Levine on Wall Street: FX Fallout and the Value of Volatility

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Franc fallout.

So … how’s your foreign-exchange trading going? Yesterday’s pick-a-number-standard-deviation move in the Swiss franc "caught everyone off guard," "sent the markets into a tailspin," is "likely to create more volatility in the short term," and left a lot of people very embarrassed or broke: Anthony Peters, a broker at Swiss Investment Corp., said firms that were selling options tied to the Swiss franc may be among losers. They would have lost money as volatility […]

Investors: Miss the first BitBoom? Here’s your second chance, Newbs.

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Whats that thing about history? Its hard to remember with so many bit-rivals talking about why your coins are worth dirt right now. Alot of you reading are in the red big time, and others only the few dollars they scraped together in a wallet or exchange . Don’t panic, stay calm, and buy if you can.

Why Bitcoin won’t bottom out..

It was 2014, the year of the Bitcoins, but not because it […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: Karpeles denies Silk Road involvement and darkcoin turns one

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The price of bitcoin remains relatively stable, while other cryptocurrencies experience more losses (IBTimes UK) Cryptocurrencies have experienced more mixed fortunes over the last 24 hours following a turbulent week for the markets.

Bitcoin has remained relatively stable with just a 1% shift in value since 15 January, currently hovering just below $210.

Among the other big players, litecoin saw gains of around 5%, while dogecoin, peercoin and namecoin all fell by between 2% and 8%. […]

DHS Witness Suggests Karpeles was the Mastermind Behind Silk road

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So the latest news in the Ulbricht case is being widely discussed on Reddit, and could be a potential game changer in the case’s outcome. On day three of the trial, Ulbricht’s defence team managed to draw out of a Department of Homeland Security witness that Mt Gox founder Mark Karpeles was the driving force behind the illegal marketplace Silk Road, and that Ulbricht gave up control of the site to Karpeles in its […]

DHS Agent Believed Mark Karpeles to Be Head of Silk Road

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Silk Road The number two spot for the most hated man in Bitcoin has changed a lot. Currently, it might just be Josh Garza as many PayCoin investors are not happy with the results of that investment. For a while it was Butterfly Labs CEO Sonny Vleisides, and for a while it was that NewsWeek reporter. But the number one spot has never been up for debate. It has been and may always be, […]

Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Implicated in Silk Road Trial

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Mt. Gox bitcoin protest Mark Karpeles The trial of alleged Silk Road ringleader Ross Ulbricht heated up today during the questioning of a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by the defense team, led by Ulbricht’s lawyer Joshua Dratel.

The DHS witness, agent Jared DerYeghiayan, apparently claimed that Mark Karpeles, former CEO of the embattled bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, was once suspected to be the online black market’s mastermind, Dread Pirate Roberts.

Reporters from the courtroom took to Twitter […]

New European Legislation Ties Taxes in Online Orders to the Country of Purchase

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The European Union introduced legislation in November 2014 that implemented a new Value Added Tax (VAT) to virtual purchases. The legislation took effect on January 1, 2015. It is designed to reduce the  ability of companies to avoid taxes, especially large companies such as Amazon.com.

Instead of taxing an item based on the country where it was manufactured, or to the location of corporate headquarters, the item is taxed based on the country where the […]

New York Stock Trader Kills Roommate, Press Connects the Murder to Bitcoin

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The website DNAinfo ran a story on January 13 about a murder in NYC with the headline “Bitcoin Trader Accused of Murder.” The headline made it sound as if Bitcoin was somehow connected to the act.

The facts of the case are different. The only apparent link to Bitcoin is that the accused, Quentin Capobianco , an 18-year-old “teen” investor, had traded Bitcoin at some point. Capobianco is accused of bludgeoning his roommate, a 29-year-old […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: Bitcoin bounces back, okBitcard launches and Blockcypher funding

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Bitcoin has seen a 15% increase over the last 24 hours, sparking a market-wide recovery (IBTimes UK) The price of bitcoin has rebounded above $200 following a prolonged crash earlier this week that saw the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency drop to its lowest levels since October 2013.

A 15% price rise over the last 24 hours has taken bitcoin to its current level of around $212 and has spurred other cryptocurrencies to follow in its […]

Paul Koster Calls for Immediate Ban on Bitcoin

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ForexMinute.com – Netherlands Stockholder Association’s Director Paul Koster recently requested the central bankers to immediately ban the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

According to a report published on Dutch news service BNR , Koster deliberately chose the Bitcoin’s worst trading phase to throw tantrums over it. “These volatile Bitcoin price fluctuations prove that this market is not supervised and/or regulated by any government or institution,” he said. “As a result, it is impossible for banks, consumers, investors and […]

Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Coinbase Expands Territory; Roundtable Discussion Announced; and More

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Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

Coinbase Expands its Services to Seven US States

Bitcoin wallet and payment processing company Coinbase recently announced to extend its services to over seven US states. They are: Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York and North Dakota (totaling 22 states). Users from these states will now be able to buy Bitcoins without using a credit card. You can read the entire report […]

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Revealed

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Bitcoin Wealth Alliance – Click here: http://bit.ly/Bitcoin-Wealth-Alliance

http://begin-new.com click link to the left Bitcoin Wealth AllianceRevealed

Dont buy Bitcoin Wealth Alliance by Anthony Trister. This was launched on September 23. This software teaches beginners how to make a tremendous profit with bitcoin, whether it goes up or down. A bitcoin is digital money that allows users to conduct transactions online. To start, you need to put a minimum of $250 in your trading account.Anything […]

What These 9 Cyber Security Buzzwords And Jargon Terms Really Mean

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By Sue Poremba

Hybrid cloud. BYOD. Big Data. Internet of Things. These are terms that have become part of the daily lexicon, not only within the information technology (IT) and cyber security world but also in the main stream. Jargon is integral to IT. They make complicated terms more accessible to the non-technical person, even if they aren’t easier to understand.

Buzzwords are commonplace in IT security, as well, but are they truly understood? As […]

South Koreans Can Now Buy Bitcoin from 7–Eleven

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South Korean exchange Coinplug is set to drive a rollout of Bitcoin gift cards, which anyone will be able to purchase from convenience stores imminently.

OkBitcard , a scheme which will allow customers to purchase US$50 worth of bitcoin, is already operational in a range of merchants in South Korea, including 7-Eleven, in the form of a printed receipt. Soon, Coinplug stated, physical cards will also be widely available.

The company confirmed in a Reddit […]

Reviewing The 2014-15 Bowl Season: Highest Bowl Game Prices, Attendances, And TV Ratings

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Thanks to my friends at TicketCity.com, we can review the business and financial highlights of the 2014-15 bowl season.

The highest median sale price belonged to the championship game between Ohio State and Oregon.  The game produced a median sales price of $623, which was 116% higher than the next closest game (Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Ohio State, which fetched a median sales price of $288).

The highest attendance took place at the Rose Bowl between […]

Bitcoin continues downward spiral, plunges below $200

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A bitcoin. Photograph by Tomohiro Ohsumi — Bloomberg/Getty Images Times just got even tougher for the fledgling cryptocash.

This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published at Entrepreneur.com .

By Kim Lachance Sandrow, Entrepreneur.com Bitcoin continues to kick off the new year on an appalling note. Just two weeks after being named the worst-performing currency of 2014 — and only a day after opening statements took place in […]

CoinTerra CEO: Company ‘Frozen’ Amid Lawsuits and Default

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Following a lengthy silence in the media, CoinTerra CEO Ravi Iyengar has emerged on the offensive, seeking to clarify the current state of his bitcoin mining firm, one that has recently been rocked by questions about its solvency.

Speaking to CoinDesk as part of a new interview, Iyengar confirmed that the Austin-based bitcoin mining company is in default, and it is currently awaiting a decision from its secured note holders.

CoinTerra is in default on roughly $4.25m-worth of […]

PayPal Expresses its Thoughts on Bitcoin Regulation

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PayPal has some interesting feelings towards bitcoin.  Apparently, while the currency itself shouldn’t be up for regulation, businesses that deal in it should.

The company made a submission to the Australian Senate committee investigating the regulation of digital currencies that calls for the recognition of differences between digital currencies, and the companies that facilitate digital currency transactions.

PayPal’s submission states:“While the currency itself should not be regulated, and transactions by individual users without the assistance of […]

NewsBTC Speaks with ChangeTip about CES in Vegas, Facebook, and the Bitcoin Bowl

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Brandon Chase from NewsBTC got a chance to chat with Victoria van Eyk, a community developer on board with ChangeTip . It became apparent that ChangeTip intends to keep most of their major developments under wrap for now, although a few suggestive hints about the near future were shared. NewsBTC is excited to follow the growth and expansion of ChangeTip as they evolve within the bitcoin economy.

Chase: How was your time at The […]

Coinbase Expands USD Wallets To 7 New States

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Bitcoin wallet and platform, Coinbase has added USD wallets for seven more states. When USD wallets originally launched at the end of 2014 , United States residents of only 16 states were eligible for the wallets. Today, the company services a total of 22 states and 1 US territory.

USD wallets allow verified users to purchase bitcoins instantly without the need for a credit card. Previously, Coinbase users had a wait time of up to […]

The 2015 Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl with Sam LaFell

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Our guy Sam went all the way down to Florida for NC State’s bowl game. Here are some of the sights and sounds he found.

NC State sports are within your grasp. Our broadcasts and original programing will get you closer to varsity, club and intramural sports like never before.

Watch the action unfold live via YouTube, catch a replay of a game on our campus HDTV channel (32.2) or check out the highlights from the […]

UK-Based Firm Becomes First Bitcoin Company to Receive KPMG Accreditation

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Elliptic, a UK-based digital currency services company, announces it had received ISAE 3402 accreditation from "Big Four" Dutch firm, KPMG.

The accreditation from KPMG followed a review and audit of Elliptic ‘s financial controls, regulatory compliance, internal access controls and other areas including code deployment, disaster recovery, segregation of duties and storage techniques. It represents an industry’s first and signified that Elliptic operates on the same standards as a custodian bank.

The accreditation is a significant […]

Defense Attorney: Ross Ulbricht Created the Silk Road, But a Different Dread Pirate Roberts Committed the Crimes

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Inside U.S. v. Ulbricht. Illustration by Susie Cagle. On October 2, 2013, Ross Ulbricht was arrested at the Glen Park branch of the San Francisco Public Library, his laptop open and connected to the library wi-fi. The government claims he is the Dread Pirate Roberts, the infamous kingpin of the Silk Road, an online black market for drugs and other illicit goods. Ulbricht’s trial began today, after many delays over the last few months.

The […]

Citizenship Renunciation Fee Up 422%–With No Return–Just Ask Bitcoin Jesus

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Tax rules for U.S. citizens are notoriously unforgiving and notoriously expansive, even for those living abroad. They are one reason the uptick in American expatriations is continuing. In fact, given the demand, the State Department raised the fee for renunciation of U.S. citizenship from $450 to $2,350. That is more than twenty times the average level  in other high-income countries. The State Department says it’s about demand on their services and all the extra workload they […]

Silk Road Reloaded Ditches Tor and Accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies

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Silk Road The Silk Road saga lives on, and this time, the code has been forked.

The newest Silk Road player, called Silk Road Reloaded (SRR), is distinctly different in at least two ways from previous Silk Road iterations.

First, the SRR is not run on the Tor network, as almost all other drug markets are. It is instead run on a lesser-known anonymizing network called the Invisible Internet Project , or “I2P” for short. I2P […]

Russia Blocks More Bitcoin Sites

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Russia is apparently having a hard time making up its mind about bitcoin.  One minute it’s completely against it .  Then, the very law laying out the disapproval is criticized and rejected .  Now, citing a court order from September 2014, the country has blacklisted several more bitcoin addresses including three with a .ru domain:  coinspot.ru, hasbitcoin.ru and bitcoinconf.ru.

The relationship almost feels like a bad marriage.  The couple fights, they make up, and then […]

UK May Attempt to End Anonymity in Bitcoin Transactions, May Cause a Rise in the Use of DarkWallet

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A proposed UK bill could end anonymity in Bitcoin transactions by logging of all content accessed via UK ISPs. This will leave only services such as DarkWallet as truly anonymous options, placing them firmly in the sights of UK lawmakers seeking “the legal power to break into the encrypted communications of suspected terrorists.”

Speaking in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices and a kosher supermarket, UK Prime Minister David […]

Russian Authorities Blacklist 5 Bitcoin-Related Websites

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The Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications (Roskomnadzor in Russian) has blacklisted five Bitcoin-related websites.

Roskomnadzor has effectively blocked access to Bitcoin.org – an online community of cryptocurrency users and specialists supported by the Bitcoin Foundation – entering it into a registry of prohibited websites despite the site not having any user-submitted content.

Upon accessing Bitcoin.org, users have been receiving the following: — Access Denied. Access to the requested resource was blocked in […]

Russia’s Media Watchdog Blocks Bitcoin Websites

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Russia’s media watchdog has blocked access to a number of bitcoin-related sites, citing a court order from 30th September.

The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) allows visitors to check whether or not a site is blacklisted . At press time,  Bitcoin.org , Bitcoin.it ,  BTCsec.com  and bitcoin exchange Indacoin were blacklisted.

According to TJournal.ru , Roskomnadzor cited a  ruling of the district court of the city of Nevyansk, Sverdlovsk region, as […]

New BTMs in Australia, Switzerland and the United States

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After a week’s break to start the new year, CoinTelegraph and content partner Coin ATM Radar are tracking some new BTMs that have been installed since New Year’s Eve in Australia, Switzerland and North America.

You can find the machines’ exact locations with Coin ATM Radar’s Bitcoin ATM map .

As of January 12, 2015, there are 337 BTMs in operation around the globe. Here are some of the newest ones. Australia Down in Tasmania, […]

BitHalo Brings New Trading Feature to the Mix

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Coin trading platform BitHalo has released a new feature called the “Advanced Payment,” which allows consumers to perform peer-to-peer trading via email with bitcoin and blackcoin.

BitHalo founder and lead developer David Zimberk says:

“I see great potential to expand on some of the tipping movement that’s helping very much to accelerate widespread adoption.  There’s a ton of utility in the [Advanced Payment] feature… I tested it on my sister, my friend in North Dakota and […]

Weak Bitcoin Values Force CEX.IO to Suspend Cloud Mining Services

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CEX.IO, one of the leading bitcoin exchanges and cloud mining service providers, has announced the temporary suspension of its cloud mining services .  They can attribute this policy change to the sudden and drastic drop in bitcoin value in the past weeks .  The suspension is set to begin at the next bitcoin mining difficulty increase and it is unclear how long the suspension will continue.

Jeffery Smilth, Chief Information Officer of CEX.IO, stated that […]

Cash Buys Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Bitcoin says Adieu aux Armes (Op-Ed)

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Cash Buys Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Bitcoin says Adieu aux Armes (Op-Ed) The Charlie Hebdo terror and other Paris attacks renew concerns about the ease with which terrorist cells in Europe can get illegal arms. Media outlets have even started to speculate that some of the arms could have been bought with Bitcoin – but reality renders such speculation groundless.  

The weapons wielded by gunmen in last week’s Paris terror attacks were AK-47 rifles, the […]

Accused Silk Road creator goes to trial amid U.S. scrutiny of bitcoin

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – A U.S. crackdown on use of the digital currency bitcoin for drug trafficking and other crimes is headed for its highest-profile test yet, as a trial begins for the alleged creator of an online marketplace catering to vice.

Jury selection is scheduled for Tuesday in Manhattan federal court in the case of Ross Ulbricht, who authorities say created Silk Road, an online black market where drugs and others illegal goods could […]

CEX.io Halts Cloud Mining Service Due to Low Bitcoin Price

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Bitcoin mining service CEX.io has announced it will suspend its cloud mining activities.

The company stated in a 12th January blog post that it is no longer profitable, blaming declining revenues amid a dropping bitcoin price. CEX chief information officer Jeffrey Smith told CoinDesk that operations would resume if the price of bitcoin climbs above $320, calling the move “temporary”.

The suspension comes after CEX customers experienced disruptions to their cloud mining service, which the company at the time attributed to […]

BitHalo Releases Decentralized Escrow Client v2.1 to Rival PayPal, Western Union

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G+2PinBitHalo announces the release of version 2.1 of its decentralized escrow client, adding a new feature that aims to compete directly with companies such as Paypal and Western Union, said the organization in an announcement.Entitled the "Advanced Payment," the new feature allows simple and secure peer-to-peer payments via email using either Bitcoin or Blackcoin.The "Advanced Payment" feature is sent from a peer that wishes to contract or send a payment to another. After both […]

Ross Ulbricht Trial Set to Begin

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Alleged drug kingpin Ross Ulbricht , who is currently facing charges of running a criminal enterprise, money laundering and drug trafficking, is set to begin his trial in Manhattan tomorrow on January 13th.

Ulbricht was arrested in the San Francisco Public Library over a year ago where he was accused of running the underground Silk Road marketplace that allowed consumers to purchase everything from weapons to fake passports with bitcoin.

It appears as though Ulbricht is […]

Paybase Announces $20 Buy Back Scheme for Paycoin

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Embattled cryptocurrency platform Paybase is launching a buy-back scheme to match the US$20 floor that their Paycoin currency was expected to hold. Announcing a system based upon “monthly disbursements” of Bitcoin to pay for any XPY re-purchased by Paybase in the scheme, the company stated that “we seek to uphold the promises we make”.

Making the announcement on the PayBase blog, the company owned by GAW is seeking to undo the damage done to its […]

‘Don’t Complain…You Didn’t Bother to Speak Up’: Ross Ulbricht Trial Begins

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Ross Ulbricht Flike


G+2PinSome are labeling it the trial for Internet freedom, others – freedom to retain some privacy – but it will center around one man. The alleged operator of Silk Road known by his pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR) was identified by Law Enforcement to be Ross Ulbricht and tomorrow, he will stand trial on charges ranging from drug trafficking to money laundering to running a criminal enterprise. The trial will begin at […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: Bitstamp bitcoin exchange back online and darkcoin award

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The price of bitcoin (IBTimes UK) The price of bitcoin has continued to slide over the weekend, falling to as low as $265 on Sunday where it continues to hover.

Most other major cryptocurrencies have followed in bitcoin’s lead, with litecoin, dogecoin, peercoin and namecoin all falling by between 3% and 7% over the last 24 hours.

One of the biggest movers across all markets was dogecoindark. The "more secure, anonymous" evolved version of the meme-inspired […]

The Strangest Altcoins of 2014

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The past 12 months have seen a veritable explosion in the number of alternative digital currencies, otherwise known as altcoins.

The numbers for exactly how many altcoins are in existence vary depending on the measure. CoinMarketCap.com lists 554 cryptocurrencies at the time of writing – up from around 67 a year ago.

According to some estimates, however, thousands of altcoins have seen some level of circulation since the bitcoin protocol first became available for use and adaptation.Many altcoins set […]

BitStamp Resumes Operations

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BitStamp, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges out there in the Bitcoin ecosystem that had suspended its service after the breach resulted in the loss of around 19,000 Bitcoin with a value of some $5 million, has informed the customers that it has resumed the operations. The decision has given respite to a lot of people who smelled Mt. Gox like situation.

Mt. Gox that lost millions of dollars of the investors is still in […]

The Next Big Thing in Bitcoin: Mainstream Adoption By the Back Door

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Two interesting projects have emerged recently, which could lead to the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin by the masses of regular consumers who have thus far remained ambivalent towards the digital currency – and all without them even knowing that they are using Bitcoin.

Each of these projects seeks to take Bitcoin’s advantages as a fast, low cost and trustless way to make international payments, and use them behind the scenes to improve services for people […]

‘Bitcoin can save those without citizenship’ stateless ex-American

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Source: December 12, 2014 – Cross-border transactions are difficult for people without a national identity, and that…

Cross-border transactions are difficult for people without a national identity, and that’s where bitcoin can save the day, says Glenn Roberts who is stateles…

Thank you for watching and if you love this movie, Please like, share and comment. ========================================­======== News TYT 2014 News Americ…Source: December 12, 2014 – Cross-border transactions are difficult for people without a national identity, […]

Leading German Bank Sparkasse is Blocking Cryptocurrency Orders

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Since a few days ago, German bank Sparkasse, has been blocking cryptocurrency orders, returning money to customers, said Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Anycoin Direct.

Several users banking at German bank Sparkasse , reported to Anycoin Direct that they were contacted by their banks with the message that the transactions to buy cryptocurrencies were blocked. Investigating on the matter, Anycoin Direct said that all payment methods available at Sparkasse are affected, including Sofort, online bank transfer and […]

Overstock.com installs bitcoin ATM at headquarters as Patrick Byrne prepares to pay employees in cryptocurrency

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Overstock.com installs Bitcoin ATM at headquarters. (Reuters) Bitcoin-friendly US retail giant Overstock.com has installed an ATM to promote the digital currency at its corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The ATM is accessible 24 hours a day and allows the public to convert US dollars to bitcoin, and bitcoin to US dollars, the company said in a statement . It is manufactured by North Carolina-based CoinOutlet, Inc.

"Moving cryptocurrencies out of the realm of geeks […]

Sparkasse Makes “Sparks” Fly Through its Denial of Bitcoin Transactions

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In the long-running tradition of banking institutions despising bitcoin and digital currency, German bank Sparkasse has made the decision to block all bitcoin-related transfers.

Bram Ceelen, who works with the Anycoin Direct  coin exchange in the Netherlands, has commented that the company is now unable to process any incoming our outgoing bitcoin orders, and that the decision is being met with massive complaints and disappointment from users.

Ceelen states:“We are running an honest company but the […]

Dutch Scrypt Mining Company Declared Bankrupt

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Mining ASIC Technologies Mining ASICs Technologies (MAT) was declared bankrupt by a Maastricht, Netherlands, judge on 30th December, one week after company CEO Marc Coumans filed for bankruptcy.

CoinDesk confirmed MAT’s filing with Mr CFMP Spreksel, the curator in charge of overseeing the management and liquidation of the company’s assets.

The Dutch ASIC manufacturer began to take pre-orders for its line of Scrypt-based miners in March of this year, and announced plans to expand its production line to […]

Bitcoin Exchange BitStamp to Resume Operations Anytime on Friday

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After staying offline for last few days, Bitcoin exchange BitStamp is hopeful resume trading services today, confirmed co-founder Damijan Merlak via email.

The Slovenian exchange recently became the victim of online theft, which eventually cost it and its customers around 19,000 BTC – an equivalent of some $USD5 million. Their representatives however said that a huge portion of total Bitcoins is safe, and has moved to a much secure offline wallet .

On Wednesday, the founders […]

Butterfly Labs Resumes Shipping, Promises for Refunds to Select Customers

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After facing a lot of condemnation not just from its customers but also from the US District Court for the Western District of Missouri and injunction, Butterfly Labs is all prepared to start shipping the Bitcoin mining machines to customers . This time the company has also promised to offer refunds to some select customers.

There were some speculations; however, in an announcement released on the official website, Butterfly says, “On December 12, 2014, the […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: UK and Germany divided over bitcoin and Bit-Reserve breaks fund-raising record

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Digital payments platform BitReserve has raised £6.3m, while the EU is at risk of falling behind other bitcoin hubs (IBTimes UK) Bitcoin has seen its price slide over the last 24 hours, falling by around 2% to take its market cap down below $4 billion.

Most other major cryptocurrencies have followed the lead of bitcoin, with litecoin, paycoin, dogecoin and namecoin all falling in value by between 2% and 3% since yesterday.

The biggest mover across […]

Coinbase Updates User Agreement to Access Customers’ Credit History

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Coinbase has updated its User Agreement to allow the company, either directly or through third party intermediaries, to collect credit histories from its 1.9 million users.

The new terms in the second paragraph read as follows: “You hereby authorize Coinbase to, directly or through third parties, (i) Make inquiries we consider necessary to verify your identity and/or account information and (ii) request and obtain any consumer report, credit report or similar information relating to you […]

CoinTerra to Users: “We Cannot Issue Any Payments”

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Bitcoin mining firm CoinTerra has put many of its customers on edge.  While the company website is remaining operational, many users are receiving emails that the firm is unable to issue any payments following a default on its “secured notes,” an alleged form of debt.

A Reddit user posted a copy of the email online:

“The company has defaulted on its secured notes.  The note holders have senior, secured and, we believe, perfected liens on all […]

The Drum Beat of Deflation is Growing Louder: The Intermarket Picture

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The global macroeconomic picture is sending out a message and that is one of deflationary forces starting to take hold.

In past articles it was discussed what this means and its likelihood. With each passing day the probability seems to grow and global central banks are beginning to take action (Bank of Japan and the People’s Bank of China) or looking more likely to take aggressive action (European Central Bank). 

It is safe to say at […]

How Your Teenage Son or Daughter May Be Buying Heroin Online

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One element of cybersecurity that is often overlooked is the impact of the cyber world on people’s physical security. Parents seeking to protect their children are often aware of concerns such as cyberbullying and adolescents making inappropriate social media posts, but remain uninformed about the grave danger of easy access to illegal drugs facilitated by the protection afforded by the anonymous nature of the Internet.

I recently sat down with Dina Gusovksy of CNBC to […]

App developers select Rivetz to enable cyber-security protection

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Partners will enhance their customers’ transaction security via RivetzSDK which offers software developers a turnkey integration platform to rapidly integrate their client apps with local hardware security for Trusted Execution and key management.

Rivetz provides protection for both private keys and sensitive data processing via its RivetzSDK solution. RivetzSDK also integrates support for high assurance verification of the user’s desired intent. Rivetz brings state-of-the-art cyber protections and real-time integrity verification to a consumer’s daily computing […]

Bitcoin The Currency Of The Future

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Bitcoin The Currency Of The Future

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Lighthouse Beta Launch To Challenge Bitcoin Foundation’s Control of Core Funding

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Mike Hearn one of the Bitcoin project’s core developers is preparing to launch the beta of the Lighthouse crowdfunding platform, one which looks set to change how core Bitcoin development is funded.

Making use of an under-implemented conditionality function built into Bitcoin’s central code, Lighthouse opens the door to users easily creating contractual and crowdfund style Bitcoin transactions.

Announcing the beginning stages of pushing Lighthouse into it’s beta state on the Google groups page ,Hearn’s project […]

Butterfly Labs Resumes Shipping, Sets Timetable for Refunds

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Butterfly Labs Butterfly Labs has resumed shipping its Monarch hardware and issuing bitcoin refunds to select customers.

The embattled bitcoin mining company issued a statement earlier this week via its website and redesigned the platform to offer services to customers whose orders have not been fulfilled.

The update follows Butterfly Labs ‘ recent legal win against the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on 15th December when a US District Court rejected a request by the FTC  for […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: Apple approves bitcoin-tipping iOS game and bitcoin ‘tax headache’

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The price of bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies has steadily increased in recent days (IBTimes UK) Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have enjoyed a steady resurgence following the market-wide crash at the beginning of the year.

Over the last 24 hours bitcoin, dogecoin, paycoin and namecoin have all seen positive market movement. Of the big players only darkcoin and litecoin have seen their value’s slide.

The biggest mover across all markets was once again marinecoin. The […]

Clearing the Air Over MaidSafe’s Patent Request: An Interview with COO Nick Lambert

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“Our connection to Bitcoin is that we share the community’s passion for decentralization and its ability to re-address the balance of power.” —MaidSafe COO Nick Lambert A recent article published on CoinTelegraph, entitled MaidSafe Founder Seeks Monopoly on ‘Distributed Network System,’ caused some unintended controversy. We feel it is our duty to provide readers with all available information, which is why we got in touch with MaidSafe COO Nick Lambert.

David Irvine, founder and lead […]

CoinTerra Silent Amid Cloud Mining Payout Freeze

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Bitcoin mining hardware firm CoinTerra has been the subject of speculation this week, as emails purportedly sent by the company to customers of its cloud mining service suggest the firm has defaulted on debt obligations.

The email, signed by a representative of the CoinTerra support staff, claims that the firm is no longer capable of making payouts to customers.

The message reads: "The company has defaulted on its secured notes. The note holders have senior, secured […]

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver Denied Entry to U.S.

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Oh, ye of “too much faith!”  Those who follow the “Bitcoin Jesus,” as he’s come to be called will not be able to witness their leader rise to the top on U.S. soil.

As it so happens, bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver is being denied entry into the United States to speak at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami after renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

Ver earned citizenship with the Caribbean island nation of St. Kitts and […]

Bitcoin Broker LibertyX Raises $400k for Hiring Push

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LibertyX has raised more than $400,000 in funding from early-stage VC firm Project 11 as part of a seed round and its first public fundraising.

Previously operating under the name Liberty Teller, LibertyX formally rebranded this December. The name change coincided with a shift in the company’s services, from operating a small fleet of bitcoin ATMs in the greater Boston area to adding an in-person bitcoin buying network supported by  2,500 US merchants .

Co-founder Chris […]

My Experience in ‘Bitcoin City’ Arnhem

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Arnhem Bitcoinstad In October of 2014, CoinTelegraph reported that the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands had become the densest concentration of Bitcoin merchants in the world. And in November, the organizers held a successful six month anniversary event entitled “Arnhem Bitcoin Metropolis,” which attracted nearly 100 people who made over 175 Bitcoin transactions. First Stop: Bitcoin City

While on vacation in the Netherlands during the holiday break, I decided to bring my bitcoin-filled […]

Coinbase Unveils iOS and Android App Redesign

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Coinbase app Coinbase has launched its redesigned Android and iOS mobile apps, allowing users to instantly buy and sell bitcoin in 19 countries.

The California-based bitcoin services provider indicates that both apps have been rebuilt "from the ground up" on the latest versions of both platforms.

In addition to the updated buy and sell functionality, Coinbase users can request bitcoin from other users using a bitcoin address, email or QR code; shop with merchants who accept bitcoin; […]

State of Bitcoin 2015: Ecosystem Grows Despite Price Decline

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CoinDesk is pleased to announce the latest quarterly  State of Bitcoin report, featuring a 2014 Year in Review, an in-depth analysis of data and events from the fourth quarter of 2014 and a look ahead to what 2015 might bring. 

Overall, 2014 could be characterized as a ‘Tale of Two Bitcoins’.

On the one hand, significant bitcoin venture investment continued and much progress was made in furthering adoption, particularly in bitcoin payment acceptance by big brand names such as Microsoft […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ denied US visa and Nigeria’s first exchange

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Bitcoin sees a resurgence in price as Nigeria opens its first bitcoin exchange and Roger Ver is denied entry to his country of birth (IBTimes UK) Bitcoin has seen a resurgence in price over the last 24 hours, as a 5% surge in value has gone some way to recovering from the significant crash that took place at the start of the year.

The brief rally has brought bitcoin’s price up to just above $285, […]

Roger Ver Denied US Visa to Attend Miami Bitcoin Conference

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Bitcoin entrepreneur Roger Ver has been effectively locked out of his native USA after this week being denied a non-immigrant visa for the third time.

Ver, who publicly gave up his US citizenship in 2014, was planning to speak at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami  from 16-18th January.

He tweeted the following message to his 18,800 followers: While forcing me to pay taxes @USEmbassyBbdos tyrants won’t allow me to attend #CES2015 , #TNABC or […]

Coin Center Launches its Website

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Education and research institution Coin Center has launched its website.  Its focus will be policy issues relating to bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The institution states on its homepage:

“Think of us as a think tank for blockchain technology.  Our mission is to build a better understanding of the technology in order to promote a regulatory climate that preserves maximum freedom of action for digital currency innovation.  We are not a trade association or an industry group.  Our […]

Bitcoin Wallet Circle Enables NFC Technology

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Circle recently enabled Near Field Communication technology on its Android-based mobile app.

Following the announcement , the Bitcoin wallet company joined BitPay in offering tap-to-pay services to spend Bitcoins through Android-enabled devices – a brief demo of which was presented in last year’s Money2020 event in Las Vegas. Circle itself mentioned BitPay in its blog post where it credited the company for trying to expand point-of-sale services to thousands of merchant locations worldwide.

The same post […]

Keeping Score at the 2014 Bitcoin Bowl

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Bitcoin bowl By Chris DeRose

The Bitcoin bowl was an explosion of hype, confidence, and unbridled optimism. It was a wonderful success for Bitcoin, and an amazing moment in our movement. Many articles have already been written in the short time since the Bitcoin bowl has ended, which discuss the amazing and outstanding event that has just occurred. I myself have even published a fun video of my time at the Bitcoin Bowl . Exponential […]

Back to Basics: What Makes a Bitcoin Valuable?

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In the wake of falling bitcoin prices , critics are asking a familiar question, “What makes a bitcoin valuable?” There is a misconception that the Bitcoin Blockchain can be separated from bitcoin the currency, individual units representing a portion of the Bitcoin network. If a Bitcoin was worth $0, then a Bitcoin miner has no incentive to allocate their computing power to the Bitcoin network.

The incentive for allocating computing power to process Bitcoin transactions […]

Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, engineering and economics by Pedro Franco [Review]

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Understanding Bitcoin (Wiley, 2015) At the core of this scholarly book is a dissection of bitcoin’s biggest achievement. That is the transmission of value over the internet, an inherently insecure channel, without any reliance on a trusted third party. Even the harshest critics of bitcoin the currency (as opposed to Bitcoin the protocol) would agree the technology has legs, and then some.

Pedro Franco, the author of ‘Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, engineering and economics’ begins with […]

Bitreserve Lawsuit Rumor Untrue

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CoinTelegraph can reveal that reports of Bitreserve facing a trademark lawsuit because of its use of the name “Bitgold” are unfounded.

A recent article in Altcoin Press suggested that Nick Szabo, who supposedly trademarked the name “Bitgold”, could bring a lawsuit against the digital money service.

The article, however, appears to be complete speculation. CoinTelegraph checked the United States Trademark and Patent Office and found no registered trademark under the name “Bitgold”.  The article included a […]

Life, liberty, and a stateless society: A bitcoin dramatic reading

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From the brave minds at /r/bitcoin

Bitcoin, has the best chance of ending the tyrannical state than anything else in human history. Do I care if another crypto-currency succeeds? No. I care that the ultimate lie of democracy and the violent existence of the state and its ruling class are brought to their knees, for good. Bitcoin sits at the head of the table in this aspect, and I will support it […]

Bitcoin Currency – Bitcoins Financial Revolution

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Bitcoin Currency – Bitcoins Financial Revolution
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Bitcoin is Closest Commodity to Gold Says Citi Chief Economist

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Bitcoin is Closest Commodity to Gold Says Citi Chief Economist
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Through ChangeTip, Bitcoin Recipients No Longer Need Social Media

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Bitcoin startup ChangeTip is releasing a new feature that will allow users to receive tips without a social media account, so for anybody without Facebook or Twitter or maybe just living 15 years in the past… This is pretty convenient.

Vice-president of community development Victoria van Eyk states:

“I’ve used this feature to tip cap drivers who are interested in bitcoin, friends and to show others how easy it is to send bitcoin over different mediums.  […]

Vault of Satoshi Founders Close Bitcoin Exchange to Focus on Netflix Startup

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The owners of Vault of Satoshi have announced that they will be closing the notable Canada-based bitcoin exchange on 5th February due to the "insane" growth of a new business venture.

Though short on details in the official announcement , Vault of Satoshi co-founder Mike Curry told CoinDesk that the success of new venture  TurboFlix  has encouraged the exchange’s owners to switch focus. Launched six months ago, the service has gained popularity by allowing global Netflix users […]

California Delays Formal Decision on Bitcoin Regulation

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DBO, California California’s financial services and money transmitters regulator did not rule on whether it would regulate bitcoin at a scheduled December meeting.

The meeting of California’s Department of Business Oversight (DBO) was first revealed in early December by Bloomberg . Though details were scarce, spokesperson Tom Dresslar said at the time that the state was seeking to determine whether regulating bitcoin and digital currencies was in the best interest of consumers.

Dresslar told CoinDesk that […]

Altcoins Dropping Off Coin-Swap in Boycott Against GAW Miners

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Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin and Neoscoin requested to be delisted from Coin-Swap. The move follows the recent announcement of Josh Garza’s Paybase’s acquisition of the cryptocurrency exchange.

On January 2, the four altcoins respectively dropped off the cryptocurrency exchange and requested Coin-Swap remove Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin and Neoscoin trading. The move, explained the four respective representatives, is overall aimed at boycotting the acquisition of Coin-Swap by Paybase .

"I have been pondering about this in my head […]

Bitstamp: an update

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Related Articles

A little earlier on today one of our reporters – Yashu Gola – published this piece outlining the suspected RNG attack on, and the resulting service halt, of leading bitcoin exchange platform BitStamp. While the exact details surrounding the attack – along with the potential implications – remain unclear, there have been a couple of updates so we thought it was probably worth collating them and bringing our users up to speed.

First, […]

Magma Venture Invests US$400K Seed Funding in ‘Value 3.0’ GetGems Project

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Magma Venture Partners has invested a US$400,000 seed fund in GetGems , the project and team which created the social messaging app of the same name. CEO Daniel Peled and the GetGems team made the announcement yesterday, January 4.

Speaking to CoinTelegraph, Ran Achituv , a general partner with Magma VC, described his company as “an early-stage fund, founded in 1999 by Modi Rosen and Yahal Zilka,” focusing on “first-of-a-kind investments” by “identifying trends and […]

Cryptocurrency round-up: Bitcoin price plummets and Bitstamp wallet breach

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The price of bitcoin has crashed below $300 to its lowest price since November 2013 (IBTimes UK) Bitcoin has plummeted to its lowest price in over a year, falling by $50 since Friday to take its value as low as $262 over the weekend.

Following several days of stability across all markets over the new year, litecoin, dogecoin, and other big players have followed in bitcoin’s lead with their own significant price drops. Bitcoin’s market […]

Bitcoin News Mash-Up: BitStamp Got Issues; California Approves Bitcoin; and More

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Following are the major Bitcoin news of the day

BitStamp Acknowledges Problems with Its Hot Wallets
BitStamp today mailed his customers to inform them about a persisting issue in their platform, saying that their transaction server is detecting problems with their hot wallet, as a result of which they cannot process withdrawal requests. The Slovenia-based exchange further asked users not to get involved in any inbound or outbound transactions, until the problem is […]

What the Financial Elite Say about Bitcoin

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Sort video interview about what the Financial people are saying about Bitcoin.
CoinTelegraph attended both Money20/20 and ECOM21 in 2014r, two events that bring together players in financial services from all over the world, and even some state central bank actors. CoinTelegraph asked a slew of fiat’s bigwigs what they thought of Bitcoin. Here are their responses.

UK-based exchange LazyCoins Launches mobile app for payments and merchant services

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In an announcement the UK-based altcoin exchange LazyCoins says that it is relaunching its online exchange. At the occasion it also promises to launch a mobile app for payments and merchant services. With the move the company aims to expand the services to include mobile payments and merchant services.

The statement from LazyCoins says that it will be moving into direct competition with industry leaders BitPay and CoinBase’s own merchant apps. Also, the company says […]

6 (More) Bitcoin Myths Debunked

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We’ve all heard them before.

As a groundbreaking innovation, bitcoin naturally attracts skeptics just as strongly as it attracts supporters, and the technical and theoretical complexity of the digital currency can cause a considerable amount of confusion with those who are not ‘in the know’.

The result is that critics of bitcoin oftentimes fall back on one or two euphemisms to express why they think it will never succeed – simplified statements like "bitcoin is a ponzi […]

California Approves Bitcoin for Transactions

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California has now become “Crypto-rnia”.

The state’s governor Jerry Brown has approved bitcoin for transactions, thus making California a sturdy haven for digital currency.

The news comes following the ratification of a new finance bill originally approved in the summer of 2014.  The bill’s objective was to end all prohibitions on alternatives to U.S. dollars for commerce in the state.  Through the bill’s official ratification, alternate currencies (including bitcoin and related virtual monies) are hereby permitted […]

Snowden Looking to Bitcoin to Raise Funds for Legal Trust

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Edwardsnowden.com , a website raising funds for whistleblower Edward Snowden ’s legal defense campaign, is announcing that it will accept bitcoin donations for the cause.

Snowden had previously leaked millions of classified documents to various members of the media, showing evidence of government spying on Internet users and wiretapping phone calls.  He has been hiding in Russia ever since and is wanted by the U.S. on charges of theft and espionage.

When speaking of the incident, […]

ISG Now Accepts Cryptocurrency for 3D Printers and Related Services

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Online 3D printing store ISG has announced it has started accepting Bitcoin and Cannabiscoin as payment methods on its website, combining two disruptive technologies into one purchasing experience.

"We are already accepting Bitcoin and have been proud to collaborate with CannabisCoin on a line of 3D printed grinders," said CEO and founder Samuel Guillemette. "We are open to more collaboration with the cryptocurrency community. We want to bring the best experience to the users." ISG chose BitPay […]

California Governor Approves Bitcoin for Transactions

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[Editor’s note: The original version of this article carried the headline “Bitcoin becomes legal tender for transactions in California.” The use of the phrase “legal tender” overstated the extent of the new legislation, and was inaccurate. Although alternative currencies are now legal for transaction in California, there is no legal obligation for their acceptance in transactions. CoinTelegraph is sorry for the error.]  

Bitcoin can be accepted and used for transactions in the US state of California […]

Manhattan Community Board Bans Bitcoin Block Party

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The City of New York is following the same path as the state in trying to use regulation to push Bitcoin into obscurity. A Manhattan Community Board ruled that a Bitcoin decentralization block party would be refused permits.

The block party was a co-venture between GMT Tavern , a bar and restaurant located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, and Cut Rush Creative Labs , a Brooklyn-based film production company that specializes in promoting virtual currencies […]

ChangeTip Adding Facebook And Slack

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Update: Slack Integration appears to be working, as mentioned by a commentor.

Since ChangeTip burst onto the scene in November, giving users a way to easily tip bitcoin to even non-bitcoin users, Facebook has been the obvious addition and everyone knew it would be coming eventually.

2015, as it turns out, is that “eventually” and tipping on Facebook has been rolled out to select users, with wider release expected in the coming days. An announcement […]

BitOasis Aims to Change how People Transact in the Middle East Using Bitcoin

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Bitcoin can offer many solutions to the Middle East, from fostering youth entrepreneurship to enabling farmers to receive loans in the digital currency, says BitOasis’ Ola Doudin.

BitOasis , a Bitcoin exchange and multi-sig wallet dedicated to the Middle East, is working on bringing Bitcoin to the region. Its founder, Ola Doudin , a former Ernest & Young associate, believes the technology has the potential to address the many challenges encountered in the region […]