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By October 24, 2011 October 28th, 2017 Where In The World Is Satoshi Nakamoto
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Blinken Joshua Davis, a writer for the New Yorker, published an article therein on October 10th called "The Crypto-Currency" all about Bitcoin. You can get a copy from Cryptome ( In the article he describes his efforts to identify Satoshi and came up with Michael Clear, a graduate student at Trinity in Dublin. Clear is reputed to be a brilliant cryptologist with advanced programming skills and an interest in economics and peer-to-peer networks who briefly worked at a bank in Ireland. According to Davis, Clear said he "likes to keep a low profile." Clear has neither confirmed or denied he is Satoshi. He has made a brief online statement regarding the article on his university home page:

Notice there is no firm denial.

Davis focused on Clear because the writings from Satoshi show two things: use of English rather than American language and an advanced understanding of cryptology including knowledge of the latest academic results, an insider so to speak. At the Crypto 2011 conference, the key annual scholarly meeting on cryptology, there were nine attendees from the UK and Ireland. According to Davis, six of them were dismissive of bitcoin and two others had no programming capability. That left one person: 23-year-old Michael Clear.

According to the article Clear has published a paper on peer-to-peer networks and was the top student in CS at Trinity in 2008.

We have a new hero.


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Portnoy Getting back on topic...

Here are a couple articles that followed on from the New Yorker one:

Bitcoin shows the value of not depending on its maker
DANNY O'BRIEN October 7, 2011

The Bitcoin Crypto-Currency Mystery Reopened
BY Adam PenenbergTue Oct 11, 2011

I like the point the first one makes. Bitcoin does not, should not, rely on any one personality or group.
Satoshi was probably making the same point by choosing to remain anonymous.
It is, at least partly, about moving away from centralized systems, and cults of personality, and kings and presidents, etc.
to decentralized systems.
k Another relevant article from the Irish Times:

Let's be Clear: I didn't invent Bitcoin

WHEN POLITICIANS and business leaders talk about the need to create a knowledge economy, they probably don’t mean our brightest and best should go out and literally create a new economy using their knowledge. But that is exactly what the New Yorker magazine this week accused a Trinity College student of doing, in a lengthy article on the virtual currency Bitcoin.

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