Online Electronics Store BitRoad Accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin As Payment Methods, Ships High Quality Electronics Worldwide

By February 18, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Online Electronics Store BitRoad Accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin As Payment Methods, Ships High Quality Electronics Worldwide

Online electronics store BitRoad accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods in their checkout, utilizing the merchant friendly features of Bitcoin and Litecoin. BitRoad carries a wide selection of high quality electronics shipped worldwide directly from the manufacturer; including Tablet PCs, smart phones, baby monitors and even muscle massagers. Products come with a one year warranty and all orders are processed within 24 hours – shipping worldwide within three to five days.

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to explode in popularity worldwide, BitRoad is leading the way in supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem – providing a professional outlet where people can spend their coins on popular items such as electronics. BitRoad currently accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin, but plans to expand into accepting even more emerging digital currencies in the future. The forward thinking company firmly believes Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are the future.

Not only does BitRoad accept them as payment, the company is also active in promoting the adoption of Bitcoin in real world stores through BitPay’s Bitcoin payment gateway solution. To this end BitRoad had a booth at the Bitcoin Expo in London last November.

BitRoad retails only high quality electronics. All products are tested, screening out fakes and defective items. The company is so confident in the quality of its product line that every product comes with a one year warranty. Stores such as BitRoad give Bitcoin, Litecoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole added credibility because consumers know their coins can be traded for high quality merchandise.

BitRoad processes all orders within 24 hours and ships them worldwide directly from the factory within three to five days. Economy shipping is also available and BitRoad also provides discounts for wholesale orders.

By accepting Bitcoin as payment through BitPay’s payment gateway, BitRoad is on the cutting edge of the economy of the future. However, the company is no newbie to ecommerce or customer service. With years of experience in traditional ecommerce, BitRoad has seen it all when it comes to customer service. They are constantly working to improve customers experience on their website based on user feedback. Should anything go wrong with a customer’s order, friendly support staff will resolve the issue in a quick and professional manner.

By providing high quality electronics with one year warranties and quickly shipping them worldwide, BitRoad is adding value to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Enabling consumers to spend Bitcoin on real tangible products goes a long way towards Bitcoin’s acceptance as an actual spendable currency, rather than a speculative investment. Through being among the first stores to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment, as well as their unwavering belief in the the future of crypto, BitRoad is well positioned to take full advantage of the worldwide digital currency gold rush currently underway.

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