Online Gambling is Bitcoins Entree into the Mainstream

By January 15, 2014Random


Online gambling like its vicey step sister porn have a way of  pushing technology, and society for that matter forward.  Bitcoin and virtual currency are giving ride to this vices as operators accept them as payment and now some States are allowing it.

Online gambling opened with a bang in the first big state to permit it, in part because some major banks won’t let their customers use their credit cards to play. (Wall Street Journal) At the moment, only three states allow online gambling: Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. New Jersey […]


Meanwhile, gambling sites like, which allows people to bet online with bitcoins, have been proliferating at a good pace. The contrast could not be starker. The US has always had a difficult relationship with gambling. On the one hand seeing it as part of the individualist spirit that helped build the country, and on the other seeing it as idle, wasteful, and sinful. The state lotteries that were very common in the early days of the nation were gradually made illegal and most other types of gambling were regulated or prohibited by a myriad of local and national laws.


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