Best Of FORBES: Meet The First Pot Stock Billionaire, Ebay Battle Persists

By March 10, 2014Bitcoin Business
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“You have probably never heard of Bart Mackay… but he is the first pot stock billionaire. Mackay’s holdings in CannaVest, which bills itself as the world’s leading hemp-based investment company, are valued at $1.8 billion. That figure might seem like a drug-induced hallucination, but it’s technically true. CannaVest is the top-performing stock in America in 2014 with a market capitalization greater than $1 billion” — Nathan Vardi. Read The First Pot Stock Billionaire Says His Penny Stock Could Be A Little High

“A linguistic analysis done at Forbes’ request indicates that Newsweek fingered the wrong man when it tried to unmask the creator of the digital currency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows users to conduct transactions with no or low fees and a relative degree of privacy. There is close to $8 billion of the currency on the Internet. But the identity of its creator (or creators), who went by the name Satoshi Nakamoto, has remained shrouded in mystery” — Matthew Herper. Read Linguistic Analysis Says Newsweek Named The Wrong Man As Bitcoin’s Creator

“More than two days have passed since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seemingly disappeared out of thin air, and with questions multiplying and answers growing increasingly hard to come by, shares of both the airline and the manufacturer behind the missing plane — Boeing — have taken hits in Monday morning trading” — Maggie McGrath. Read Boeing Stock Falling As Malaysia Airlines Mystery Continues

Some Ebay news...

“Carl Icahn’s assault on Ebay began with the idea that the company’s payments business PayPal would be more valuable as a standalone company. It quickly devolved into a war of words with board member Marc Andreessen and Monday morning it took another turn as the billionaire investor put Ebay CEO John Donahoe squarely in his crosshairs” — Steve Schaefer. Read Icahn Rips Ebay Chief Donahoe After Company Rejects Board Slate

“Another billionaire has jumped into the fight over eBay. Today, Leon Cooperman, the head of the $9 billion Omega Advisers, went on CNBC saying he backs Carl Icahn’s criticism of eBay and believes the online marketplace should spin off its valuable PayPal Division” — Steven Bertoni. Read Billionaire Investors And Tech Moguls Pick Sides In Ebay Battle

And in other news…

“Edward Snowden appeared on an Austin, Texas video screen Monday via Google Hang-out, with the Constitution dramatically projected on a green screen behind him. He decided to beam into Texas tech conference South by Southwest because he wanted to talk directly to people making the technologies and communications products that can be re-purposed as surveillance tools for spying types” — Kashmir Hill. Read Edward Snowden Implores Tech Community To Build More Secure Products

“General Motors said it hired Tony Valukas, chairman of the Chicago-based law firm Jenner & Block, to help lead its internal investigation of how the company handled an ignition-switch failure linked to at least 13 deaths” — Joann Muller. Read GM Hires Investigator Of Lehman Debacle To Lead Internal Probe Of Delayed Recall

A tiring bit of Internet security advice one often hears suggests using a separate and dedicated browser for sensitive transactions such as online banking or checking your medical data. Now several companies are making this process easier and ever safer through cloud-based browsers that store no data from each session and prevent any malware from interacting with your computer” — Adam Tanner. Read Why Cloud Browsers Are The Wave Of The Future

“There is exactly zero precedent for the Veronica Mars movie in terms of what it is, how it got made, and how it will be distributed. As such there is frankly absolutely no way to logically predict how the film will perform financially” — Scott Mendelson. Read Review: ‘Veronica Mars’ Fans Get The Movie They Deserve



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