It is Always Fun to Read Comments About Bitcoin on Reddit From 1-2 years Ago.

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It is Always Fun to Read Comments About Bitcoin on Reddit From 1-2 years Ago.

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Here are some of my favorites. Take note that the price of bitcoin was floating around $10-$30 at the time of these comments.

Investing in currencies is always a bad idea, because they hold no inherent value. Invest in securities or commodities. You can sell your resources, but you can't sell paper. – Slipperymagoo

The difference between BitCoin and Zimbabwean dollars is that with one of them, you at least have pretty pieces of paper. – roboduck

Best of luck! I'm also long about 200 BTC. I've also already earned BTC from advertising on my blog and even bought my current MacBook with BTC. The best thing you can do to is take some of your Bitcoin and actually use it! – herrtim

Im not saying it will be trash in 5 or 20 years. If you played it right you can make a profit. But i'm not convinced that its smart to buy in at 7$. – MrPetutohaed

Bitcoin is insane, don't touch it. – PhunkPheed

Because serious investors and people with actual money don't buy fake internet coins. Bitcoin miners and investors are some of the most delusional people I've ever seen. – Anonymous

Silver has commercial use and many funds diversify into silver. I don't know of any firms that hold bitcoins in their portfolios. Scam or not, bitcoins will never take off. – footlong24seven

I have bitcoins and I love them. I've been with the digital currency idea for a while now. Bought BTC back when it was around 1$/each! Still have them and I think the system works fantastic. Most of the kinks in the system are related to security issues with the users, not the underlying algorithms.

Many people are predicting that if we have a currency crisis, people will move to gold/silver. That might be the case, but you never know, people will flock to bitcoins instead. Personally when you weight gold/silver/bitcoins side by side, bitcoin wins in terms of its use as a currency/means of exchange.

but I guess both PMs/bitcoins have their function.

Personally I am bullish on bitcoins. The value of them is mostly dependent on their use. If more people start using them, value goes up.

I vote 75% bitcoin, 25% silver.

Silver looks expensive to me but then again I thought silver was expensive at 15$! – Anon66666

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