Best Of FORBES: The 2014 Tax Guide, Meet The Man Who Makes Billions Of Fake IDs

By February 3, 2014Bitcoin Business
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“Whether you’re wrestling with your 2013 tax returns or planning to reduce your tax bill for 2014 and beyond, this special guide has timely advice for you. We’ve got tips on everything from vetting a tax preparer, to avoiding IRS grief, to maximizing tax breaks for retirement, college and charitable giving” — Edited by Janet Novack. Read the FORBES’ 2014 Tax Guide.

“Elliott Management’s 33-year-old Jesse Cohn is shaking up a sector long resistant to fast-money New York traders, pushing tech companies into buyouts, share repurchases and cost cutting” — Nathan Vardi. Read Meet Jesse Cohn, The 33-Year-Old Hedge Fund Investor Laying Siege To Silicon Valley

And check out this two-part series by personal finance contributor Laura Shin:

“So, you’re unhappy with your work, but the money is too good to jump ship. You’re trapped by what are called ‘golden handcuffs’” — Read Can’t Leave A Miserable Job Because Of The Money? Take These 7 Steps

 And How Sam Polk, Former Wall Street Trader And ‘Wealth Addict,’ Broke Free Of His Golden Handcuffs

And in other news:

“For parents of a high school senior, the day that the last college application is turned in can feel like the day peace is restored in the household: no more nagging to finish those essays, no more anxiety over standardized tests, and best of all, no more frantic 11th-hour proofreading before a midnight deadline. However, once the applications are turned in, a different challenge begins: paying that hefty tuition bill” — Maggie McGrath. Read Essential Rules Of Paying For College

“Last month, a Bitcoin-loving Redditor spotted a cookie and lemonade stand in San Francisco’s Noe Valley that accepted the virtual currency. After buying a Snickerdoodle for a fraction of a Bitcoin, he snapped a photo asking the girls to say ‘cheese for the Internet’” — Kashmir Hill. Read The Story Behind ‘Milk Road,’ The Bitcoin Cookie Stand

“How do you start a decent winery in California these days? Unless your family’s been making wine in Napa or Sonoma County for decades or you’re looking into winemaking as an expensive hobby, stumping up $100,000 an acre for prime land is an impossible dream” — Hollie Slade. Read How To Start A Winery In Napa If You Can’t Afford $100K An Acre

“Suspicious NSA and FBI agents have contacted Jacob Allred about his websites, and Social Security Administration investigators, waving badges, have showed up at his door. Businesses have cursed him. Some have telephoned to yell at him in the middle of the night, and others have threatened lawsuits” — Adam Tanner. Read The Mormon Who Creates Billions of Fake Identities Every Month

Want to know who are the winners and losers from Sunday’s Super Bowl? Kurt Badenhausen breaks down who ended up on top and who didn’t — Read Super Bowl XLVIII Winners And Losers. And Jennifer Rooney touched on the ad winners and losers — Read Some Of This Year’s Super Bowl Ad Winners And Losers





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