Weekly Round Up: China and France on Bitcoin’s side, NBA turns to crypto and BitPay allows employers to pay digital salaries

By January 17, 2014Bitcoin Business


The popularity of the bitcoin is growing rapidly.  Although its price seem to trade in a $800 – $950 range without breakout either way, businesses are jumping to accept and deal in bitcoins.  First of all, China soothed several jumping hearts and wallets by guaranteeing it won’t suppress cryptocurrency and, in the meantime, France has announced it is also very interested in the digital coin.

Besides, Bitcoin arrived in the NBA, turning one franchise into the world’s first pro team to accept cryptocurrency.

But you can find these and much more news are all gathered next in Bitcoin Examiner’s weekly round up. Let’s recall which headlines made it to the top during the last seven days.

Regulation map pops up while countries talk about Bitcoin

It’s not easy to keep up with all the regulatory tweaks and constant chatter about Bitcoin. That is why a North-American web developer decided to create a world map that shows you which country is saying what when the matter is Bitcoin.

Zachary Taylor, from Philadelphia, announced the launching of BitLegal.net, which “details Bitcoin’s legal status within each nation”, on Reddit and the acceptance of the community was rather positive. The map has the potential to become a great tool for the Bitcoin community, basing its information in official statements issued by each country’s financial entity, central bank or tax authority.


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