced that it would create and […]

OneCoin CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin Crypto, Việt Nam

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http://www.bit.ly/OneCoinVietNam OneCoin Cryptocurrency | CneCoin Crypto

OneCoin is not a copy of a BITCOIN.
It is new generation of cryptic currency.
You can find same, proven qualities from OneCoin that BITCOIN have, but there is also so much more in OneCoin.Join NOW and be one of the first miners of OneCoin! http://www.bit.ly/ttcreward World has learn from BITCOIN what cryptic currensies can do for peoples lifestyles IF they start their business early enough!You dont need to […]

Bitvest – The Bitcoin St.Petersberg Bowl Sponsored by Bitpay

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Donate: 1JioWYjMAzXPXzjq5SLahNJBtiYqoSmcXP

During this college Football Bowl season it looks like Bitcoin is making it’s way in. The Bitcoin St. Petersberg Bowl brought to you by Bitpay, was played in St. Petersburg FL. It was played by the North Carolina State Wolfpack and the University of Central Florida Knights. The Wolfpack won the game 34-27 but I think it is Bitcoin who came out on top. This is one of the best ways to get […]

Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha Suggests Investors to Stay Away from Bitcoin in 2015

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inShare 13 The globally renowned investor, Warren Buffet who is also called ‘Oracle of Omaha’ for right predictions regarding investment opportunities, has suggested the investors to stay away from Bitcoin in the year 2015. He says, “ Stay away from it. It’s a mirage, basically. … It’s a method of transmitting money.”

He further says, “It’s a very effective way of transmitting money and you can do it anonymously and all that. […]

Bitcoin Crowdfunding is Catching on in China

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Bitcoin crowdfunding has taken off recently as a means to grow startups in China, with dozens of projects embracing the popular funding method to finance a variety of novel use cases.

One of those use cases currently being explored is selling part-ownership in a discussion forum to encourage quality over quantity in user behavior. Chinese forum Bikeji.com is offering its members the opportunity to become part-owners of the site through a crowdsale of shares in the company. […]

Bitnplay, Bitcoin Only Poker Site to Be Launched on 1st February 2015

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inShare Bitnplay , a new and innovative Bitcoin-only Online Poker Platform, will be available from the 1 st February 2015. The organization promises to offer a fair, secure, decentralized and friendly environment for all online poker players and eliminate the players’ counter-party risk with the operator, through Bitcoin’s revolutionary Blockchain technology.

Nonetheless, the founders of the poker site also believe that online poker which currently dramatically constrained by the limitations of third-party risk, […]

Buffett on Bitcoin: “Stay Away”

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Buffett on Bitcoin: “Stay Away” What could Warren Buffett , one of the richest men in the world, have against bitcoin?  Did it hurt him in some way?  Did it embarrass him or humiliate him at a conference?

It would appear that the billionaire entrepreneur has a bit of a grudge against the digital currency.  The “Oracle of Omaha” gave the warning to investors in 2015 that they should avoid bitcoin when they can

Buffett explains:“Stay […]

iDIAMONDS Allows Users to Trade Bitcoin for Gems

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It was Marilyn Monroe who famously said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  This appears to still be true today, but sometimes bitcoin can be just a good a buddy to those wanting to get their hands on a particular gem for that special someone.  Thus, iDIAMONDS comes in.

Jewelry e-commerce retailer iDIAMONDS has partnered with bitcoin payment processor BitPay and is now allowing users to trade bitcoin for diamonds and related jewelry.

CEO Dan Gildoni […]

Bitnplay Announces Unusual Crowdsale for Bitcoin Poker Site

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European firm Bitnplay are developing a new Bitcoin only poker site, to be launched on 1st february 2015. In order to fund an initial marketing campaign to promote its new service the company has announced a unique crowdsale in which 200 tokens will be sold for 2 bitcoins each.

Each of the 200 tokens, which are issued using the Counterparty protocol and can therefore be held in any Bitcoin wallet with user-controlled keys, entitles its […]

NYC Requests Info on Using Bitcoin to Pay Parking Tickets

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New York City is looking for new ways to make it easier for residents and visitors to pay for their parking tickets – and Bitcoin is one of a range of new technologies under consideration.

The city’s Department of Finance has issued a ‘Request for Information’ (RFI) entitled “ Mobile Solutions for Payment and Hearing Scheduling of Parking Tickets ,” which makes it clear that they are looking into novel payment technologies and mobile friendly […]

Bitcoin Partners with ChildFund to Save Children

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Digital exchange platform BitPay  has partnered with ChildFund , one of the largest charities in the world for children to allow bitcoin donations.

BitPay recently announced in a blog post:

“We have a commitment to helping nonprofits utilize bitcoin for good causes. Our free payment-processing and donation tools are empowering groups as diverse as ChildFund, Save the Children, American Red Cross, Greenpeace USA and Literacy Bridge to use bitcoin donations and create unique solutions to problems […]

GoCoin Gains Strategic Investment from GAW Miners for Software Development Push

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Digital currency payments processor GoCoin has received a new strategic investment from US-based mining company GAW Miners.

The move represents the latest investment for the Singapore-based service, which offers merchants payments options in bitcoin, as well as a number of digital currencies.

GoCoin declined to disclose the amount, but called the investment “meaningful”. GoCoin has received investments from a number of companies in the bitcoin space, including bitcoin mining giant BitFury  and e-commerce platform Bitcoin Shop .According to […]

Students Could Save 17% on Loans by Paying with Bitcoin

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Student Loan A new service plans to help students use Bitcoin to reduce their student debt by as much as 17%. Brawker , in combination with Tuition.io , is offering tuition gift cards to students.

The student debt crisis in the United States has reached epic proportions. The average student loan debt is approaching US$27,000 per student, and totals more than US$1 trillion over all. The problem is apparently not the loans themselves, but rising […]

Xapo: ‘Without Security, Nothing Else Matters’

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CoinTelegraph has been at Money 20/20 speaking to a huge variety of major names in the cryptocurrency market and beyond.

One name on the lips of many at present is Xapo, a secure Bitcoin storage and payment facilitator which has seen much publicity. From initial praise to recent backlash from community commentators, CSO Ted Rogers talks to CoinTelegraph about the challenges of being a standout in the early Bitcoin ecosystem.

Rogers was directly involved in recent […]

New BTMs: 10 Machines Go Live Across North America and Europe

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Coin ATM Radar, CoinTelegraph’s partner in covering the ever-growing worldwide BTM network , just released an iOS app that will let you find your nearest Bitcoin ATM while you are moving about Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, or wherever you find yourself.

You can download the app here .

According to Coin ATM Radar’s data as of December 22, 2014, there are 336 live BTMs around the world. Below are a few that were installed and began operations […]

VC Investor Keith Gilabert: Dollar ‘Tracking Bitcoin’ Will Mean Price and Usage Rises

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Keith Gilabert Prominent venture capital investor Keith Gilabert has stated his belief in the “sharp” rise in the value of Bitcoin in the near future.

Speaking in a press release issued yesterday, the Fina V Capital president stated that international oil prices and associated currency weakening could see investors flocking to “alternatives” such as Bitcoin in greater numbers.

“Bitcoin could rise significantly as currencies around the world and oil prices continue to weaken,” he said, adding […]

The Tor Onion Is Under Attack and Rapidly Disintegrating

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Roger Dingledine Tor founder Roger Dingledine has reported today that some of the network specialized servers have been compromised.

Websites on the Tor network have been under attack by government law enforcement agencies for more than a year, beginning with the take down of the first Silk Road last year.

Since that time, several other websites have been closed down by joint operations of the US Department of Justice and European police agencies. Reports today indicate […]

Professor Kevin Dowd: “The regulations in NY regarding BitLicense are a kiss of death”

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Kevin Dowd Kevin Dowd is a professor of Economics and Finance at Durham University. A libertarian and fierce advocate of private money over government-issued and controlled alternatives, Dowd has written extensively about Bitcoin, in addition to presenting on the issues surrounding it.

Dowd is no evangelist, however; he recognizes the frailties of Bitcoin in its current form, and considers its continuing evolution to be endangering its innovative principles.

CoinTelegraph reached out to Professor Dowd for a […]

BitPay Announces Large-Scale Improvements to Bitcore, the JavaScript API

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BitPay just announced major improvements to Bitcore, the new API for developing Bitcoin projects in JavaScript. The changes boil down to a cleaner and easier-to-use library for developers.

Although Bitcore 0.8 is composed of several changes, BitPay highlighted three new features in the announcement . They tested the API, so 100% of bitcoind’s test vectors are now “ported and passing.” They replaced the TransactionBuilder class with the Transaction class, which makes transaction handling easier. They […]

Vimeo’s Stripteasers Need Bitcoin QR Codes ASAP (NSFW)

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You watch a striptease like “ Hyena ” by Sweet Lips on Vimeo , and you can’t help but want to tip her. The video takes amateur erotica to a whole new level in production quality. The lighting, the music, the video editing, the camera work and—obviously Sweet’s well-honed art of seduction—all cry out for appreciation.

But there’s just one problem: it’s true that Vimeo supports tipping, but only PayPal or credit cards are accepted. […]

OKCoin Adds New Trading Tools, Features in Bid to Lead Market

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Things are moving fast at OKCoin. The Beijing-based Bitcoin exchange launched its international exchange website OKCoin.com in July, bidding on the wider global market.

Following its expansion plan, the exchange has seen multiple initiatives to strengthen its position as one of the leading exchanges and build its way to become one of the most prominent Bitcoin businesses in the world.

OKCoin’s most recent achievement consists of a series of trading tools targeted at advanced traders. These […]

Map of Coins joins the CoinTelegraph Media Group

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Map of Coins CoinTelegraph is delighted to announce the addition of MapOfCoins.com to the CoinTelegraph Media Group.

The move adds yet another resource to the growing range of CoinTelegraph partners from across the cryptocurrency industry, providing unparalleled reach and variety for our advertising partners.

Map of Coins is a definitive referral resource for the history of the cryptocurrency world. Beginning at the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009, its interactive mapping feature charts the development and creation of […]

Join CoinTelegraph in Choosing the Winners of Our 2014 Bitcoin Industry Awards

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We at CoinTelegraph would like to invite you, our readers, to participate with us in choosing the winners of our 2014 Bitcoin Industry Awards .

Our staff would like to recognize the year’s greatest achievers across the cryptocurrency industry. Which people, places, and businesses would you most like to crown with recognition for their high achievements? Pick your favorite contenders among the top five positions in the following categories: Person of the year

Startup of […]

Did The 500 Richest Bitcoiners Buy the Highs AND Lows?

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A chart of the 500 Bitcoin addresses with the highest balances shows that all or most of them increased their holdings at every price (from the US$1 bitcoin to the US$1,100 bitcoin).

But what does the chart, generated by BitcoinRichList, really mean?

At first glance, I assumed the data meant that I have something in common with Bitcoin’s millionaires (in that I’ve also purchased cryptocurrency over time regardless of price) but it turns out that I […]

Blockchain 2.0 arms race: Blocknet declares first shots fired between nodes on separate blockchains

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Blockchain 2.0 arms race: Blocknet declares first shots fired between nodes on separate blockchains Two individual blockchains have been successfully linked, as Blocknet announced last night that Xbridge technology had for the first time allowed communications between nodes on two separate blockchains through their Xhub protocol.

Aiming to construct “the internet of blockchains,” the new protocol is designed to allow separate blockchains to inter-operate.

With no clear leader so far in this world of expanding blockchain […]

An Reo and Raduque AK win CoinTelegraph’s Christmas Price Prediction Contest with Virtex and EgoPay!

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CoinTelegraph is pleased to announce the winners of the Christmas price prediction contest sponsored by Virtex and EgoPay!

We received a huge number of entries and have found those which qualify for first and second prize. The price on Virtex at noon on December 25 was US$319.30.

An Reo was the closest with a predication of $322.20, followed by Raduque AK with $327.60! Prediction Contest: http://t.co/X6gJaeYR5T — Andreo (@Reo_An) December 10, 2014 Predict the price of […]

Op-ed: Gold Versus Bitcoin: Quest for Supremacy

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There is a legitimate question of whether Bitcoin can replace gold as a more secure way to store value. Gold has traditionally been used for this purpose but if just a little bit of research is done it is easy to find out that the illusion of gold has been manufactured.

Mankind has been drawn by the luster of gold for millennia. Empires have been built on it, bloody wars fought over it and for […]

‘Bitcoin Was the Real Winner’ at the First Annual Bitcoin Bowl

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Bitcoin Bowl The buzz from the entire Bitcoin community united across the world was amazing to see, as the first major, national Bitcoin-sponsored event came to an end last night.  

The promotional effort to maximize the hashtag #BitcoinBowl was beyond impressive as several major names, including Shooter Jennings, Warner Bros. Records, and Andreas Antonopoulos used @ChangeTip to reward enthusiastic comment contributors across Twitter. New users were were surprised to receive their first bitcoins from […]

Everything You Need To Know To Watch The Bitcoin Bowl

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St. Petersburg bowl Are you planning to watch the St. Petersberg Bitcoin Bowl but don’t know anything about the teams and players? Maybe you want to bet a few bits to make it interesting but don’t know what way to lean?

Fear not, because here is everything you need to know. Including what players to watch, the story lines going into the game and everything needed to enjoy the first college bowl game sponsored by […]

Warren Buffet Wrong About Bitcoin ‘Mirage’ in 2014 (Op-Ed)

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Warren Buffet Warren Buffet is one of the most well-known investors in world. He has been in the news a great deal over the last few years after he publicly criticized the wealthiest members of society for paying lower income tax rates than most people. In March of this year, Buffet came out as an opponent of Bitcoin , as revisited in a recent article in Business Insider .

Buffet’s pronouncements should come as no […]

Andreas Antonopoulos and Jeffrey Tucker Speak at Bitcoin South

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Andreas Antonopoulos The Bitcoin South conference in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand was a smashing success, but don’t just take our word for it. All you need to do is keep an eye on Jeffrey Tucker’s twitter feed : Imagine a conference so good that 100% of attendees are at the session on the morning of the second day. That’s @bitcoinsouth — Jeffrey A Tucker (@jeffreyatucker) 29th november 2014 Every speaker was better than the […]

Epicenter Bitcoin Ep. 58: Vitalik Buterin on Proof-of-Stake and the Future of Crypto-Economics

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Epicenter Bitcoin "With Bitcoin, we’re paying $600 million a year on a 5-of-10 multisig." In the latest episode of Epicenter Bitcoin , our guest was a man who needs little introduction in this community, Vitalik Buterin. We were very excited to finally have him on the show and go deep in some of Bitcoin’s most crucial issues. Having covered Ethereum at great length in previous episodes with Stephan Tual and Gavin Wood, we wanted […]

E-Commerce Software Developer Ziftr Raises $600K in Altcoin Crowdsale

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One of the big questions about digital currency is whether or not the technology will be utilized on a broader scale by the spending public. Those who foresee a rise in use by consumers argue that it’s only a matter of time before existing payment mechanisms are supplanted by bitcoin or another coin, while those more critical of this area of adoption counter that many spenders will be loath to give up their cash […]

Bitcoin Predictions for 2014: How the Pundits Fared

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Fortune cookies If there was one word that could describe bitcoin over the past year, it would be ‘unpredictable’. So, with that in mind and armed with 20/20 hindsight at year’s end, it’s fun to go back and look at all the people who tried to do just that.

Whether they prognosticated over the entrails of dead animals or defunct bitcoin exchanges, actual data or emotional investment, the results were – perhaps unsurprisingly – often […]

Tatiana Talks with Trace Mayer about Money 20/20, Armory, and his podcast!

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Trace Mayer I had the opportunity to sit down at Premier Studios with  Trace Mayer as he got ready to attend this year’s Money 20/20 conference.  Join us as Trace Mayer discusses the CEO panel of Bitcoin companies for Money 20/20, Bitcoin security, Bitcoin for beginners, investments in Bitcoin and much more!  This is one interview you will not want to miss!

For more info: Trace Mayer

DNotesVault is much more than a free, secure web wallet with an unprecedented 100% cryptocurrency deposit guarantee

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DNotes Cryptocurrency Savings Plans For Children – First of Many Unprecedented Digital Currency Savings Instruments Sponsored by DnotesVault

Bitcoin press release: DNotesVault, a secure web wallet launched just a week ago has reaffirmed its mission to build a large generation of DNotes stakeholders worldwide by offering a family of CR.I.S.Ps. (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans) with 100% deposit guarantees.

Illinois, USA. DNotesVault, launched a week ago, may sound like just another web wallet beginning to […]

Stable Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Launches DNotesVault With Unprecedented Cryptocurrency Deposit Guarantee

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Bitcoin Press Release:  Packed with multiple functionality, an unprecedented 100% cryptocurrency deposit guarantee, and timed send  DNotesVault is the second strategic property created by the DNotes team  in pursuit of mass consumer and merchant adoption with the industry’s most stable digital currency.

Illinois, USA.  DNotes, the most stable, and one of Coinmarketcap’s top 50 cryptocurrencies , launched  DNotesVault today in its systematic pursuit of mass consumer and merchant adoption . Just six months ago, […]

The 10 Most Influential People in Bitcoin This Year

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It’s safe to say that 2014 was an interesting year for bitcoin.

As core development on the bitcoin protocol continued to strengthen the technological foundation of the digital currency, members of the bitcoin community had a significant impact on the ‘front-end’ of the budding industry this year too.

With bitcoin and blockchain technology approaching – but yet to reach – mainstream adoption in society, it’s not enough that Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention stands on its own technological prowess.The […]

Bitcoin Is (Still) Not Doomed

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by John Light

Washington Post columnist Henry Farrell has just added himself to the Nakamoto Institute’s running list of skeptics making bold assertions about the certain demise of Bitcoin. In a post entitled “ Bitcoin’s financial network is doomed ,” Mr. Farrell demonstrates his short-sightedness in the face of Bitcoin’s subtlety and allure , perhaps as a cunning-though-not-so-original means of acquiring cheap coins for himself. Regardless of his motivations, I couldn’t resist a full rebuttal, […]

999dice free Bitcoin bet Games Max Profit 40 BTC

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When Will Your Phone Replace Your Keys And Wallet?

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When I leave my home, I check that I have three things: keys, wallet, phone. How long will it be until the first two are obsolete? My wallet has only three things I actually need: credit cards, cash, ID. Any American with an iPhone 6 has already obsoleted credit cards, courtesy of Apple Pay. Any Kenyan, Senegalese , etc. with a phone has long obsoleted cash, courtesy of M-Pesa, Orange Money, etc.

As for ID, […]

Apparently The Bitcoin Bowl Is A Real Thing That’s Happening Right Now

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When I first heard about the Bitcoin Bowl , I assumed it was a joke, or maybe a weird startup publicity stunt. It turns out that yes, the Bitcoin Bowl is promoting BitPay , a Bitcoin-processing startup — but it’s also real college football game that’s underway as I write this on Friday evening.

Yes, one day you’ll be able to tell your kids about the very first Bitcoin-sponsored football game. And I’m guessing they’ll […]

Filipinos Can Now Withdraw Money from 450 Bank ATMs, Thanks to Bitcoin Firm

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The Philippines has more overseas workers than nearly any country in the world, and remittances reached an all-time high of $25.1 billion in 2013. But the cost of sending money home to family has historically been high. That is changing, thanks to the Philippines Bitcoin exchange and remittance service Coins.ph . The company has a new service that allows recipients to instantly withdraw money from a bank ATM.

The company is releasing a mobile app […]

NYC’s Department of Finance Issues RFI on Mobile Solutions for Payment of Parking Tickets

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Parking Tickets New York’s Department of Finance (DOF) is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) on mobile solutions for payment and hearing scheduling for parking tickets, and identifies Bitcoin as one of the potential tenders.

The DOF is researching different options available in the mobile payment industry that could provide greater ease and convenience for vehicle owners, reads the official release .

The announced RFI will assist the City in understanding the current market for mobile […]

The 7 Biggest Crypto Scandals of 2014

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Even though 2015 is right around the corner, some might say that bitcoin was still in its ‘Wild West’ days throughout the course of this year.

While it’s easy to appreciate all of bitcoin’s best qualities – it’s cheap, fast and reliable, to name a few – it’s harder to ignore that bitcoin has also been associated with less desirable parts of life – like crime and scandal.

As the digital currency’s use cases are still […]

Circle’s Wishlist for Bitcoin Regulation in 2015

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John Beccia is general counsel and CCO for Circle, a consumer finance company that uses bitcoin technology to make money transfers and payments instant, secure, global and free.

In this article, he shares his wish list for regulators focused on digital currency. It’s the time of year when everyone is filled with holiday cheer and ambitious goals. As we turn the calendar page, it’s a moment for optimism and hope that not only will digital […]

5 Ways to Explain Bitcoin Over Christmas Dinner

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It’s December 25th. You’re busy heaping cranberry sauce on your plate and stealthily dodging those brussel sprouts when, as you knew it would, the conversation turns to bitcoin.

Statistically speaking, the majority of your family have probably heard of the digital currency by now – no doubt in the context of Gox , Silk Road (both 1 and 2) and pundits declaring that it’s dead, yet again , following the latest price bubble .

They might have also […]

Bitcoin Price 2014: A Year in Review

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Price chart and coins If the story of bitcoin in 2013 was its meteoric rise in price, which saw it hit a peak of over $1,100 in November, then the tale of bitcoin’s price this year is one of plummeting from those heights.

The price of bitcoin opened the year at $770, according to the CoinDesk Price Index . By mid-December, it was trading in the mid-$300 range. This represents a drop of more than 50% from the start of the year.

However, it’s worth noting that […]

Bitcoin Continues March to Mainstream at St Petersburg Bowl Game

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Bitcoin Bowl, BitPay If BitPay’s decision to promote bitcoin through a college football playoff seemed bizarre or peculiar at times, the event ultimately succeeded as spectacle, promoting the emerging technology’s benefits to many hearing about it for the first time.

The Bitcoin St Petersburg Bowl packed in references to bitcoin amid the typical college football trappings, the cheerleaders, marching bands and garishly painted fans that assembled in Florida throughout the week. Bitcoin was visible at […]

Economist Jeffrey Tucker on the ‘Threat of Deflation’ in Eurozone

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Jeffrey Tucker Jeffrey Tucker is an economist who’s also savvy with blockchains (a rare combination). He is responsible for introducing Bitcoin to many of his readers via his authorship of four books and founding of the Cryptocurrency Conference .

Tucker is a distinguished fellow for the Foundation for Economic Education and is the Chief Liberty Officer of Liberty.me .

He talked with CoinTelegraph about the European Central Bank’s warnings about deflation , the future of fractional-reserve […]

Decentralized Markets Kills E-commerce Stars: OpenBazaar

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Last week I spoke with Mr. Knuckle , the developer of the decentralized market “NXT FreeMarket.” Now I’m pleased to interview Angel Leon and Brian Hoffman, developers of “OpenBazaar,” another disruptive decentralized market.

Ferdinand Reyes: First of all, can you explain to me which are the possibilities and how OpenBazaar works?

Angel Leon: It wasn’t until the birth of Bitcoin that electronic decentralized commerce was possible.In July 2001 the fall of Napster gave […]

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Slated to Open in Early December

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Yet another Bitcoin Embassy is expected to open its doors with the mission of promoting the bitcoin digital currency as it continues to gain traction around the world.

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam , as it’s know, is gearing up for a December 12th opening in, well, Amsterdam. That’s according to Dutch bitcoin blog  Coincourant , who notes that the Embassy is situated near a courthouse in the city.

The Embassy will feature a meeting area, conference area, […]

Cracks in the Fiat Money System: The Swiss Gold Referendum and Currency Pegging

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Swiss Gold On November 30, Swiss voters will go to the polls to vote on what is being called the “ Save Our Swiss Gold ” referendum. 

A vote of yes would mean that the Swiss National Bank (SNB) would have to refrain from selling any more gold and increase its gold holdings to 20%, which is up from current levels of 7%, where it will remain indefinitely. It would also require the SNB to […]

OpalCoin Joins the SuperNET Core, Partners with Storj

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Opal , an anonymity- and ease-of-use-centric 2.0 coin app, has partnered with Storj and the SuperNET to bring to the mainstream a blockchain-secure, anonymous information network.

Opal gemstones transmit no light, and therefore reflect, scatter, or absorb it. These qualities lead to opacity. This is the soul of OpalCoin.

With the goal of creating the privacy-centric technology, the seasoned and verified team of developers has been building on top of cutting edge 2.0 technologies for the […]

The Importance of Keeping Crypto Crowdsales Accountable

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For many entrepreneurs, one of the most compelling use cases of blockchain technology is the potential for it to enable new marketplaces that remove traditional hurdles associated with investing and crowdfunding.

The growing number of public crowdsales has been widely covered as of late. With these crowdsales, companies sell a branded bitcoin fork as a way to finance the early development of cryptocurrency-related projects. The popularity of many of the early crowdsales has sparked a […]

Bitcoin: New Plumbing for Financial Services

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Jonathan Levin is a digital currency consultant and entrepreneur. He previously co-founded and served as CEO of Coinometrics. Payment systems are systems of pipes and valves that allow monetary transfers between people all over the world. To most, they sit insulated from view. Even when in plain sight they evade comprehension. With large responsibility for errors and lack of acknowledgement for progress, there has been little innovation and construction of new pipes. Bitcoin represents […]

American Red Cross to Accept Bitcoin Donations

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One of the many measures of bitcoin’s health over the past eighteen months has been just how many non-profit organizations accept donations of the digital currency.

To date, there’s been quite a few. And this week, we’ve learned that yet another  major humanitarian organization is embracing bitcoin to support their mission.

They’re the American Red Cross , and Atlanta-based BitPay  is giving them a helping hand by hosting a bitcoin donation page , in addition to processing […]

ZDNet Author Ken Hess Falls Foul of the Bitcoin Community

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Supposedly reputable technology news website ZDNet has fallen foul of the bitcoin community today, on the back of one of its reporters – Ken Hess – publishing an article that claims bitcoin is illegal. The article details Hess’ communications with United States Senator Tom Coburn, and includes the author’s interpretation of the senator in question’s statement.

Before reading on, it is worth mentioning that – in an attempt to avoid flattering Hess with clicks and […]

Coinapult Introduces SMS Sending Service

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Transferring bitcoin between owners became a little bit easier today, as payment processor Coinapult announced the introduction of its new service. The company now offers users the ability to transfer bitcoin by SMS. This means that bitcoin holders no longer require an internet connection in order to send and receive the digital currency, and could represent a big step forward in the bitcoin transaction space.

Coinapult certainly believes so, releasing the following statement alongside the announcement: […]

Zennet to Pay for Distributed Computing With Blockchain Tech

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Zennet blockchain For several years now, kindly volunteers have been contributing their spare computing power to vast, distributed supercomputers, all in the name of worthy causes.

Spare computing cycles have been used for everything from scanning cosmic radio signals for signs of extraterrestrial life through to calculating climate change scenarios. Now, a new project hopes to let people charge for their spare computing cycles.

Traditionally, in a community grid project, one central resource (such as  SETI@Home ) […]

Let’s Make Bitcoin The Biggest Humanitarian Tool The World Has Ever Seen

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Editor’s Note: Lorelei Kelly is Research Fellow and Smart Congress policy lead with the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation. She is based at The X-Lab. Matthew McKibbin, is a bitcoin enthusiast and industrial hygiene specialist at George Washington University. News junkies of the world may be forgiven for becoming the latest tech skeptics: 2014 has been a year of global mayhem.

Instead of creating a connected civic safety net, it seems like […]

PayPal’s Bitcoin Integration And The Future Of Digital Currency Adoption

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Editor’s note: Ken Miller is the COO of Gem. Previously he was VP of risk management at PayPal executive and adviser to Square. Recently, PayPal announced several partnerships aimed towards enabling certain PayPal merchants to be able to accept bitcoin as a form of payment from their customers. This was a significant announcement on multiple fronts as many had wondered if and what PayPal’s foray into the cryptocurrency space would be.

As further validation of […]

Bitcoin buzz bypasses shoppers

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With more retailers accepting the digital currency, few shoppers are actually using it.

Since it’s inception five years ago, bitcoin hype has spread across the globe. “Bitcoin accepted here” stickers have popped up in restaurants and stores. It’s even made it to Twin Mountain Country Store, a convenience store and deli in a remote corner of New Hampshire. But customers aren’t exactly flocking to pay with the digital currency.

Twin Mountain’s owner Bill Bochynski […]

Jon Matonis: ‘Bitcoin Is the No. 1 Topic’ at European E- Commerce Conference

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Jon Matonis Just two weeks after stepping down as executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Jon Matonis was in Riga, Latvia, for the eCom21 III International E-Commerce Forum to discuss Bitcoin payments with people in the payments and e-commerce space.

CoinTelegraph had a chance to catch up with Matonis at the conference to discuss his directorship at the Bitcoin Foundation, his plans for the future, and his thoughts about increasing industry-level interest in Bitcoin. Did […]

Is Tim Swanson Right That Bitcoin Hoarding Is Bad?

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Tim Swanson Numbers blogger Tim Swanson recently used Bitcoin blockchain data graphs generated by John Ratcliff to declare that 70% of existing bitcoins have not been spent in six months.

He wrote that the data provides a “sobering chart” for those who want Bitcoin to grow. In his opinion, if all currency is not being spent like a hot potato—quickly hopping from one person to the next—this is a bad sign for a currency’s future […]