Just had the most terrifying day… and you fuckers are the only people I can share it with.

By March 16, 2014Bitcoin Business
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Just had the most terrifying day… and you fuckers are the only people I can share it with.

  1. blockchain.info's MyWallet offline decrypt.html did not work for two different wallets (rejected second password)
  2. re-download both wallet backups
  3. offline decrypt fails again
  4. Try second password in web interface on 1st account (fails)
  5. Try second password in web interface on 2nd account (fails)
  6. sudden fear sets in…
  7. re-download mywallet decrypt html

Repeat step 1 thru 5 multiple times (tried copy/pasting and graphical keyboard)

Even deeper fear sets in. Consider dave at walletrecoverywhatever, started scouring stackexchange, reddit, bitcointalk. Start researching obscure javascript code I couldn't even begin to understand let alone implement. Hysterical laugh-crying. Chain-smoking cigarettes (indoors which I never do). Girlfriend is scared I'm not answering my phone. Order $20 worth of takeout which gets cold in the bag after sitting there for 5 hours because I am sick at the prospect of losing this btc. I basically got to the “acceptance” point in that whole grief scale you hear about when someone dies. I got really calm.

10 minutes ago I tried one more time through the web interface and…. the second password worked. I now have access to both accounts……

I am 100% POSITIVE I was rejected after entering the correct second password in MyWallet via the browser.

Offline decrypt still doesn't work with correct password…

What the fuck happened? I'm going to bed now.

TL;DR Spent 16 hours thinking I lost my coins, went insane. It sucked.

UPDATE: Thanks to pinhead26 for pointing out that the decrypt.html DOES NOT WORK if you have a second password in place. To make matters worse, it STILL GIVES YOU THE OPTION to enter a second password. So whether you type your correct password or total gibberish it will return “NULL” for your private keys, I find the logic behind this completely insane. Its bad enough that the wallet.html doesn't work as intended, but its an extra “fuck you” that it asks you for the password anyway…

See the original article here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/20j76w/just_had_the_most_terrifying_day_and_you_fuckers/


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