Two Surprising Entities to accept Bitcoin in 2014

By January 16, 2014Bitcoin Business

In a move possibly motivated by Coastal Contacts is poised to accept Bitcoins.

The Canadian e-commerce retailer Coastal Contacts has announced it will be adopting Bitcoin as a payment option in the next quarter, in a few months, Coindesk reports. The company was founded in 2000 and operates mainly online, but also has a few retail outlets for customers to try on eyewear and order glasses from.

It was the demand from the customers that led Coastal to introduce the possibility of a Bitcoin option. “The demand has been small but aligns with a key demographic for us – innovators”, the company said in a statement, adding that the percentage of revenue coming from cryptocurrency is difficult to estimate so far.

We anticipate it being a small percentage immediately, but as acceptance of the currency grows, we want to be prepared to allow consumers to pay in whatever method is most convenient to them.

The move might have been inspired by Overstock’s recent Bitcoin frenzy. The online retailer and the Canadian eyewear seller just signed a deal and Coastal is now supplying its products to the customers at Overstock.

Despite the revelation, the merchant hasn’t announced which company will be processing the Bitcoin payments. For now, Coastal’s IT section is currently integrating payment gateways.

01-newyear-hp-2for95-com What could an online eyewear giant like Coastal and a respected newspaper like the Chicago Sun-Times have in common? In this case, Bitcoin is the answer . Both companies are getting ready to start accepting cryptocurrency payments during this new year. The Canadian e-commerce retailer Coastal Contacts […]

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