Best Of FORBES: Facebook’s New Approach To Death, Target Profits Fall On Breach

By February 26, 2014Bitcoin Business
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“In total, the hedge fund managers and traders on the list made $24.3 billion in 2013. George Soros, 83, tops the ranking, making an estimated $4 billion last year” — Nathan Vardi. Read The 25 Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers And Traders


“With a potentially massive hack of the Mt. Gox exchange still unfolding, it’s no secret that cybercriminals see a gold mine in cryptocurrencies. But a new study by security researchers shows just how quickly the cottage industry in Bitcoin theft is evolving: Nearly 150 types of malware are actively stealing bitcoins, more than a hundred of which were created in just the last year” — Andy Greenberg. Read Nearly 150 Breeds Of Bitcoin-Stealing Malware In The Wild, Researchers Say

“The nightmare before Christmas — the credit card data breach that spilled information on as many as 11o million Target Target customers — hasn’t yet reached its final chapter. As customers seek to regain confidence in one of the nation’s largest retailers, Target itself is still paying a hefty price for the breach: its profit fell nearly 50% in its fourth fiscal quarter of 2013 and declined by more than a third for all of 2013, the retailer said Wednesday morning. What’s more, Target said it does not know how much the data breach will cost it during 2014″ — Maggie McGrath. Read Target Profit Falls 46% On Credit Card Breach And The Hits Could Keep On Coming

“There’s no getting around it, death comes to all of us and in today’s world one of the more complex issues is what is left behind on social media. For a long time Facebook has had a brutal policy: ‘memorialize’ the profile by locking down all the privacy settings and restrict visibility to friends. Now the site has found a lighter touch” — Gordon Kelly. Read This Is What–Now–Happens On Facebook When You Die

“The headlines have been all over the place on the new obesity study from the CDC, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Some have celebrated the situation, since obesity rates in very young children appear to have fallen over the last decade. But others have lamented the findings from the new report, since obesity rates for most adult have largely stalled, or even increased, over the same period” — Alice G. Walton. Read Still Struggling: U.S. Obesity Rates Largely Unchanged Over Last 10 Years

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors is more like a technology brand than a car company—based near Silicon Valley, it works with Panasonic to make its battery cell technology and has eschewed the dealership sales model in favor of sunlight-drenched shops in trendy districts. And after reporting a $16-million adjusted loss for the fourth quarter last week, Tesla Motors shares rose 17 percent yesterday morning, pushing company value to exceed $31 billion–that was even before Consumer Reports announced the Tesla Model S as the best car of the year” — Hannah Elliott. Read The Tesla Model S Is The Most-Loved Car In America

“Paul Allen’s investment company Vulcan, Inc. announced today that it has hired Charles Beames as Executive Director for its space launch system Stratolaunch” — Alex Knapp. Read Paul Allen’s Space Company Gets A New Executive Director

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